Understanding Raiden's Move to the HBC

Raiden. alliance has had a mixed past. Formed from the remnants of IT Alliance, Raiden. was primarily composed itself of X13 and FinFleet, two of the primary corporations from IT. Since then Raiden. has conquered and lost many regions, as well as lost several corporations due to internal drama. Most recently, Raiden. has switched sides from the Southern Coalition (led by Against ALL Authorities) to the HBC.

I interviewed a Raiden. member named 'Nom (part of their FC team) to better understand the motivations behind their switch to HBC, how it has worked out for them, and what we might expect to see from Raiden. in the future.

Jinli Mei: What motivated Raiden to move over to the HBC?

'Nom: We had enough of Against ALL Authorities — they effectively ensured SOCO’s demise by “taking control” of the military defense of the SOCO... and to be honest, if Nulli were in charge I think we’d still be in Delve, or at least have had a better defense against the HBC invasion.

Other than that, we spent a long time looking at our options. After being backstabbed by Nothern Coalition., no one wanted to go join that party. The CFC was, of course, out of the question for us. No one was up for trying to communicate with more Russians — not just because of the language barrier, there’s a lot more to it than that.

JM: Did Panemic Legion help any with this decision making? I recall Raiden and PL worked with them in the past with some success.

N: There were mixed feelings towards PL, admittedly. We have flown with them in the past, even killed one of our old FC's before joining HBC. Aside from expecting a complete backstab, everyone was keen to use supers with more impunity.

JM: So the HBC was the most likely option at the table or had you all considered doing something else?

N: It was either that or go to Wormhole space, and no one wanted to do that. After effectively being nerfed out of 0.0 sovereignty then backstabbed by pretty much everyone who could backstab us at the time, RDN went through some real tough times, losing corps, members, etc. We saw joining the HBC as the best possible option available to us.

JM: You guys lost X13 in that process, right?

N: Yes, X13 and Ankou were lost initially with Endstation leaving to join AAA, and finally VT-EC joining SC.

JM: A lot of people saw Raiden losing X13 as a major blow to Raiden's force.

N: It did hurt, yes, though not as much as the super/tracking titan did though, that's for sure. X13 has since gone inactive.

JM: Was it an easy switchover between leaving SOCO forces and joining the HBC?

N: Not really, it was a lot easier than we expected. Initially, we expected a lot of people to instantly drop roles and leave, but most — probably 90% of our members — put their trust into our leadership. Our forums had one or two people who were adamantly against the idea, but most people agreed it was the best option available and at the least we could give TEST et. al. a chance.

JM: Has that chance paid off?

N: So far, yes. Joining the HBC has changed a lot of opinions about TEST in particular. RDN is still recovering, there’s no doubt about that, but as it stands for now we are definitely getting back on our feet. Slowly but surely.

JM: Your opinions changed regarding TEST?

N: Yup, going from -A- who think they are 'elite' or even 'good' at EVE whilst being terrible, and switching to the HBC and TEST who are 'bad' or 'god-awful' at EVE but they know that they're terrible and that's okay. Hell, they even have a few competent pilots.

Surprisingly, the culture change has definitely gone a lot better than we thought it would; even Montolio has been surprised it's gone this way. Adding to that, a lot of our membership is pushing for more joined fleets with HBC and better integration for RDN into the HBC.

JM: You guys were worried about a culture clash, but so far the opposite has taken place?

N: Exactly. No one in Raiden could stand the -A- FC's, mostly because they were useless ragey faggots. As for TEST FC's, there are lots of different kinds in there. Of course, Raiden doesn’t mind flying under a PL FC as we have done so many times in the past. But even some of TEST FC's aren’t the type of FC’s you’d expect from them.

The biggest difference about flying with HBC is how utterly chill it is to fly with an FC who couldn't give a flying fuck, in a fleet which equally couldn't give a fuck.

JM: So there's certainly a big change between the two coalitions, and more diversity in the HBC?

N: Definitely, so far it seems good and there are few times when diversity is a bad thing. We're all denizens of the internet after all and we all like to play EVE. As it turns out, 100 eager Rifter pilots are a lot better than 1 angry Russian and a few terrible, terrible interdictor pilots.

Our guys are getting into the swing of things, and we aren't pushing anyone into anything. Raiden’s members are still deciding what groups in TEST they want to join, and joining plenty of fleets that go up... so things are definitely going good on that front

JM: Any ideas of what the future brings to Raiden?

N: A lot of things, hopefully big things. We're still recovering for now and likely will be for a long time until we're back to our 'old' strength of fighting against ridiculous odds and coming out on top.

The game has changed, and we shall do our best to change along with it. For now, we're looking towards better integration with HBC and as always, craving for tasty good fights.

Player since 2006, where my experienced flipped from high sec nobody to Capital FC in TEST. I primarily play EVE in the area of capitals, but have experience in logistics and trade. I occasionally write good things and even have a twitter: jinli_mei