U93O-A: N3's Sweet Revenge

Barnsy told you about the first battle of U93O, which saw the wholesale destruction of the N3 and PL combined battleship fleets a few days ago. Monday saw battle resumed in this critical system once more - only this fight looked nothing like its predecessor.

Solar Fleet is a power to be reckoned with, but expecting a clumsy, easily-repelled assault like that of the 21st was a mistake they would pay dearly for. The brutality of Friday's fight would appear again, but it would be the DRC that felt the brunt of its weight, falling victim to a concerted effort by the opposing FCs that netted a butchers bill of some 40 carriers, 80 T3s, and 18 dreads.

The Set-Up

The day before the bloodbath, NCdot launched a clever scheme. Waiting until the system was quiet, they slipped in some 25 supercarriers, quickly hiding them around the system in various places. One by one, they logged off, ready to be deployed at the critical moment of the next day. As of this writing, it's difficult to say whether SOLAR saw the supers move in, but they must have suspected something, because they systematically defanged the entire NCdot staging tower and "rapecaged" it in large bubbles. One can only assume they thought something was up after going through all that trouble, though they clearly underestimated the extent of the operation.

As the timer approached, both sides maintained a flurry of activity, with the N3 and PL FCs in particular determined on payback for the previous debacle. Solar Fleet had a tried and true playbook to operate from, and so spent the morning slowly filling U93O with the tools needed to turn the system into an unassailable fortress. Carriers and dreads jumped in all morning, and at one point a fleet of some 50+ supercarriers all poured into the system; subcaps guarded gates as bubbles were anchored, and the ever-important jammer was onlined.

The key was turned, the gate was locked, and Solar would see its enemies die in a sea of bubbles.. or so they hoped.

On the other side of the field, Progod was anxious to field-test a modifed version of the standard issue Rokh mainline battleship, while NCdot decided to go with a Loki heavy AHAC fleet. RA would field an armor battleship doctrine, while PL would also roll in a Loki force.

The stage was set.

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