TMC's Fanfest Wrap-up

You did make an incredible job The Mittani. It always a pleasure to read your article.
Thanks TM. I checked in every day and wasn't disappointed. I added your site to my adblocker's whitelist in gratitude.
Thankyou, much respect to people who do that.
TEST SOTA today, Highlights HBC disbands! not a troll
Roman (worse than medieval, not as bad as Old Testament) Were the Romans worse than Medieval? The Dark Ages weren't that nice at all.Queue Monty Python joke - Crucifixion, it's a doddle.Seriously great coverage going to check out the coverage for World Of Darkness now.
was beast mode, through and through
I have to say that the TMC's fanfest coverage has been exemplary.


This year’s fanfest was a doozy of an event, celebrating ten years of EVE. CCP revealed a good bit about the future, with the Uprising expansion for Dust 514 and the Odyssey expansion for EVE Online. had reporters both in Reykjavik and monitoring streams and blogs from home to provide the most complete coverage of Fanfest.

Kesper North, reporting from Iceland, gave us a glimpse of what the situation was like on the ground, surrounded by nerds in the Harpa Hotel.

Alizabeth reported on the ship balancing presentation and what changes they plan to make in the future. Buy your HACs now.

Vahl Ahashion reported on the new Tags4Sec system being implemented in Odyssey. Suicide gankers, rejoice!

Mynnna,’s resident virtual economic genius and new CSM delegate, wrote on the process of linking the Dust 514 and EVE Online economies. The short answer on when that will happen: not any time soontm.

Angry Mustache reported on one of the best presentations at Fanfest. CCP Soundwave sat on a couch and talked about the design principles that go into EVE and how they balance tears and laughter.

Lioso Cadelanne anxiously sat around looking at a dead stream, wondering if he would have anything to write an article on. The clouds parted though, and the Dust 514 Keynote went off without a hitch, if slightly delayed.

Kesper North got a sneak peek at the Oculus Rift VR system. This is easily one of the coolest items to come out of Fanfest 2013.

PyroDante reports on how Dust 514 is actually going to matter with planetary conquest. Molden Heath and the Faction Warfare zones are about to be crawling with Dust Bunnies.

We forced Mynnna to wake up early to cover the Economy in Review. Streaming problems plagued the early part of the presentation, but the latter forty-five minutes yielded interesting graphs and pretty pictures.

Aethelric reported on how CCP is going to be Advancing the Core gameplay of Dust 514. Dust seems to be stepping out of the shadow of beta and into the limelight of full release, scheduled for 14 May.

Hitting his reporter's stride, Aethelric then reported on how Team Security at CCP is going Roman (worse than medieval, not as bad as Old Testament) on bots. Ban, baby, ban.

Alizabeth reports on the key highlights of the EVE Keynote. Now, fifty system roams are going to be more visually appealing. I just want to know if I can charge a toll on my personal stargate.

Vampires don’t sparkle. Thankfully, CCP is staying true to the original White Wolf intellectual property and their vampires will be the merciless killers that don’t spend their time in highschool with chicks a century younger. Kesper North reports on the World of Darkness.

Vahl Ahashion reported on the progress made by the art team on making EVE look visually better. Now that pretty much every ship has the new V3 shader model, what’s next?

Marc Scaurus reported on the winners of the CSM 8, wherein CCP's graphic misspells Mynnna’s name. Congratulations to all the new delegates.

Marlona Sky wrote about the CCP Presents! keynote. CCP Seagull spoke more of the development plan for EVE, CCP Hilmar talked about monuments, TV shows, and swords. Also shown was the new Origins trailer.

Once Svetlana Scarlet got over the Icelandic Death Flu, she wrote up the Live Events and Storyline roundtables. CCP has plans, and hopefully they pan out.

And the King of Space (seriously, that’s the epithet in about 5 different publications), our very own The Mittani gives his review of the whole event.


All of staff that assisted on the Fanfest coverage did an amazing job, working long hours to compile information for you, the reader; they deserve and have our deepest thanks. As always, we thank you, the reader, for turning to for your Fanfest news.


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