TEST Alliance: Stronger Than Ever

There has been quite a lot of talk about TEST recently, both on this site and elsewhere. Everyone seems to have this idea that it is all crashing down on our heads, that we’ll be fail cascaded within the year. I am here to tell you that, despite what appears to be an amazing amount of drama (hint: this is normal for us at peacetime), TEST internally is not only NOT failing, it is stronger than ever. I could be wrong here, of course, as the old TEST Kugu thread had an appropriate name: “TEST Alliance Status: Perpetual Fail Cascade.”

DurrHurrDurr Fired as Diplomat

I will start with a recent event that many pointed to as a certain sign of Montolio’s instability as a leader and the general decline of TEST as a whole: the firing of our beloved DurrHurrDurr from his spot as an alliance diplomat. We had a field day with it and many threads (including one I myself posted) were made filled with cries of “Free DurrHurrDurr!” What people unfamiliar with TEST might not know is that DHD getting fired is somewhat commonplace in TEST, this being the sixth or seventh time that it has happened to him. The simple fact of the matter is that TEST sov changes have always required the Montolio Seal of Approval and DHD simply didn’t get it. He even posted as much in several places, admitting that he was wrong and did probably deserve to be fired. If the alliance failed everytime DHD was fired, we’d be on our seventh iteration (I’m going with ".dot.TEST Alliance Please Ignore.dot.<..TEST..>" as a name).

Fleet Participation

We’ve been putting numbers in fleets and even managed to field 500+ people in our worst TZ when one of our tower owners messed up his tower timing pretty much as badly as you can. While he did get shit on a bit for it—and rightly so—TEST still managed to pull together and save his shit in the wee hours of the US morning. We’ve been having fights literally on our doorstep thanks to the reset of GoonSwarm. Generally the feeling is that between BL, -DD-, and GSF fights, we’re having a ton of fun.

Corps Leaving

Recently the news broke that two of TEST’s corps, Elite Aeronautic Developer Syndicate [EADS] and Lost Souls Continuum [LC.SO], would be leaving TEST. EADS was leaving because of a major issue with the CEO (it turns out that being sexist towards other alliance leadership isn’t cool) and LS.CO for generally not fitting in with TEST culture.

I have heard rumors these corps leaving us is a sign of “things to come.” I am admittedly not the most in-the-know person on this matter, so I contacted one of TEST’s Foreign Affairs diplomats, Guillane Itaril, and obtained permission to repost one of his forum posts on the subject:

EADS had a Lu Kra (communication) problem and the active directors and members who do PvP will reform and start anew. The EADS image is ruined like most leadership has heard about EADS is mostly about shitposting or carebears losing stuff etc. You dont see the good PvP activity some of their members.

Most of EADS membership are totally innocent and they will not get any blame for it. Nor will they get hellpurged, the carebears have ample time to evacuate. It is highly likely that the active PvP guys will stay in TEST DAWWW and will be back in TEST soon. Hopefully their new corp image will not be tarnished by their past.

LS.CO failed to be active or integrated, the active guys who are worth staying in TEST will merge into other (german) corps.


It should be noted that after getting EADS kicked out of TEST, Lu Kra grabbed everything in EADS that wasn't nailed down and then bailed on them.

Not All Sunshine and Candy

That isn’t to say there aren’t problems, of course. There always are. When you are trying to run and maintain a coalition of this size, sometimes some members get mad at others, sometimes there are communication problems, and sometimes shit happens. The biggest gripe that I think the alliance has at the moment is a perceived lack of direction as a whole and the recent SotC didn’t do much to relieve this. This is an issue that the TEST leadership is very aware of. Although I am not quite sure how they are going to resolve it as yet, it isn’t like TEST hasn’t had these spells before. Something has always come up to snag our attention, despite our massive ADHD.

Barrien is one of the editors of themittani.com. When not editing, he plays PlanetSide 2 in the 666th Devil Dogs on Connery, and Firefall in the Alpha Imperium army.