Stuck In Elo Hell: Part One

Wutswrong is a 2100 Elo Season 2 player. You can follow him on here.

If there was ever a deep, frustrating limbo of online gaming, it would be the "Elo Hell" of the League of Legends community.

Nearly every LoL player has heard about Elo Hell. The victims (such as yours truly) form a tight bond based on our experiences. "I always get someone who feeds! Goes 0/4 by 10 mins. WTF am I supposed to do?"  I've been there. "It's always a 4 v 5. Someone always has to fucking disconnect or ragequit." I know that feel bro. "God damn trolls in all my ranked games. Fuck you instalock Heimer."  Yeah, I've seen that too. "I called mid but this piece of shit just took mid and now he's trolling and feeding." All too common.

So: that's why I'm writing this article. I was a 1900 Elo player in Season 1 and a 2100 Elo player in Season 2. I know the secrets, and I want to help - but you'll have to bear with me and work hard to become a better player.

I'm starting with the man in the mirror

Pro Tip 1: If you continually blame others, you will not see your own errors and will not improve.

There are ten players: five on your team and five opposition. Now, let's think about this for a second. Every game, there will be 9 players you cannot control. No matter what they do (feed, carry, etc), their actions are completely beyond your grasp. However, there is one person, one player that you will have full control of every single game. That's right, it's you. You are the most consistent factor in the game.

Based on Elo Hell assumptions, the enemy team will have 5 feeders, but your team will only have 4. This doesn't mean you'll win every game. It just means over a long period of time, you will eventually have a winning percentage. If you have 200 ranked games and you're stuck in 1100 elo, maybe it's time to take a deep breath and look at yourself in the mirror.

Biggest factor in the game: Attitude

In my two years of League of Legends experience, I've concluded that your personal attitude is absolutely the most important aspect to becoming a better player. If you're reading this article right now and you're thinking, "This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. He's never been there. He doesn't know," then you are not starting off on the right foot. For the record, I was stuck around the 1200-1300 range for my first 200 ranked games in season 1. I often play on 700-1100 elo accounts when I duo queue with my buddies in that range. I know what it's like, and it's the attitude that needs to change. If you want to get out of elo hell, you must stop pointing fingers and take in all the blame. Yes, all of it.

Pro Tip 2: Whenever you die, assess why you died and what you could've done differently. Even if it wasn't your fault, ask yourself why you died.

Every death, you should be pointing that finger at yourself. Don't say "teammates baited me into that fight". No, YOU baited you into that fight. Don't say "WTF where was my team? I pinged like 10 times!!!"  That is your own failure of situational awareness. Do not ever, EVER blame anyone except for yourself in every death. I understand, sometimes you may feel like it's not your fault. Many times, your death will, honestly, not be your fault at all. But that isn't how you get better. Every death, every blame. Whether it's situational awareness, decision-making, mechanics, positioning, or communication, you must criticize yourself and yourself only.

Pro Tip 3: If you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say it at all

Are you the type of player that says, "Real jungler. GG" when your jungler fails a gank? Do you say, "This fucking bot lane is trash" when they go 0/5? In champ select, do you cry when someone picks an underplayed champion or leaves open an overpowered champion? You can completely change the dynamic of your games by altering your attitude on others. Believe it or not, telling your teammates how bad they are won't make them better. Instead of telling your teammates that they're trash, tell them what they need to do. Don't add a nasty remark at the end of that criticism either.


If you want to rise in the ranks, you must have a positive attitude and a critical mindset during each ranked game. You have to realize that you are a big problem in every loss. This is obviously not an easy feat since raging comes naturally to gamers. If you can accept the fact that people get outplayed sometimes, it'll make your experience better.

Pro Tip 4: If you lose a ranked game, there is ALWAYS something you could've done differently to impact the game's outcome.

I know there are those of you who are thinking, "No, there was no way we could've won this game."  You'd be right. Some games you simply can't win. But instead of getting roflstomped into a 20 minute surrender, it would've been a back-and-forth 35 minute match. And perhaps instead of a 40 minute loss, you could've had a 40 minute win. Again, the only person you can fully control is you. Telling your teammates how much they suck won't make them better. There is always something YOU could've done differently.

Common Myth Busted

There are less feeders and trolls as you get higher in elo.

This is a common misconception among those who are stuck in elo hell. There will always be feeders and there will always be trolls. It doesn't go away no matter what elo you play at. I have dozens of these pictures ranging from 1200-2100, but I will make my point with just this one.

Remember, the attitude you have for yourself and the attitude you present towards others will make you a better player. After reading this article, take the time to reflect upon yourself and implement these steps to change your outlook on the game.

Wutswrong is a retired semi-pro League of Legends player (NA) that boasts a 1900 elo in season 1 and 2100 elo in season 2. Follow him at