The State of The South

The situation in the southern part of New Eden has changed dramatically over the past few months. As Bagehi stated in his article about the South on November 6th, many things remain up in the air. The South has seen many new residents come and go, even in the past few weeks. An update on how things are going and how the actual field is looking is definitely in order.

The Players

The list of alliances partnering up to fight each other is long, but carefully laying out the field might shed a different light on the War in the South. In fact, when looking at Eve-Kill stats, it is safe to say that each coalition or alliance is on their own. The South, at this point in time, is fair game and many NIPs (Non Invasion Pacts) have proven fragile: most broke due to opportunistic behavior by the parties involved.

First off, there's the HBC (Honey Badger Coalition) who, at this very moment, are the largest coalition in-game. They consist most notably of TEST, Pandemic Legion, The Initiative., Raiden., Zombie Ninja Space Bears, Tribal Band, and Unclaimed. The Jagged Alliance (TJA) is no longer enrolled in the HBC due to a falling-out with HBC leadership, who subsequently set TJA to a +2.5 standing.

Things soon changed, as they seem to have a habit of doing in the South. Many members of The Jagged Alliance did not agree with what had happened. The HBC stated that the alliance was free to take Impass while on the +2.5 standing and that they had full operational control in the takeover of the region. They did not, however, have any HBC support in the task. Not only did the corporations of TJA not agree with what had been done to them, they also did not want to commit to the invasion effort by moving in all their assets into Impass. TJA subsequently died out.

Next we have the ancient group of alliances that live in Stain and Esoteria, primarily consisting of C0VEN and Stain Empire. This bloc was under a Non Invasion Pact with the HBC, an agreement which stated that the residents of Esoteria were under no circumstances allowed to interfere with HBC operations. Unfortunately, the Esoterians ignored these instructions by continuing hostilities against Unclaimed. during the attempted takeover of former RED.Overlord space. After several engagements, Montolio (leader of the HBC) decided that enough was enough and declared a holy war on Esoteria.

Already in this short list we are beginning to see a pattern: In the South, it's every man for himself. The third group in this conflict is, like the residents of Esoteria, fighting its own battle against the HBC.

Against All Authorities continues its slow slide into obscurity due to sloppy organization and broken promises. Only five months have passed since -A- and friends were able to bring a fight to the HBC and, after recent events, they seem surprised that their allies have run out. The first problems arose when RED.Overlord (ROL) held its promise to help -A- in fending off the HBC, but -A- did not return the favor when Paragon Soul was invaded by Tribal Band. RED.Overlord subsequently handed Paragon Soul to the HBC, a maneuver that -A- did not appreciate. The relationship between -A- and ROL became strained; when the HBC and a few defectors from ROL started the march on Feythabolis with the help of portions of TJA, both ROL and -A- had no real response.

At this point in time, -A- is fighting its final battle from NPC space and ROL is losing sovereignty, only coming out to harass and disturb HBC operations.

After the conflict up north unfortunately proved too great a challenge for some, a new coalition calling themselves N3 retreated to the south, where it appears they intend to stay - for now. But what are their relationships with the current residents? N3, consisting of Nulli Secunda, Northern Coalition., Nexus fleet and recently joined The Kadeshi are waging their own war against SOLAR from the South. At the same time they are also working on taking over space previously owned by -A-. While this new coalition came to the South with the intention to get some space and fight SOLAR, they are not competing for sovereignty against the HBC. Roaming gangs and the occasional 'gud fites' against the HBC are all they are after.

The Future

It will be interesting to see how things unfold further and if the old residents of the South will rise again after their sovereignty has been ground down. If Delve was any indication, it does not look good for the previous owners. Grudges will be held for future fights and the HBC is growing ever-larger. While the future might hold a big reset of standings, that seems a far way off at this point in time.

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