To the Rhythm of the War Drums...

Never let it be said that Shadoo doesn't keep his word.

During the southern campaign SOLAR Fleet effectively chose a side: AAA's side. PL's Finnish eyebrow wagging Chief of the Boat publicly warned that associating with Herc and the boys would have consequences down the road, that to ally with them was to invite disaster. Like all things, time buried these posts in a sea of sperg about the conflict at hand and the southern conflict burned on, and the weeks ticked by.

December saw the end of the 9 month long march that started in the NPC regions of Delve, and would see its combatants fight across Delve and Period Basis, across Querious, down through Catch and Esoteria, and finally down into the bowels of Paragon Soul. Nine months of EVE's version of waterboarding, also known as structure grinding. In the end the beast would not be killed, but its shadow is diminished, its parts scattered, moving on to new homes. The vast empire of Against All Authorities was torn down piece by piece in a methodical fashion that strained the limits of what a normal person would endure in the name of fun.

The members of Pandemic Legion were truly tired, exhausted, and frankly, bored to tears SBU'ing KBP for fights.

And so for the Legion, a vacation was in order.


The move order was issued 2 days before Christmas, the move date, the day after Christmas. Like the heartless fun sucking heathens we are, we would demand that our members break away from family events and come be a space ship captain.

Too long had we been mired in the south. For 9 long months the game plodded on, Pandemic Legion largely out of mind, largely out of sight. Lowsec cyno pilots had become complacent, super carrier pilots and fleets were brazen, the universe was safe because the hunters of anything with a jump drive were slumbering in the bowels of the deep south. December 26th saw all that begin to change, as from GE- in catch, to the borders of the drone regions cyno beacons sprang to life and the war machine exploded across the galaxy. Quite possibly the larges single alliance Super fleet in existence steamed towards their new home in Uemon, a sea of carriers surrounding the mountainous pile of titans.

From the moment we touched down the vassal states of the SOLAR empire were targeted. The initial engagement some 10 minutes after landing went horrifically wrong for Pandemic Legion, engaging around 180 battlecruisers with around 60 men in Rokhs. The Legion was crushed under the bulk of neuting canes. It'd been so long since anybody would actually stand and fight the shock of it all proved more than we could handle, our nose bloody we would limp back from LXQ to reship, and fight again.

And again. And again.

A look at the combined Ops report for the first 5 days tells a horrific tale of destruction being wrought on the Drone Lands people by our singular alliance. A closer inspection shows that while the renters of the area suffer huge casualty numbers, they sometimes score amazing victories from what would look like a defeat.

One such example is this fight. We can see here a near total fleet loss as they defended a jammer, and what may look like a romp to the uneducated is actually these little guys tearing the guts out of nearly 13 billion in Vindicators for their 60 Tech 1 battlecruiers.

The LXQ shield timer saw a bloody battle that was actually filmed (Editor's Note: Since publication of this article, the video has been removed - allegedly because it made their FCs look bad.) by an Ethereal Dawn Geddon pilot and you can hear the sheer determination of their FC even after being told that they "hadn't broken anything in 10 minutes". An early Friday timer for armor promises both homefield advantage and a timer that favors the Russians that these smaller alliances pay tribute to. When combined with the tenacity of PNG and BCA, the early timer may be more than the Legion can handle.

Though they've stood strong against the assault on their home, the drone residents have begun to show cracks in the armor as can be heard here; the FC is clearly furious at PL's continuous use of triage carriers. The question at this point for the residents of the area is how far will Shadoo push, how much will they suffer for the slights of their master, and how long can they hold the gates of the kingdom.

One week and one day have now passed since our landing here. LXQ, the doorway to the Drone Regions, lies under siege and over twelve hundred enemy ships (plus 7 supercarriers) have fallen to our guns. The Legion, it would seem, is wide awake.

Sniggerdly CEO, I took the job after Shamis Orzoz stepped down (long live the king). Between my Kugu posting, several mails, and a recording here or there I've earned a reputation as "The Hate Monger of PL".