Red Alliance: Beaten But Not Out

I recently sat down with diplomat and alliance council member Fiberton from Red Alliance (RA) to hear their perspective of what went wrong in relations with the N3 coalition, as well as to find out the goals of their latest campaign against Darkspawn.

Red Alliance and Gypsy Band were at the head of the Curse coalition that originally started the war with SOLAR last year. This coalition dramatically fell apart during the conflict. Could you shed any light on what caused this?

Gypsy Band itself fell apart due to their leader deciding he was burned out from leading the coalition and alliance. This caused turmoil within the alliance and in turn rolled over into the renter alliances. The renter alliances stopped paying, either due to lack of confidence in Gypsy leadership or sensing weakness, and questioned if Gypsy Band could still extract the ISK from them.

Following this WhySoSerious, Unthinkables, and Darkspawn all reacted to rumors of N3 turning on Red Alliance and decided to align themselves with the stronger side. One of the first events of this alignment change was for WhySoSerious to reset all of the Red Alliance renters and allies. This then caused Red Alliance to ask them to revert this reset or force Red Alliance to reset them back in turn. WhySoSerious refused and so the reset went through between the two groups. The events of this reset were sold to the WhySoSerious members and N3 as an attempted backstab in the dead of night by Red Alliance.

When the newly formed N3 coalition deployed to assist against SOLAR, were post-conflict relations discussed with them?

Yes, of course we had talked it over before they even deployed. Agreements had been made for after SOLAR had been defeated. Once everyone had the sovereignty that they desired, a soft reset would occur with a NIP in place and the understanding that blue standings would resume if an outside body attacked either party. These good relations did not last very long and started to fall apart during the conflict as PL and N3 FCs blamed every defeat on Red Alliance.

When Gypsy Band left the region, some arrangement between Red Alliance and Darkspawn was not upheld. This caused the rift between you and N3. Could you elaborate on exactly what happened?

When Gypsy Band disbanded, about half of the alliance merged into Red Alliance. With the members also came their space and all of Wicked Creek was Gypsy Band rental space. Gypsy Band used to have terms where, if renters joined in fights they would be given reductions or free rental. Darkspawn was given extra space by Red Alliance in exchange for joining fights against SOLAR fleet, and although they joined a few fights to begin with, they soon stopped attending. Red Alliance asked for the space to be returned and Darkspawn refused, thus causing the original rift.

While the fighting in the Spire was still going on, a plot between WhySoSerious, Unthinkables and Darkspawn to remove Red Alliance was hatched. News of this plot was taken to Vince Draken, who agreed that Darkspawn should be removed. Red Alliance attacked Darkspawn as approved and then Vince decided to change the arrangement, demanding Red Alliance to stop. Enraged by the backstabbing actions of Darkspawn, the Russian section of Red Alliance leadership decided that they would continue the push against Darkspawn; this eventually lead to all of N3 joining the conflict against Red Alliance.

Red Alliance has had some serious hard times in recent years, enough punishment in fact that the vast majority of alliances would have folded. What has kept Red Alliance on its feet?

That is an easy one and I’ll give you a Russian quote, Без муки нет науки - adversity is a good teacher. Russians are taught to resist hardships and be resilient at a young age; setbacks will not cause them to give up. Red Alliance has had a lot of English-speaking corps in the past but most have left or withered away; they simply do not have the stamina.

So Red Alliance has recently started working with Gorgon Empire. What is the relationship between your two alliances and is it a long term plan?

A large portion of Gorgon Empire is ex-Red Alliance and the relationship, although still growing, is a long-term engagement. A recent plan has been for Russian and English speaking members to be encouraged to learn basic commands in each other's language to help combined fleets run smoother.

What is the goal of your current campaign against Darkspawn?

The first strikes against Darkspawn are over with an attempted headshot of Darkspawn's home system almost being pulled off but sadly thwarted by N3 involvement. We continue to lead strikes on money moons across Scalding Pass and Wicked Creek, and have another wave of attacks on their sovereignty planned in the near future. The end goal of these attacks is the capturing of Darkspawn sovereignty and potentially causing the alliance to fold. The alliance holds no respect amongst the Russian community and most would like to see them removed from the null-sec map.

Rumors of an agreement between you and SOLAR have been circulated. Is there any truth to this tale?

A certain TCU in a certain station system in Cache may have been turned off. Not sure how that happened. But honestly, Cache will be SOLAR's and we will not interfere with that. We will see how things go in the future, but hopefully the Drone Regions will be Russian again.

You used to be staunch allies with xXDEATHXx. Do you ever see your two alliances working together again?

xXDEATHXx have asked Red Alliance to join them in attacking SOLAR but the offer was declined. This offer has been echoed across the Russian community with the same results. They will probably continue down their current path for now, but we hope they will change their views when things start to align in the future.

What plans does Red Alliance have for the future?

The main goal for the alliance over the next six months will be to recover the space that was taken from us in Insmother and Scalding Pass with the assistance of our allies: Gorgon Empire, Nia Lando, Trifectas Syndicate and Bloodline. Hopefully SOLAR will regain their hold on the northern Drone Regions and it will once more be Russian homelands. We will also be forming a new alliance called Red Menace to house English-speaking corporations who do not want to be in an alliance that predominantly speaks Russian.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just a message from my friend Roweena Azur, who would like to pass on to N3 that he hopes their coalition burns as quickly as possible.

Director of Specter Syndicate in Tactical Narcotics Team and a EuroGoon. I enjoy following the ebb and flow of conflict narratives all across EVE and examining events that cause the rise and fall of alliances.