PS2: Jumptroopers

And then all the enemies respawn, ghost capping the base you just took three minutes after you left, rendering the whole exercise pointless, whilst the majority of your faction are fagging around with rocket pods or snipers or zerging an empty continent and SOE aren't giving a fuck about any of it.
wtf is "fagging around". You're an idiot.
First, with a name like that its tough not to accuse you of bias. But okay. I'll play along though I do get the feeling it's a wasted effort. I don't play PS2 seeking some overwhelming sense of accomplishment - the game has been marketed as a forever war and while some mechanics do make some goals (like captures) seem meaningless they are simply just not the reason I play. I play to have fun - which entails doing truly cooky stuff in the quasi-sandbox that SOE has presented us with. Whether that is doing full charges in Flash ATVs or sumo wrestling galaxies on the warpgate - I have more fun doing "freestyle" things than trying to follow some bloated and ultimately fake urge to capture continents for my faction of choice.I do wish the day will come when people will be rewarded with a bit more permanence for their captures or other battlefield exploits, but for now I find myself enjoying the game for the sake of the game and not because of its current capture mechanics.

 I will start with a disclaimer: this is a squad-level activity. You are going to need a bunch of friends or cooperative strangers to pull this off. In addition to that, jumping out of moving galaxies is going to require good timing and even greater skill if you are trying to steer yourself as you fall. While this is is going to be one of those amazing things you can cross off your to-do list in the game, its likely you are not going to earn a whole hell of a lot of experience doing it. And one final note: you will take no fall damage when jumping out of a Galaxy, except as a Light Assault, and only when you use your Jump Jets as you  descend. Keep this in mind and have fun!


Your squad will (hopefully) be flying into combat in a Galaxy transport fitted with a few add-ons for survivability. First, the crew. As is the case with any aircraft in Planetside 2, you will want to learn how to properly fly it in the relative peace of your warp-gate or its immediate vicinity. Get used to the weight and lumbering pace when compared to its nimble fighter and liberator cousins. This flying beast is worth 350AR (aerospace resource), and as such, it needs to be flown with precision and care. Out of a total of 12 members per squad, three will be staying in the Galaxy at all times: A pilot and two crewmen to occupy your guns. All three of the galaxy crew members should be engineers to lessen the amount of time spent repairing in areas outside the safety of your factions warpgate.

The transport pilot will want to spend certifications points (CP) in reducing the Acquisition Timer (46CP for 4 tiers), Decoy Flares (50CP), Composite Armor (40CP for 2 tiers) and the Racer Airframe (150CP). Ouch. 286CP just to make this thing a little more survivable. Add an additional 500CP (or 700 Station Cash) to upgrade your tail-gun to the A30 Walker variant to discourage pursuers. Additional CP should also be spent for tier 1 Zoom Optics for all your guns, as well as increased ammunition capacity. Keep in mind the investment your dedicated pilot is making, and stop asking for him to do stupid things like pick up lone stragglers or slow down so you can shoot at infantry. The Squad Leader will set a waypoint, and your pilot will be calling the shots from that moment to the instant he tells you to jump out.

The last component to this ridiculous activity is practicing it. The Galaxy pilot will want to become acquainted with things such as combat landings, base layouts and the firing angles of the defensive guns. Light assault troopers should practice low-altitude and high-altitude drops and focus on managing their jump-jets and maneuvering towards the designated rally points.


Here’s where things get very interesting. Depending on the specific purpose of your squad you may end up switching things up a bit. For the purpose of this article I will describe three different squad make-ups: A dedicated jumptrooper squad, a defensive squad and an anti-air squad.

A dedicated jumptrooper squad will be composed of nine Light Assault troopers, preferably equipped with C-4 explosives (200CP). Keep in mind that if you plan to do high-altitude jumps as a Light Assault trooper you will want to spend 60CP on your “Jump Jet” ability slot. This will  greatly increase the recharge rate and overall fuel capacity of your suit which will decrease your odds of accidentally wearing your shinbones for lip piercings. Practice your jumps, as I said before, because it can be much trickier than it seems. A paratrooper squad can be deployed from any altitude, preferably over larger installations. As far as the jump goes, at lower altitudes the Galaxy transport will spend much less time travelling over the target, so timing is everything. At higher altitudes the drop order can be given when the aircraft is hovering or during a quick dive to add a bit of momentum in the direction of the target. Upon landing, this team should attempt to disrupt enemy defenses by destroying as many point defense systems as possible and preventing them from getting repaired. This will likely be a suicide mission, enjoy it while it lasts.

The defensive squad is composed of six MAX suits and three engineers equipped for close-range combat. This team should be dropped near vulnerable friendly hexes that have come under attack by a small enemy group. The MAX suits will either completely decimate the enemy presence or will stall them long enough for additional reinforcements to arrive. The defensive squad can be deployed at a low hover or (more interestingly) on a high-speed/low-altitude approach. Lower altitude jumps are best as they tend to keep your teams closer together, increasing their odds of survival. This is a bit more survivable than being a paratrooper, so be ready to gather your team for an exfiltration after a successful raid.

The Anti-Air squad is composed of your choice of AA MAX suits (equipped with bursters), Heavy Assault troopers (equipped with AA launchers) and engineers to keep everyone’s ammo count up. This team will use the flexibility of an air transport to get close to enemy structures. Try to pick areas that have decent ground cover while still offering a view of nearby enemy air pads. From here you will literally become a thorn on the enemy’s side, continuously denying them the use of their own airspace. Get ready to draw lots of enemy fire once you are spotted. With any luck, you will have picked a position that narrows down the incoming threat to enemy aircraft. They're the only thing you are really equipped to fight, so infantry or armor will wipe you out in short order.


Those are just three of an infinite number of combinations. Getting a group of friends together to jump out of Galaxies is very rewarding - and memorable. You are guaranteed a good laugh as you master the skills required to play as a team and survive your raids. Hell, even practicing for this can be a lot of fun. Take to the skies, and ready yourself to rain down on your enemy!

I play all kinds of games as evidenced by my ever-expanding Steam library. Glad to be back!