PS2: Haven Outpost - The Key To The North

New writer, or am I just ignorant? Either way, I like this article. The battle could have been punctuated with better maps however showing sundies and where everyone is as the battle progresses. Aside from that, admitly small preference of mine, I love the article. Well done.
Don't play PS2 but even I understand this and it actually makes me want to try out the game. Thumbs up.
This article comes too late to be relevant unfortunately. Esamir 2.0 including lattice is on test right now and will go live next week. The new Esamir has nothing to do with the old one anymore.
Thanks for the feedback. I am a new writer, so it is good to know what you like and what I can improve on
Haven outpost...defensible...ARE YOU DRUNK?Haven Outpost has a CP in the open allowing enemy air and armor to bombard it, destroying smaller groups of defenders. If it were inside the building sure I would agree but in the open it sucks. The location of the spawn room isn't idea either although a good sunderer can fix that.Haven is a base that is usually ghost capped with little resistance or gets zerged. The battle flow is usually NE Warp takes Mani and zergs to Haven and then Northern Weigh. Hell camp begins and after a while the campers get bored and leave. NW warp zerg out and take Northern Weigh and then Haven with little resistance and then the grind for the bio lab begins which can last hours. If they fail then NE will merely push back to Northern Weigh and the process will repeat all over again.AdennFreelancers Union Operation Leader - Miller Server
Cool beans. I just run around shooting at stuff like a headless chicken.
Thanks for the article, but you do realize it will be made completely obsolete next wednesday when GU13 changes all of Esamir's bases and introduces the lattice there...
actually the twins are the key to the north but w/e
Don't.This guy lives in an imaginary world. In the real world, where is one blob, and it blobs everything, unless you're not Vanu in which case you just get blobbed.And now SOE are selling pay to win items. That is what this article should have been about. The final straw in the P2WIN debate, consumerable performance boosters.
NP mate, see you in TRAM on Miller (I'm with BRTD)

Haven Outpost in Esamir is a small, one-point base situated in the far north of the continent. It is very defensible, and features a surrounding chasm and a variety of other touches which make it a great base to fight over.

Not only is Haven Outpost a fun base to fight over, it also sits on a very valuable strategic location controlling--access to Esamir's northeast warpgate--and its capture is often the first step in an attempt to cut an Empire off from their territory; usually by capturing Northern Weigh Station, the next territory along and the main route out of the northwest warpgate. It also sits directly north of Freyr Amp Station and West of Mani Bio Lab, both of which are huge battlegrounds.

Strategic Implications

When your factions warpgate is in the northeast of Esamir, Haven Outpost is often a tempting target, thanks to several benefits:

  • It is often a viable target connected to a neighbouring hex. This is most commonly Mani Bio Lab or Aurora Materials lab.
  • It can be used to cut the enemy off from resources while fighting at Mani Bio Lab. A cut-off territory looks less appealing to many players when selecting deployment, which helps your empire in the grind fest at the Biolab.
  • Capturing Haven Outpost makes the empire in the northwest look like they are losing. It is depressing for them to see your factions colour so close to their warpgate, and you may find that many leaders will thus attempt to evict you.
  • It opens up or helps secure the northern flank of Freyr Amp Station.
  • It can be used as a launchpad to attack Northern Weigh Station and the enemy warpgate. This is the most common reason for an outfit to attempt to capture Haven Outpost, and once you push forward you are sure to make a large impact on the flow over the whole continent--even if you are unsuccessful--by drawing enemy forces away from the front line to deal with your incursion. If you are pushed back, you can fall back over ground favourable to a defence before holding the line at a very defensible base

When your faction controls the northwest warpgate in Esamir, this is one base you should be holding on to. It creates a strong line of defence and staging point should you be pushed out of Mani Bio Lab with good sight lines to ensure that you have the upper hand against any approaching enemies.

The base also allows you to push south via Aurora Materials Lab and Apex Genetics into the enemy heartland, as these bases are often lightly defended.

Battle flow

To a large extent, the surrounding territories will determine whether the average player decides to attack Haven outpost from either side of the map. This is determined by the location of the nearest fight to the player and ease of access to said fight.


The key to whether Haven outpost will attract a large amount of enemy opposition is the control of Freyr Amp Station. If the faction in the northwest does not control Freyr, then they will often prioritise this and opposition may be light. However, if they do control Freyr, then this diverts the average player north towards Haven Outpost, as they are inclined to be on the attack as much as possible (capture XP is more easily noticed than a the 15% bonus defense XP).

It is unlikely that you will face threats from the south when defending from the northwest. Difficult terrain makes Freyr Amp Station a much more appealing target when attacking from Aurora Materials Lab. The same can be said when the enemy holds Freyr Amp Station, as they will often prefer Snowshear Watchtower or Northern Weigh Station to Haven Outpost. That said, the threat form the east is a large one--assuming the enemy holds Mani Bio Lab--as they will often attack in large numbers after capturing the Bio Lab. It is imperative to arrive early if this is threatened and set up a strong defensive line at the base.

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