On Propaganda

Over at Freebooted, Seismic Stan has been hosting 'blog banters' for a while—writing prompts designed to encourage community discussion. This time around the topic is propaganda. 

What is propaganda? The word tends to be broadly used. Orwell said "all art is propaganda", meaning that any piece is, in some sense, political. Something usually shines through. Most of us, though (yours truly included), think of propaganda as having a more specific, perhaps malicious, intent to persuade. Traditional art can have no intent at all beyond making us say "Ooh, that's pretty."

Of course, propaganda is often more words than pictures. You may have come across one of our reposted alliance updates—here's Nulli's from October, for example. These are shared with an ever-more-strident 'propaganda disclaimer' up top. We trust our readers to critically examine anything posted here, whether it is labeled 'propaganda' or not, but the more overt stuff intended for internal audiences requires a disclaimer. Why? Because these updates encapsulate a 'worldview' of New Eden that may or may not be at odds with reality. GoonSwarm might not be the Reavers of New Eden. Makalu might not be a terrible FC. SOLAR allies might not all be "pets". None of these sentiments will be expressed in propagandistic updates, whether they're true or not. Intricacy is inconvenient for the authors of these works.

Still, these are posted, not only because they tend to contain important news, but because their worldview or internal narrative is important. Perception drives EVE, and (again, for example) understanding how Nulli sees New Eden is part of understanding Nulli. If you're digging into alliance updates, you probably know how the rally-the-troops game is played.

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