Planetside 2 Strategies - Horns of the Bull

I think I can sum this up nicely.Let the enemy zerg pass, take the territory behind them.
Heh. Even on a site that tends toward the pedantic, this is some next-level pedantry. Congrats on that. It's too bad that this is wildly impractical and totally useless for 99 percent of the PS2 player base.
Armchair General at it's worst/finest.The reality of the situation, is that planning and executing complex plans is easier "IRL" and better in the sense that it's actually necessary. Here, once your initial move is complete, the enemy will come back with air, take out your armour, then you'll be left sitting on respawn timers whilst they push back with their own armour. Real life analogies of battles don't work, as they assume death is final.This ignores the fact that no-one can/does coordinate their virtual FPS armies in this manner - anything more complex than managing which squads are where, and doing what, is an unnecessary chore and burden.I think you want the Total war forums ;)
An alternative would be: Join The Enclave, follow buzz's orders and take 1/2 the map within 15 minutes.
If you need multiple pages to explain it you're doing it wrong
this is more dudes than ive ever seen in one place on my server
How to win PS2 in 2 steps: 1. cert up your engineer, 2. join the armor zerg
yea right
Stick to toy plastic soldiers. Have you even played Planetside 2? Because you seem to be playing a different game to the game I play when I press the Planetside logo on my desktop. Where all the 14 year old kids screaming, "we need air support, everybody go air support!" at the top of their squeaky little lungs? Your pretty pictures and fancy names are great for diagrams and impressing the ladies ( I fib, they are not impressed ) but they bear no resemblance to the actualities of the game. Either you are playing in one of maybe 2 outfits in all of Planetside 2 that could actually do what you describe, or this is a mental exercise in masturbating over toy soldiers. A good voice comms based small to medium sized squad all behaving fairly well, with no infighting and no stoners wandering lost and dazed around the pretty scenery looking for a 7-11 to buy munchies is the very highest you can achieve in Planetside 2. What you are describing is a TV documentary on famous battles in history, not 14 years old americans kids screaming at me that I should be "here" with them wherever "here" is.
Don't forget to stand at the warpgate to burn your air spawn so BCP can farm kills.
Planetside is about skill, strategy and communication, dude. If you don't see this it just means you are an unskilled cannon fodder. GOONs holding Allatum om Matherson for few days against overwhelming combined forces of TR and VS is the best example of all of these.
Sounds good to bad it will never happen.Voice coms in planetside 2 suck... and no one will work together.
Given the tempo of PS2, and the fact that people can re spawn and adapt so quickly, a maneuver of this complexity is going to cause more harm than good.That said, a Platoon level ambush is very achievable with a bit of coordination. You just need to make sure that you get the hell out of there before the Air shows up..
His orders? galaxy N go to territory N, galaxy N+1 go to territory N+1 ... until N = 20. Strategy Done back to dissing black people.
How does this stop the random enemy team member revealing your entire position by kicking of a sweet ass jump over your ranks in a fast ATV?
This is easily done if you're part of a large outfit such as TRG, Enclave, 666, etc. Those of you who are complaining about the zerg being too stupid to do something like this are missing the point entirely, this isn't so much about zerging, it's about being part of an organized company of players and taking over a location as fast as possible, This is possible, and this can be done with the right organization and training.That being said, considering the tempo of PS2, a downsized version of this strategy would be best. A good example would be the Sabre Squad, Instead of pulling people from the infantry squads, I'd personally think that Sabre would be better off consolidating all of their men into teams of gunner/driver, instead of going with a large mass of tanks, if only to save time and space.
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Hello soldiers, I'd like to take some time to talk to you about battle strategy in planetside 2.

Today we'll be going over a strategy called 'Horns of the Bull.' This is actually a strategy originally created by the Zulu king Shaka, and later used by the Zulu king Cetshwayo against the British army, delivering British forces their most humiliating defeat of the colonial era. With it, they slaughtered over 1,300 British soldiers, and hundreds of African auxiliaries. Only about fifty-five British soldiers escaped, and a few thousand British militiamen. Three thousand zulu’s lay dead. Considering that the British forces had gatling guns, muskets, and artillery cannons, and the Zulus were still using spears and hide shields, this is a remarkable victory. (Source: “Turn Around and Run Like Hell – Amazing Stories of Unconventional Military Strategies That Worked” – Joseph Cummins, 2007 Barnes & Noble Press ISBN 0-7607-8652-6, pgs 50-59)

In this article, we'll be discussing how to use a modernized version of this strategy. For the purposes of our scenario, we'll say we have one armored platoon, two infantry platoons, and one air platoon. Now please note that this plan can be scaled up or down based on circumstances, and can be done with as little as one platoon, or as many as eight. It’s also worth mentioning that the kind of numbers I’m speaking of here are a regular thing in the outfit I run with (The Republican Guard (TRG), on the Connery Server) and their enemies, The outfit known as Devil Dogs (666), and that I'm presenting from the perspective of a TR player; your own faction's equipment can stand in without issue. The platoons would be loaded out like so:

Phalanx Platoon (Infantry 1)

            Phalanx alpha:

                        3x Phalanx Alpha Fire teams:

                                    1x Sapper Engineer

                                    1x Medic

                                    2x Heavy Assaults (C4, Grounder)

            Phalanx Bravo:

                        3x Phalanx Bravo Fire Teams

                                    1x Medic

                                    1x Engineer

                                    1x Anti-Infantry Max

                                    1x Anti-Vehicle Max

            Phalanx Charlie:

                        3x Phalanx Charlie Fire Teams

                                    1x Medic

                                    1x Engineer

                                    1x AI MAX

                                    1x AV MAX

            Phalanx Delta:

                        3x Phalanx Delta Fire Teams

                                    1x Sapper Engineer

                                    1x Medic

                                    2x Heavy Assault (C4, Grounder)

Spartan Platoon (Infantry 2)

            Spartan Alpha

                        1x Sapper Engineer

                        1x Medic

                        2x Heavy Assault (C4, Decimator)

            Spartan Bravo/Charlie: Same as Phalanx Bravo/Charlie

            Spartan Delta: Same as Spartan Alpha


Sabre Company (Armored 1)

            Sabre loadouts:

                        Ammo Sundy: AMS, Ammo Dispenser, Racer Chassis, 2x bulldog turrets

                        HEAT Lightning: Front armor, HEAT Turret, Zoom optics, racer chassis, IR Smoke

                        HE Lightning: Side Armor, HE Turret, Night Vision, Proximity Radar Racer Chassis

                        AP Lightning: Front Armor, AP Turret, Zoom Optics, Fire Suppression

                        Skyguard Lightning: Top Armor, Skyguard Turret, Racer Chassis, Zoom Optics, IR Smoke

                        HEAT Prowler: Halberd, Front Armor, HEAT Turret with NV, smoke, Rival Combat Chassis

                        HE Prowler: Halberd with NV, HE Turret with NV, smoke,

Rival Chassis, Front Armor

                        AP Prowler: Vulcan or Marauder with NV, AP Turret with NV, Front Armor, Smoke, Rival Chassis

            Sabre Alpha/Delta

                        2x Ammo Sunderers

                        3x HEAT Lightnings

                        3x HE Lightnings

                        2x Skyguard Lightnings

                        2x AP Lightnings

            Sabre Bravo/Charlie

                        2x Ammo Sunderers

                        4x HEAT Prowler

                        3x HE Prowler

                        3x AP Prowler

            (All engineers)

Talon Wing (Air 1)


                        2x flight teams

                                    3x AA Mosquitos

                                    3x AG Mosquitos


                        2x Dalton Liberators

                        2x Zephyr Liberators

It’s very important to note that Sabre’s heavy armor will not have any gunners among them – everyone will pull a tank. Gunners will come from the appropriate Spartan or Phalanx squads.

In our scenario, the hostiles are advancing with a full armored column, infantry, and air on Zurvan Amp Station from Gravel Pass on Indar. For the sake of illustration, we'll say they outnumber us around 3:1.

The idea with this strategy is to bait the hostile force into attacking the slow-moving but well-armored Sabre Bravo and Charlie squads, who will be positioned in a staggered formation across the canyon, with infantry behind it (Also providing lots of repairs for the armor!), while Sabre Alpha and Delta close in from the canyon sides, exploiting their flank. Here is a diagram of the initial placement:


As you can see, the two lightning squads are positioned to the sides, ready to move in on hostile forces. The idea here is that the lightnings will move in and flank the hostile column as they advance.

The trick is that they cannot see the lightnings until they've already advanced into the trap. This can work as both an offensive or defensive tactic. Offensively, your forces advance on the enemy while the lightning squads drive around and come from the sides. To further confuse the issue, one can have the first 'horn' arrives slightly ahead of the other – so that the hostiles are caught off guard not once, but twice. The lightning tanks will pop their smoke to hide their numbers.

As hostiles advance out of gravel pass, the heavy armor will begin bombardment of them, keeping their attention focused on their front. Heavy Armor would alternate between tanks, popping their smoke to keep the lines hidden from direct view – forcing hostiles to guess where to shoot. Sabre Bravo will move forward slowly around the road. Meanwhile, Sabre Alpha (shown as the squad on the Western Flank) will advance on them as they leave gravel pass from their left flank – popping their smoke to hide and confuse their numbers - forcing them to adjust their attention or die. As hostiles advance to about midway into the field, Sabre Delta (eastern flank) will advance on them from a narrow gap that had been hiding their presence, popping smoke all the way. Meanwhile, we’ll have inserted our bastard squads onto the ridges around Zurvan, to keep hostile air off the armor.

As hostiles advance to mid-field, the final piece of the trap will be sprung. Infantry that had been hiding behind the rocks on the western side of the field would spring into action, moving in to crush the remainder of the hostile forces with MAXes and Heavy Assaults. The key to this strategy is keeping the enemies guessing on which direction you will be coming from. An alternate version of the strategy involves sending Sabre Delta around through the Blackshard Mines areas, and coming up on them from the rear. Throughout the battle, the remaining infantry stays behind the tank lines, performing repairs and providing close-quarters coverage


I'd like to once again reiterate that the numbers here may be the norm for my outfit and battles on the server, but are no means required. The purpose is to demonstrate how clever positioning and movement can allow you to overcome massive numbers.

Aracturus is an Austin, Texas-based EVE Online and Planetside 2 player who currently writes Global Strategy Articles on Planetside 2 for TheMittaniDOTcom