Planetside 2: Latest Lattice Changes

Oh Hex, Hex, wherefore art thou Hex?

On May 9, 2013, Higby teased us with this picture showing off the latest changes to the lattice system: 

For all intents and purposes it looks like Higby and crew are removing the Hex system from Planetside 2, and I have to be honest - good riddance! I'll explain what's going on in the above picture for those unfamiliar with the lattice in Planetside 1.

The blue, red, and purple banded colored lines show two connecting bases of each faction corresponding to their color: blue for NC, red for TR, and purple for Vanu. The yellow lines indicate that two connections of different factions are shown - basically, what's connected to a yellow bar you must attack, defend, or hack.

I'll illustrate some examples. In the image above, The Crown, currently owned by the NC, can be attacked from Ceres Hydroponics by the VS, and from The Palisade and Zurvan Pump Station by the TR. Gravel Pass is secure from attack via Zurvan Pump Station and Blackshard Iridium Mine, but can be attacked because it's linked to Zurvan Network Complex which is owned by the VS. It doesn't strictly mean the attack will come from the Complex, but it means it's open to attack.

One more: Tawrich Tech plant is safe from all attacks except in the direction of Broken Arch Road, which is connected to Tawrich Depot as shown by the yellow banded lattice line. Once again, the attacks don't have to arrive from Broken Arch Road; the yellow bar simply shows that the Depot is vulnerable to attack from the NC.

Reverting to the lattice line system gives much needed flexibility to the lattice system, as it will show people vulnerable bases and not necessarily which direction from which to attack. There are 11 attacking possibilites shown on the map (I counted the yellow bars). Compare this latest entry to what we currently have on the Test server:

And this is what's currently live:

It doesn't take an artist's vision to see that the latest iteration of the hex lattice/rush lanes is the clearest version of the lattice yet. The current system we're using is outdated, outmoded, and past overdue for a cleanup. If you have your reservations about how the lattice is going to change the  game, then I suggest you head on over to the Test server and check it out yourself.

The more people we get on Test, the more polished a product we'll receive on the live servers. This new lattice has the potential to change the way we play Planetside 2.

From the first day I played the beta for Planetside 1 I knew I was hooked and Planetside 2 has the potential to be something greater. Find me on Twitter: @kidriotgun