Planetside 2 Hex Lattice on Test

1) the 'Thermopylae' is, like you observed, mostly based on terrain. Skydock, Indar Comm Array, Mesa Com (no longer exists) were great places were you could fight off 2-3 times your numbers until you simply got overwhelmed. We'd have 1.5-2 squads @ Indar Comm Array get pushed out by a Red Alert. That's 48+ people to push out 20. With the new map there's a road that passes through Indar Comm Array. There's one of the 'Thermopylae.'2) The metagame currently in the game is already based on those 3 ideas. It just so happens that the majority of outfits don't operate that way and so they're left wondering with "Ok, so what's next?" Instead of creating their own metagame by inventiveness and creativity they mostly operate where the numbers are.There are incredible things outfits will be able to do with the hex lattice. Outfits like mine no longer have to do the dirty work and face red alerts alone - we can farm them to hell and back. The hex lattice allows outfits the freedom to move in between lattice avenues and directly attack larger numbers from advantageous terrain because they have the options to choose exactly where they're going to fight. If anything this will make the average player much more farmable material to already experienced outfits because the zerg will be following what seems to be limited paths when in fact, those paths act like kill valleys for smarter outfits.
To continue the debate based on points.1) For these 3, even 4 'choke point' bases that exist on the map right now, where a small organised force. Can realistically hold off a far larger force (organised or not) there exists a plethora of other bases (on indar, and presumable Amerish and Esamir also) in which, by sheer numbers you simply stand no chance.2) I think there are much more productive and interesting ways to expand metagame. For example some sort of logistics based strategic layer to the game, as i've noted not a million miles away from PS1's ANT's system. I have nothing against this lattice, I just don't think it can possibly be the final word on strategic game mechanics in PS2.I completely agree that outfits can create their own metagame, if that was enough, we wouldn't be at this stage. Simply mixing up the game logic of which base you can cap, based on which bases you can already hold doesn't magically fix that.
These changes are only really the tip of the pin to what is needed to make sure the game is no longer indarside the smart move has to be in rolling out these flow changes on all continents from the get go or risk further encouraging Indar play too.How this all works when its interconnected with 5 continents is the real meat of what the game will have to offer.I have a feeling Esamir is going to be a total chore to map out coherently and Amerish really requires very little work on it given how much impasse is already on the map.
these battles are what made planetside 1.
If SOE had of done this at the start PS2 would have been a much, much better game at this point in time. Not saying the lattice system will 'save' PS2 but it will go a long way towards doing so because engrossing gameplay can help people to overlook/endure/not be phased by PS2's many bugs and balance issues.
1) If you're having trouble seeing how small groups can manage holding those bases, you need to read some classic treatises on warfare and then go have a look at what half a squad of HAs on flashes plus an engineer can do to an attack before it ever reaches the base.2) Logistics mechanics without lines governing them do absolutely nothing for the game aside from make people *think* it has more depth. ANTs worked partially because you knew where to look for them if you were trying to cut them off, and because ANT drivers knew where the fighting was going to be hottest before it got there.


Planetside 1 went through its own incarnation of the lattice introduced on the test server for Planetside 2. Pre-Planetside 1 lattice, the game was a series of chaotic backhacks and unpredictable battle flow, making it a generally disorganized mess. Through player feedback, the lattice was introduced as thin faction-colored lines connecting bases, providing much needed "battle flow" to the game. Post-Planetside 1 lattice, the game began to grow a 'style' that was missing pre-lattice. The game came into its own only after the lattice was introduced. This allowed outfits to predict the flow of battle in such a way that interesting and hectic fights could be produced at the drop of a hat. With set timers on base captures, players experienced nail-biting moments where you never knew if someone was going to Galaxy or hot drop onto a base in the last minute for a desperate re-secure. These moments are what Planetside 2 has been missing. Though the developers have made excellent strides with each patch towards that secret ingredient, the magic that made Planetside 1 so memorable was missing. It seems, though, that now we have it.

After 10 years, we can now play with the current iteration of the lattice on the Planetside 2 test server - and I can say from my observations today during the Indar event that this will redefine how outfits operate. The recent alert system has done much to encourage outfits to create loose or formal alliances, thereby raising the bar for intra-faction cooperation to new levels. This alone makes the game a much more interesting place than it was previously. Now, with the lattice, you will see thrilling sidebar fights to the main zerg events hitting the big bases. With influence no longer affecting capture, you now have set timers that will add those tense moments where you are wondering to yourself, "What's going to happen before this capture timer expires?" That's the magic that made Planetside 1 so memorable. In a game where the players are the game, this facet has been sorely missing in Planetside 2.


The oft-repeated word "metagame" has come to mean a few different things on the message boards, but for most players it has one meaning: purpose. People want a reason to fight and a way of having their success (and at times failures) highlighted on the map. Hex lattice will bring all this and more to the table as outfits struggle with the new incentives. Battle flow will change drastically as people attack bases through the distinct and separate base hardpoints. Each base on Indar averages three avenues of attack, with Dahaka having five and Zurvan sitting at four. There will only be four ways to cross Indar from west to east:

  1. J908
  2. The Crown
  3. Crossroads
  4. Regeant Rock

With the map divided between these four primary avenues of attack/defense, outfits will be pushed to their limits to find creative ways around and through the four primary towers. It may sound limiting, but is in fact very exciting because of the way you can set up offensive pushes bordering lattice lanes, ambushes on lattice roads, and defensive holds while other avenues are attacked. Your mark, your purpose, and your metagame will be in the hands of every outfit to create for themselves. My outfit, Hostile Takeover, has defined our own personal metagame by marking our effectiveness through small goals that we either accomplish or we don't. Every outfit has this opportunity to create their own metagame, but the hex lattice puts it within everyone's grasp.

The metagame in Planetside 2 post-lattice will be based on outfit creativity, responsiveness and adaptability as the four primary avenues of crossing the continent are contested and fought over, swinging back and forth like a blue/red/purple pendulum. Territory will mean something, as you can pinpoint a hotspot and say, "Here is where we make our stand. Here is our Thermopylae!" Red alerts will no longer have the sway they once did. You can, with speed and timing, effectively cut them off. Outfits that run in blobs will lose momentum and the smarter outfits will benefit from the lattice by advancing on recently hacked lattice lanes left unoccupied as large groups move forward. If there's one thing that playing Planetside 2 has taught me about zerg-thought, it's that zergs typically follow the path of least resistance. Having the lattice clearly illustrated on a map means people will follow predictable paths that can be taken advantage of by enterprising outfits. I said it was exciting, didn't I?

The hex lattice is, in one word, beautiful. I look forward to seeing how SOE develops Amerish and Esamir into a hex lattice and how that affects territory control, especially during in-game events. With player-generated missions, more outfit tools, command options and new event systems coming, the game has plenty of legs to stand on for months to come. The hex lattice will redefine battlefield command and battle flow in directions that few outfits have experienced. I'm as excited for them as I am for the new challenges that will arise for outfits similar to mine that have been enjoying these objective types pre-lattice.

Planetside 2 is improving every day. I can't wait to see what will happen next. Bravo, SOE!

From the first day I played the beta for Planetside 1 I knew I was hooked and Planetside 2 has the potential to be something greater. Find me on Twitter: @kidriotgun