N3: The Home Front

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Surprisingly coherent sentences from Rots. (we love him really) :)
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Rots is not the alliance leader Per-say.. hes actually #3 in command, but he is our head FC and "Diplo" and just has the connections the rest of us cant utilize correctly.
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Solar lost 31 sistems already :O
That's because PL+N3 field as many supercaps as Solar can field subcaps.

With much of N3 deployed to Fountain, two alliances have the most consistent members of the N3 Homeguard—Why So Serious and Cult of War. Together, they have borne the brunt of the SOLAR Fleet offensive on N3's holdings in the Drone Regions. 

In my previous article, I covered the events that occurred in the Drone Regions since N3 Coalition deployed to Fountain to assist TEST in their war against the CFC. I recently sat down with Alliance Leader and Head FC of WHYSO, Rots Mijnwerker, and two Alliance Leaders from -COW-, Brethana and Milek, to hear the N3 perspective on the Drone Region conflict.

  Why So Serious - Rots Mijnwerker

TMC: When the conflict with SOLAR originally kicked off, WhySoSerious were aligned with the russian Curse forces including Gypsy Band, Darkside and Red Alliance. What caused the breakup of this group?

RM: Well with Gypsy folding into a centralized corporation and headed to -DD-, they were the main player in our little group of merry men, so it left us smaller dudes to fend for ourselves. Between INK, DSP and WHYSO, we formed a little mini coalition; existence was possible. Red Alliance was never a real factor for us, my alliance was always more directly helping N3 in its intentions. And, well, I think everyone wants to shoot RA at some point.

TMC: How did you end up as a full member of N3?

RM: Ahh well, when my alliance is at full strength we can field good numbers. We often hit the 100+ marker in the US timezone and N3 was a little low compared to other coalitions in the USTZ so they welcomed us with open arms. This said, on this Fountain deployment WHYSO is slacking substantially.

TMC: When N3 decided to deploy to assist TEST in Fountain what were your feeling towards this choice with regards to the risk it would put you in from SOLAR?

RM: Well, that's a matter of personal opinion. I would rather be the guy without space but making income off the tears of others like PL does, however my members are very expressive that defending the systems they helping capture is something of importance to them.

TMC: Just to probe this answer a little deeper, are you saying there was concerns about what could happen to your space prior to leaving?

RM: Of course there was, we are a relatively young entity in 0.0 warfare, many don't understand you can just simply fly across Eve for a month or two and come back and save sov due to the awesome sovereignty mechanics EVE has in place. When something in our space gets hit, the average members freak the hell out.

TMC: Why So Serious appear to have taken up the Warden of the East role along with some of the smaller N3 groups. Was this by choice or simply because it was your space under attack?

RM: For a while we would just clone back and settle what issues we could, however SOLAR has grown ever brazen and know how to drop the hammer, supers and titans break 0.0 sov space. So, by choice we returned for a bit.

TMC: With the benefit of hindsight, what could've been done to prevent the SOLAR gains in the east?

RM: Well nothing, it is known that RA and SOLAR have some sort of arrangement, and with RA allowing sovereignty to drop at certain times and NC. being deployed, they captured much of Cache without so much as a ship kill. In Outer Passage and Spire, however, my alliance has formed up and met the flames on several occasions. In the long run, we are learning and having fun as an organized group.

TMC: In the comments from my last article, a lot of praise was handed to WhySoSerious for your alliances improvements towards flying your own full fleets with a proper doctrine. Do you have any comments towards this?

RM: Well, we formed just after the introduction of Tier 3s to Tranquility, so our first doctrine was long range Tornados and shield kitchen sink fleets. To go from that to what we are flying now, its is a massive table flip. It was always my intention as a head FC to ask members to aim for the ridiculous and long term goals, because that way you just get what you want out of it. Now we fly: Dominix, Tengus, Rokhs, Lokis and Gilas, fun stuff :)

TMC: In my article, I guessed that the move to Gilas away from Dominix was an attempt to tank better against the SOLAR Tengu Fleets, how close to the mark was this statement?

RM: Well it was for tanking but not the Tengus, it was to avoid have Triage and Dominix blapped by hostile capitals. When I have the option to fight under the umbrella of a cyno jammer in Dominix, I do it. Even two nights ago SOLAR stood down when we formed a Dominix fleet under a jammer. In our first fight with them, we were able to blap Tengus and logi at the start, but then they dropped in supers and killed our Triage and in the second fight it was Blap dreads killing our Dominix.

TMC: Do you have any plans to take the fight back to SOLAR solo or will that have to wait until N3 come home?

RM: As of right now, we have reinforced DVN6-0 and hope to do something useful as the timer came out in the USTZ.

TMC: When this time comes make the big push, how hard of a task do you predict reclaiming your current losses to SOLAR will be?

RM: Hard. They are good at what they do, and they will alarm clock just to swat a fly in the USTZ.

TMC: What plans do WhySoSerious have for the future?

RM: Grow, and be a proper PVP entity. We are looking to grow into an alliance organized like NC and PL, but that level organization will come with experience and time. We also need time to build supers and titans I guess lol.

TMC: Anything else you’d like to add?

RM: We're a very family orientated group of pilots looking for more Eve duders to join the ranks! Check out my forum post if you're interested.

Director of Specter Syndicate in Tactical Narcotics Team and a EuroGoon. I enjoy following the ebb and flow of conflict narratives all across EVE and examining events that cause the rise and fall of alliances.