MWO: Quick Heavies

As with all aspects of life, it’s important to know your role. Some people are leaders, and others are great at organizing. The people I want to have a drink with excel at getting into the faces of others and ruining their day. These are the people who may be served by this guide on creating a Quick Heavy.

What is a Quick Heavy?  It’s a Heavy-class mech that sacrifices the relative security of a standard engine in order to live on the razor’s edge of an XL build. It sacrifices high alpha strike capability in order to cram in the largest engine possible. Speed and maneuverability is favored, which creates a mech that can be as fast as a medium while still carrying a heavy armor loadout.


For example, The Catapult C1 can be turned into a solid medium/short range brawler through the use of two Large Pulse Lasers and two Medium Pulse Lasers.

The Laserpult

It’s a thoroughly unconventional use of a chassis typically built around the two missile points on the mech, but it can do significant damage for a lengthy amount of time as a fast moving heavy brawler. It’s also very effective at taking down the lights pestering your assault teammates.

At this point you might be asking why someone would want to take a mech like the one above rather than a Catapult A1 armed with pure SRMs,  or a Catapult K2 with dual gauss rifles or AC-20s. The response comes in the form of good advice for any digital war zone: Keep a low profile. Your job as a quick mover is to bust up armor in a situation where mediums would get chewed up and then get out alive. When a Splatapult slowly lumbers onto the field they are anything but low profile. Their high alpha comes at the cost of speed and survivability. They instantly become primary targets when facing an opposing team able to coordinate fire.

The Laserpult is underestimated by most opponents in favor of the high alpha mechs, and that buys you time to tear off back armor, knock off the legs of light mechs, and hunt down LRM boats.

MG Muromets

MG Muromets

Once relegated to the dustbin of special snowflake comedy builds, the MG Muromets and it’s cousin the MG4X Cataphract have become viable in a post machine gun tweak world of MWO (Patch Notes - 1.2.190). With three Machine Guns, three Large Pulse Lasers, and an XL 340 engine, the MG Muromets is a very agile and dangerous build. At 86.6KPH with speed tweak, the MG Muromets will keep up with most mediums and many lights. It also can run circles around slow assault mechs. The three Large Pulse Lasers pack a powerful punch, and the three Machine Guns will pay for themselves quickly when hitting internal slots with weapons and ammo.

With the MG Muromets you are always moving, always close, and capable of putting up big damage numbers in most matches.

These mechs, along with other Quick Heavies, are viable alternatives to the standard fare in your evening MWO matches. While they are not likely to find themselves in the pantheon of standard builds seen in almost every match, you could find a place for them in your heart and ready slots if you want to live life on the edge.

Note: These builds are recommended after extensive testing in 4 and 8 man drops. In no way, shape, or form am I advocating their use in an serious business battles unless you are prepared to take the blame (deserved or undeserved) for a loss.

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