MWO: Here Comes the Violent Combat Robots Show

Goons ruin everything, except this podcast.
A lot of talk about a patch that was new a week ago, but isn't so much new now. Might be better/more relevant to get it on the internet closer to recording time.
We're aware. We've lost a staff member recently and are currently re-organizing around this fact. The next episode should be arriving later this week.
There were some issues in getting it up in a more timely fashion. However, the next one will go up on time.

(Editor's Note: The following blurb was written by the VCRS staff.)

Hello, Teenage America! This is the VIOLENT COMBAT ROBOT SHOW, the only goon-approved podcast about everyone's favorite Internet Gundam Robot Jox Boxing game, Mechwarrior Online. While our #1 goal is to keep the listening public informed about the latest and greatest developments in and out of game, our other #1 goal is to maintain a thoroughly irreverent view of the ridiculous activity of trucking around the desert in heavily-armed space robots.

With ten episodes of occasional growing pains and occasional brilliance under our belt, we're now on, starting with the latest. For returning listeners, hello! We're going to keep bringing the hits, old favorites like Live From Butte Hold, as well as new up-and-coming segments like Tracer Kerensky, Private Eye. For those who may be encountering the world of Violent Combat Robots for the first time, don't worry! I, Executive Producer Allen Wren, will be here to give you the rundown every episode, giving you an idea of what's in store. We rotate segments in and out every week to keep things fresh and happening and other current hipster slang (hipsters are still a thing, right?).
What we're not going to do is waste your time. The Violent Combat Robot Show understands that you have better things to do than to listen to the internet yell about robots all day. For this reason, we guarantee that all of our shows will run (approximately) a half-hour. No more than forty minutes. We know our business. We get in, tell you about robots, give you the funny, and then we're gone, like my patience for recalling overused cliches for this article!

This week, on the Violent Combat Robot Show:

Robot News: Our flagship news program, telling you everything you need to know about the game, the metagame, the meta-metagame, and robot hygiene. Be a pro robot shooter - or "probot" - with Stalkerr and Andersbot.
The Mechlab: Robot Building 101. If you've never built a robot before, or if you've built a thousand but wouldn't mind a refresher course, there's no reason to not hit the books with Don Dongington and bok. This week, the Catapult!
Live from Butte Hold: In Battletech canon, Butte Hold is a planet on the extreme ass-end, no pun intended, of the Inner Sphere. It is also the location of the Word of Lowtax's Propaganda Headquarters. In this segment, Allen Wren takes a few minutes to break down why he's going to be dead of a coronary before 35. The short version? Pubbies.
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