LoL: Ranked 5v5 to be Professional Entry

Sadly there is no chance of it being mine. We're all even worse at LoL than we are at EVE.
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Major eSports announcement from Riot a few days ago: the top 32 teams in Season Three will qualify for a chance to go to the Season Three Championship Series.

Here's the quote from RedBeard of Riot Games:

Three teams from North America – TSM, Dignitas and CLG.NA – have already qualified for the Season Three Championship Series, but there are still five spots left to fill. With the new competitive season closing in, the search for the remaining Season Three contenders is officially on. When the end-of-season soft Elo reset happens on November 6, the Ranked 5v5 Team ladder will become your proving ground for the Season Three Championship Series. On December 27, we’ll invite the top 32 ladder teams from North America to participate in an online qualifier from January 4-6. From there, the top six teams will have an all-expenses-paid invitation to compete in a live qualifier tournament against teams from the North American Regionals that didn’t pre-qualify for the Season Three Championship Series, plus a few new Challenger Circuit competitors. This live qualifier is your team’s opportunity to go pro in Season Three. Finish in the top five and you’re one of the pro teams in the Championship Series!

Here’s a full rundown of how to qualify:

  • Hold one of the top 32 positions in the Ranked Team 5v5 ladder on December 27 by 3am PST to earn a spot in the online qualifier
  • Take top six in the online qualifier to advance and compete against Season Two’s remaining North American Regional competitors and new Challenger Circuit contenders at a live competition
  • Finish in the top five of the live qualifiers for your invitation to go pro in Season Three

The search for our final five pro teams begins when the ladder soft resets on November 6, so make sure that your team is prepared and ready to hit the ground running. We’re looking forward to seeing which teams rise to the challenge!

The method is a little confusing.  You start with thirty-two teams who play against each other in an online tournament.  The top six of those thirty-two teams will then play against the following: each other, season two teams (excluding TSM, Dignitas, CLG.NA who are pre-qualified), and an unknown number of additional teams.  Of those, only the top five placed will receive an invitation to go pro in Season Three.

Riot is stepping up the eSports game with this one, ranked 5v5 play now has a major impact on the game, and some would argue that it finally matters.  It will be interesting to see which teams qualify and possibly beat some brand-named teams at a live event; could it be yours?

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