LoL: Lucian, the Purifier

If you're interested in contributing, I think TMC is still looking for LoL writers. As for your concerns: 1) maybe it's not the exact perfect usage of the word, but it's by no means unreadable. I don't imagine most people know the origin of the word proc in the first place, and this usage has achieved pretty common parlance.2) He shortens it as the article descends, which is pretty common (although maybe defining the acronym after writing out the full name would have been better.Now that I'm done white-knighting...On topic: my gf has been playing Lucian a bit, and the author seems to be right about him working very well as a skirmisher. In straight up one-on-ones he doesn't hold up as well, but he's very mobile and it is nigh-impossible to run from him. I've forwarded this article to her, as there's a lot of stuff that the author has said that makes a lot of sense. Lucian has seemed underpowered with her coming straight off caitlyn, but maybe with some different play choices he'll give a bit better of a showing.
spell vamp may not be technically a proc affect... but if Sheen isn't then I TOTALLY don't know what proc means because it fits my mental definition just fine...We are actually short on editors and a call went out... if you're serious, shoot me an email and I'll try to find who to contact.As for Lucian, he's... odd... Having played him for three more days since I actually wrote this article, I'd add thatA) As someone else said below, his W is really underwhelming... doing magic damage is awkward for him and the vision it grants is very fleeting and VERY temperamental (basically requiring you to get lucky and hit a target... B) His ult feels underwhelming when compared to MF but it's GREAT for chasing / disengaging... I think people are trying to use him like MF but it doesn't really work that wayC) Trinity Force, Bloodthirster, Black Cleaver (not necessarily in that order) feels like the right build along with CDR boots... You're basically a skirmisher par excellence and you have to focus on NOT playing like a traditional ADC...In summary, Lucian isn't a hyper carry or even a traditional ADC like MF/Ezreal... he's much more in the skirmisher mold like Quinn with a skill set that allows him to lane bully early if you're good with your Qs. AD is really good on him and you basically HAVE to level his Q first (the AD ratio increases as you level which is unusual)...
I did hard counter a Nasus with him the other day... not sure if the whither interaction will continue but being able to drop it off me simply by pressing E was really nice late gameI don't like BotRK unless the passive is REALLY good (2+ health stackers on the other team). Attack Speed isn't as useful on him as other ADCs and AD is really nice. The active on BotRK just took a nerf and is less needed on Lucian than most other ADCs.Agreed about the W... it needs the most help.
PROC is Percent Random OCcurrence, I'm pretty sure the term migrated to League of Legends from World of Warcraft, and to WoW from older mmos and muds. Sheen, for example, is not random. It will always go off when you use an ability (assuming not on cooldown). By contrast, Phage, before the change, had a 25% chance on hit to apply a slow. That is a proc.
You are wrong. Proc is a shortening of the term "procedure," as in a procedure for when an item's effect occurs. This acts in contrast to "actives," where the player has to manually trigger the item's effect, and "equipment," where the item provides a continual on-equip effect (the bonus stats in League items, for example). The term comes from rogue-likes and MUDs, where "proc" refers to "special procedures," a way of adding events for seemingly unrelated actions.Proc also usually refers to an ability effect that happens in a fashion similar to an item proc. For example, shooting someone and applying Grievous Wounds.It most definitely does not refer to "Percent Random OCcurrence."Sheen is a "proc effect" because there is a specific procedure (use an ability) used to activate it, as opposed to manual activation. Phage is also a proc effect; the procedure is simply a random chance, rather than a specific usage by the player. The snowball effects on Bloodthirster or Warmog's are combination proc/equip effects: You "proc" the snowball, but the actual bonus is equip.Before you go criticizing Seminole's usage of the word, or our editorial oversight, maybe you should get your facts straight.
You can use a minion to aim Piercing Light. Other then that, not a bad article

Lucian is a new Marksman, and plays a bit like an ranged AD caster a la Graves or Miss Fortune. While not a hard carry in the traditional sense, he does bring some of the same tools to the table. Let's have a look at him in detail.


He has a 550 range and gets 3.3% per level attack speed scaling and 3.0 AD scaling. Those are all good ADC stats in general. Compare a couple other champions

Ashe: 600 range, +4% attack speed, +2.85 damage

Graves: 525 range, 2.9% attack speed, 3.1 damage

He's a bit on the squishy side for health (390 + 80 per level) but has a slightly elevated armor (15). All in all, a fairly middle to slightly below average ADC just looking at his stats.

Passive: Lightslinger

For a lot of champions, passives, along with ults, give most of the flavor to the champion in question. In the case of Lucian, it also gives him most of his power. Lightslinger lets him double attack within 6 seconds of using an ability. It deals 50-75% of his AD (scaling up with level), but also applies on-hit affects. The second shot can critically strike.

This is an incredible tool for a variety of purposes. It makes life steal very valuable on him. Blade of the Ruined King looks to be an exceptional early and late game item, letting him potentially shred health better than any other ADC except Vayne. Because the shots can crit, the passive scales well with things like IE and even Zephyr - which offers CDR and crit chance in a nice little package. 

Piercing Light (Q)

The range on Lucian's Q is the same as his AA range (550) and it does 80-240 physical damage + 0.6-1.2 AD. Note the scaling AD percent (which is unusual). It's a significant incentive to level this, especially if you built Bloodthirster over Ruined King first.

The ability itself is a relatively quick beam of light that is roughly a minion long. There's a slight delay making it just barely dodgeable. It has a pretty short cooldown (dropping from 9 to 5 seconds by end game).

Note, the range on this one is weird. It MUST target a champ but doesn't necessarily hit the champ (think Jayce's leap attack). It can only target someone within his AA range (550), but then travels 1100 total.

Ardent Blaze (W)

With a much longer range (1000) and the ability to temporarily grant vision, this is Lucian's "brush check" skill. It deals magic damage with a 0.9 AP and 0.6 AD ratio built in. Targets hit by it, or by its cross shaped explosion, are marked, and follow-up attacks from Lucian on marked targets give him +40 move speed.

It is not super impressive, and unlikely to be a big source of damage from Lucian. Use it to brush check and to proc your passive and/or your Spellblade on Trinity Force if you go that route. It does mean that Lucian will frequently be faster than the people he is chasing, and his positioning advantage will be even greater in combat.

One trick people have already noticed is that statuses like Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Red buff will continuously proc the speed buff.

Relentless Pursuit (E)

If you're like me, the first thing you noticed was that Relentless Pursuit - an otherwise simple dash forward - has a very long range (425) and a down scaling mana cost that ends at 0 mana at level 5. That's a first, that I'm aware of, and means that the skill functions with significant differences late game. It allows for pretty impressive wall jumps (Ezreal's range on his E is 475 for comparison). I haven't had a chance to test him extensively to know whether it's a "flash" (like Ezreal) or a "jump" (like Tristana), so the interaction with Nautilus/Blitz/Thresh hooks is unclear (please post below if you've figured it out).

Relentless Pursuit also has a kill reset component, but only if the kill happens while his ultimate is active (more on that in a moment). It also removes slows, meaning that, again, Lucian is going to be really hard to catch or escape from. Please note, it removes all move speed debuffs. That means exhaust falls off (or at least appears to). It removes Wither and Ice Blast, making him a fantastic counter to Nasus and Nunu. If you're laning against Lucian as a support, don't take Exhaust. Just go with Ignite.

The Culling (R)

Probably his most controversial ability. The Culling gives Lucian rapid fire shots for 3 seconds with the number of shots scaling with his attack speed. It's a channel and can be interrupted (unlike a Fiddle ult, for example), but he can move and use Relentless Pursuit during it. The damage per shot is not a normal attack, but is 40-60 + 0.25 AD + 0.10 AP. He'll fire anywhere from 17 to 34 shots depending on his attack speed at the time of execution.

The ability locks Lucian into a direction (he can cancel the ult early to stop the locked direction). The culling also does quadruple damage to minions (NOT monsters) and can be used without getting on the other side of a minion wave for that reason.

During development, the AP ratio was higher and people were routinely getting off 10k damage attacks with full AP builds (go watch Youtube videos, they're hilarious). Now, the max damage at lvl 18 is 2040 + 8.5*AD + 3.4*AP which means somewhere around 5k total damage if you land everything (recognizing that it's realistically impossible to max both attack speed and achieve a ~400 AD).

The shots fired from the culling do not proc on-hit affects nor do they proc life steal. They do proc spell vamp, but at a third of the rate. Still, this might make Will of the Ancients a viable item for a support to build in the right team comp. They also don't count as single target for things like spellvamp and Manamune (no abusive Manamune procs here).

Building Lucian

Lucian's abilities scale reasonably well off of AD giving him a likely build path similar to Graves and MF. Bloodthirster into IE with Black Cleaver as a realistic possibility. Piercing Light gives him a 5 second, 1.2x AD ratio spammable ability that can do serious group damage late game. Combined with a Black Cleaver, this can be spammed frequently and liberally to shred the opponent's armor and set up a culling that will quickly be dealing nearly unmitigated damage.

Clearly, with all the AP ratios, Riot wants him to be looking at Tri-Force as well. The changes to Tri-Force make it a much more attractive item to buy and the movement speed inherent in the item along with the altered passive buff could make Lucian the skirmisher that Quinn was supposed to be.

Because a fair amount of his damage comes from his passive, Piercing Light and his ult, he's somewhat less attack speed reliant than other champs. While BotRK isn't a "bad" item on him, it also isn't as amazing on him as it is on someone like Vayne or even Tristana.

Good supports and matchups

With good movement and escapes, Lucian doesn't have some of the typical holes in his arsenal that champs like Miss Fortune sometimes suffer from. He has strong trading potential with the right timing, and champs with good CC (Taric, Nami, Leona) make strong partnership candidates. Alternatively, he appears to be one of the better lane pushers in the game (especially if his passive double attacks turrets), which would lead to potential with someone like Lulu as a strong early game lane pushing tandem.

Expect Caitlyn to be a strong counter to him due to her range advantage, especially in the next week while people get a feel for him. A good Vayne will be difficult to trade with because of her ability to tumble away from the Q, though you might be able to use your Q to force a tumble, wait for her auto-attack and then trade aggressively in that small window. If she can't get her third AA on you, you likely come out ahead.

On the other hand, Graves and MF are probably pretty good matchups, as Lucian's ability to dash in for a trade appears to be stronger than theirs (Dash, double attack, W, Double attack gaining speed, walk away and Q, double attack to finish the trade).

All of these matchups are theoretical, at best. Lucian is rhythm-based champion, and getting the most out of his passive and Culling is going to take some serious time. When laning against him, remember that a stun will interrupt his Ultimate and that his Q has a relatively short range that is easy to bait and dodge by moving perpendicular, since he cannot lead you with it. His W is unlikely to get leveled past level one, so your trading window is after you see the Q fire or if you force a Relentless Pursuit.

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