Kugutsumen.com: A Brief History

The year is 2007.  The Greater Band of Brothers Community is in control of over half of conquerable 0.0.  Mulla Nasrudin, CEO of Sniggwaffe, plants a spy in Reikoku, founding corporation of Band of Brothers, and collects forum posts, alliance mails and internal intelligence which seems to indicate something is not quite right.  He manages to connect the dots between two seemingly unrelated events: CCP t20 revealing his many (at least five) alts including two directors in Reikoku, and the appearance of ten Tech 2 BPOs in the same corporation.

Through an exhaustive investigation, Mulla Nasrudin - posting as Kugutsumen on the EVE-O forums as well as his small private forum Kugutsumen.com - compiled many volumes of internal communications showing conclusively that 1) CCP t20 had at least two director-level alts in Reikoku, 2) he provided Reikoku with many T2 BPOs, and that 3) the volume of T2 BPOs was far beyond the capability of any typical player to obtain via the lottery.  The fact that the alt managed to snag specific sets of BPOs (three being T2 missiles, three T2 projectile ammunition) was also highly unusual.  These documents are available to the curious here (part 1) and here (part 2).  Five more parts followed these threads, but the conclusion is fairly obvious at this point.

Kugutsumen also exposed various minor abuses of CCP Developer power, such as overturning a GM decision to ban one of his alts for botting, but the accusations of abuse that favors were granted directly to RKK were by far the most scathing.  Kugutsumen attempted to blackmail Sir Molle (leader of BoB) with this information, and when negotiations failed, Kugutsumen posted the details of his investigation to EVE-O and Kugutsumen.com.  Some of this information, specifically IP logs identifying the alts and the Dev's email address, not only named the characters belonging to t20 but revealed personal information pertaining to the real-life person employed by CCP.  This violation of the EULA landed all of Kugutsumen's characters, including Mulla Nasrudin, in Banhammerville. 

"The t20 Debacle" as it is now known exposed corruption within CCP and estranged one group of players from the greater community.  Kugutsumen's threads on the EVE-O forums were removed, and until recently, any use of the word 'Kugutsumen' was aggressively censored.  Since EVE-O failed to act as a forum for players to call out CCP for abuses or criticize behavior, Kugutsumen's forum was reopened to the general public and built as a counter-community to the strict guidelines imposed at EVE-O.

Nearly six years has passed since Mulla Nasrudin and his alts were banned from EVE forever, but Kugutsumen.com lives on as a home for the CEO and grunt alike.  Its moderators impose few rules, most of them straightforward and easily followed ('umad?' posts, for example, are by-and-large instantly punished).  Little of the discourse is civil, most of the threads are rife with racism and crude humor, and the site as a whole has been accused of having a bias toward Goonswarm (The Mittani himself has moderator powers).  But as a forum for candid conversation about a game with a dark history, there is none superior to K.com.

The blackest member of Kugutsumen.com.