January 2013: WoT World Review

I'm not a WoT player but i always enjoy reading your articles about it. Very informative and in depth with a lot of detail. Keep up the good work.
Thank you!

(Author's note: "The WoT World Review" contains a worldwide monthly round-up of articles and links of interest from the various WoT servers.)

While most of us only bother to visit our own region's World of Tanks web page due to differences in events between regions, other regions do offer different historical and analytical content as each site is independent. Only the main Wargaming.net videos are actually standardized and dubbed. In order to facilitate reading, links will be presented primarily as bullet points rather than my usual long-winded exposition. I can’t speak for other web browsers, but Google Chrome offers a built-in translation service, which is what I’ve used to read these pages.

Using the small globe icon in the upper left-hand corner of the portal's main page allows the reader to switch regions. I have only included links to articles that Google Chrome will translate or videos that require no words to understand. Anything that isn’t in plain text will not translate, so sadly most of the Russian photos' humor impact is lost on those who cannot read Cyrillic.

North American Round-Up

Major news:

  • Universal logins will allow a single login to function across all “World of” games once released.
  • ASAP #8, now with 100% more SerB!

Most of us will be familiar with "The Chieftain’s Hatch" from the articles linked on the site's "News" list. The link to the actual section is oddly buried in the interactive link banner at the top of the community section and doesn’t appear anywhere else on the site. You’d think they don’t like the guy. January's offerings:

Inside The Chieftain's Hatch: Comet video was split into four parts, beginning in December and stretching through January. I’ve only linked the first part, as you can see the others from within YouTube once you’re there. Other videos and media:

Russian Round-Up

The Russian server has quite a history section available, with January offering:

This is main section for fan videos. Thankfully, not all of these require understanding Russian to appreciate:

There is also an extensive section for fan fiction with several stories added in January; I make no guarantees on the translations. From their modeling section: the Leichttraktor papercraft model.

I don’t mean to be down on the North American staff or community, but the Russian media section seems to be much deeper and broader, and goes well beyond videos and pictures. I’m not sure if this is a lack of organization at the California office or if the media just isn’t produced at the same rate in the West. I would have more insight on the community interaction from the NA office, but the PR department hasn’t written back to The Mittani or to me.

Unfortunately, so far as public relations go, Mr. "The Chieftain" Moran appears to be the best link available and that’s not even his job description!

European Round-Up

Thankfully, the European server requires no translation, but the content is independent of the NA server's content. As an added bonus, Richard “The Challenger” Cutland appears to be the EU counterpart to our own beloved Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran. From my inquiry to The Chieftain on his Reddit "IAmA" thread:

My closest equivelant [sic] is Richard Cutland over in the EU office. He's an ex-Brit Army tankie, going by the handle "The_Challenger". I don't believe he can tell one pony from another though, so I can't quite call him my counterpart. I know the Koreans were looking for a tanker as well. On the Russian side, there is no direct equivalent, but for research purposes there are a couple of folk such as Pasholok who will answer my emails.

"Firebase Challenger" is the EU version of "The Chieftain’s Hatch". It looks like we’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on. From The Challenger this month: Shell Ballistics, Anti-Tank Rounds and Little Audrey: The Final Push.

The overview video voiceovers are specific to language rather than to region, so King Tiger and others are linked to the same content. Neither they nor the non-English versions will be repeated here, leaving Tank of the Month: Cromwell.

Sadly, the EU server's "Media" section appears to be just as anemic as the NA server's. If it weren’t for The Chieftain and The Challenger, it doesn’t appear there would be much of historical value on these sites.

Southeast Asia Round-Up

The SEA server, as it services Australia and Thailand, is available in English,  requiring no Google translation. Their forums and sense of humor aren’t entirely unlike what we’re used to on the rest of the English-speaking Internet. Culturally, this is an interesting mix with in-game events this month listed both for Australia Day and Prophet’s Birthday, referring to the birth of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The "Motivational Mondays" feature links to motivational forum discussions and a humorous motivational poster each week.

The SEA "Media" section appears to be as humdrum as that of the EU and NA servers, although the community page offers small "Tank History" and "History Feature" sections. "The Chieftain’s Hatch" is also available, linked from the SEA server's "Categories" section, although "Firebase Challenger" is not. As there doesn’t appear to be anything unique here that would interest a wider audience, I will not be rounding up from this server in the future.

Republic of Korea Round-Up

I will begin by saying the Google translation of the Korean site is “interesting” in the way that tuning an AM radio near a major city is “interesting”. I’ve seen tank translated as both "streetcar" and "tram", and the rest of the text is both eerie and machine-like. I’m no linguist, so I can’t tell you if Russian translates to English easier than Korean, but this site illustrates nicely why Engrish.com exists.

They don’t appear to have located a local tank historian yet, which makes suffering through the translation fairly worthless in my opinion, although their holiday wallpaper is cute as hell. Until such time as a new tank historian makes the Google translation worth suffering through, I will not be rounding up from this server in the future either.

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