The Intermediate Guide - Incursions

I assume that by "the guy isn't for them" you mean "the game isn't for them," and that this isn't a dating advice column.
That's a coincidence, you can also make the comments better by being AFK and not posting.
I wonder, why would they do that???
Just to add one of the popular incursion communites: Incursion Shiny Network (ISN); join channel "ISN Secondary". We are mostly EUTZ based but extending to the other TZ aswell now. We are running with optimized shield fleets of Pirate Battleships with T2 guns and T2 Logistics.
No actions without consequences!
ermagherd... 60 mil an hour
that's TVP, they'er shit. Any incursion community worth it's name make at least 100m/h up to 120 m/h.
bullshit. maybe better money than TVP but they are the worse for income.
I'd rather do 66 mil/hour/character doing nothing in a throwaway ship than all that :effort:I can do this while cooking, eating, watching tv with my SO. All i have to do is Warp. put out senties, come back 30 mins later.
I say we go out and burn those incursions down!
Even though they've been nerfed, I still think Incursions are a good "training ground" for those that aspire to be FC's.
If you're going to do that, basically my advice to you guys would be to warp in and gank all the logi at once and then try to bump stuff before CONCORD shows up on grid. The rats will do the rest, and I bet with every incursion fleet logitrimmed, you'll see 15 bil in ISK destroyed.
150mil an hour running Forsaken Hubs in a Vindicator, but it takes effort and is still mind-numbingly boring. I can barely get through 2 hours of it before going to play tanks.
Yea you can do a lot more than what I mentioned. It just takes much more more effort. The way I do it, I can have multiple guys running all day and only have to check in on them from time to time. I don't want to have the :effort: of actually clicking every single rat.Sure you might lose a ship or two to roamers, but since they're cheap, its nbd.
The DIN channel is: DIN-FLOTTEN ;) but thanks for the advert anyway.
as a regular with TVP I can confirm 100mil/h is the standard not including LP 60mil is a major low ball

The Middlemen

You've all seen it before - a pilot posting on the forums or in local that the guy isn't for them and that they are quitting the game for good. Make no mistake: subscriptions are the lifeblood of EVE. Whether we want to admit it or not, without players, EVE would implode upon itself. So it is in our best interests to ensure that all players, from newbies to veterans are engaged and enjoying their time in New Eden. Having said that, one group that I feel that is often neglected are those that I term "The Middlemen."

They are not new pilots. They know how to fit a tank, they have figured out how buy and sell orders work, and more than likely, they probably claim to have tried "everything" in the game. In reality, they have yet to move beyond industry and PvE (more attractive than saying - I've tried mining and mission running, and got bored of both). I single this group out because I feel they are the group that is the most at risk of leaving the game due to lack of engagement. A common attribute among this group is a lack of bonding with the community. In the following items in the series, I will propose potential solutions for these pilots set adrift that will serve as a life preserver, bringing them back into the fold.

One note before we proceed. EVE may be a harsh environment to be a part of, full of consequences and unforgiving judgment. But this does not mean that we cannot be helpful to one another. After all, it is in my own interest to have more players engaged in the universe so as to enrich my own experience. While all of this information is readily available to those who would Google and ask for help (ignoring for the moment, the notion that those who aren't willing to research for themselves are likely not suited for EVE), sometimes a friendly nudge is necessary.

Continuing Education - Advanced PvE – Incursions

Incursions – the high security ISK printing machine or the Fleet Combat Simulation Lite. Whatever your opinion, Incursions offer a great way for PvE Mission Runner pilots the chance to experience fleet combat in a controlled and rewarding manner. Learning communities such as “The Valhalla Project” offer a great way for those who are used to running Level 4 missions to get into it. After joining the group, they will learn to run Assault and Headquarters Sites in groups of 20 and 40 pilots, respectively, while learning fleet basics that we take for granted like aligning, broadcasting, and following the commands of a FC. Best of all – great ISK, to the tune of 60 million ISK/hour can be had, with even more available as they join more “optimized” fleets of other communities.

Sound good? Awesome, now here's what you will need:

  • A good attitude, a willingness to listen and learn, and the ability to follow simple directions.
  • Teamspeak 3 with a working microphone. Having Mumble may help for other smaller groups.
  • A ship that will conform to the doctrines set up by the individual communities. Some of the links below include fits and are a good place to get started. Of course, the next step is always to try a fit, link it in the proper channel for advice, and have other pilots (preferably a Fleet Commander) critique and help you refine it. In general, there are 4 different roles you can find yourself in: DPS, Sniper, Logistics, and the "Drone Bunny". DPS and Snipers will be in Tech 1 Battleships as a minimum, Logistics will be Tech 2 Logistics Cruisers, and Drone Bunnies are Tech 3 Strategic Cruisers (usually Lokis).
  • A clean overview and understanding of proper fleet etiquette and protocol.

Don't worry, I got you folks covered. Don't mess with me on this, read this before you jump into Incursions. It'll make it a lot smoother for both you and those you'll be fighting alongside.

The Proper Guide

How to Overview

Fleet Protocol – now in picture form!

An Incursion Blog!

Example DPS Fittings

Example Sniper Fittings

Example Logistics Fittings

List of Popular Incursion Communities:

  • The Valhalla Project (TVP); join channel “The Valhalla Project”. Shield Fit Incursion Fleets; newbie friendly
  •  The Ditanian Fleet (TDF); join channel “The Ditanian Fleet”. Armor Fit Incursion Fleets; a mix of newbie friendly ships and optimized fleets
  •  DIN Flotte (DIN); join channel “DIN-Flotte”. EUTZ, German run shield fleets, orders in English, more optimized fleets

So there you have it, everything you need to get started making ISK running Incursions. Best of all – you will find a fun community to run with, and people to fly with. So get out there, get engaged, and have fun while doing it.

[Editor's note: We're well aware of how CCP "nerfed the income into the ground" and how Incursions are "totally not worth it anymore" and so on and so forth. We're not particularly interested in that sort of whining, it's been done to death - kindly take it elsewhere.]

WTHisgoingon, Writer, all around terrible EVE player