Fundraiser for Vile Rat's Family Announced

When news of Sean 'Vile Rat' Smith's death broke, there was an immediate call from the Eve community, from Somethingawful, and from a nation in mourning for a place to give, to donate to, to do something in response to the terrible events of September 11th.

Goonswarm Federation and the moderators at Somethingawful have worked with Vile Rat's widow to arrange and set up this fund. All proceeds go directly to Heather Smith and will help provide a brighter future for their two small children.

We ask you to not only give generously, but help spread the word of this fundraiser through Twitter, Facebook, and whatever personal contacts you may have. Even if you cannot give much, helping to spread the word will help the family.

Thank you. Benefit for Sean Smith's Family


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