Flavor of the Week #1: Twisted Fate

Would be nice if you covered Dota 2
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I like the fact that you don't cover just Eve, but other games that are similar to the Eve philosophy also. Just keep on going with good reads and add more games. Someone already mentioned Dota2 :) Cheers.

What is flavor of the week?

The purpose of flavor of the week is to teach players about the popular characters that are consistently being used in solo queue play of LoL. These characters are widely-used for a reason, and I am here to explain to you why you should pick it, play it, and abuse it!

This week’s character is Twisted Fate.

Who is Twisted Fate?

Twisted Fate is an AP carry mage that excels in the art of split pushing. Although Twisted Fate’s damage output is lower than other AP carries, he makes up for it by inflicting the maximum amount of annoyance possible. He may be played as an AD carry, but his bursty skillset and long range of his Q makes him an ideal AP carry. His short autoattack range and lack of an escape makes Twisted Fate a weak AD carry. 


Passive: Loaded Dice

While Twisted Fate is alive, he and his allies receive an additional 2 gold per unit kill.

One of the most worthless passives in the game. Some will argue that it can sum up to a decent amount of gold given a long game. However, the extra cash earned from farming is miniscule and will almost never change the outcome of a given session. Dragon = 5 * 190 + 25 = 975 total gold. That’s 488 minion kills for a single dragon… Let’s just say that Twisted Fate’s passive isn’t what makes him strong and popular.


Wild Cards

  • Range: 1450
  • Cooldown: 6
  • Cost: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 mana

Active: Twisted Fate throws 3 cards forward in an arc, damaging enemies they pass through.

  • Magic damage: 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+ 65% AP)

TF’s main damage tool. It can clear waves in a quick Q W combo and poke enemies from afar. Its massive range allows Twisted Fate to stay in the back, out of the enemy’s grasps while dealing tons of damage. Max this ability first.


Pick a Card

  • Cooldown: 6
  • Cost: 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100 mana

Active: Cards flash over Twisted Fate's head in the following order: blue, then red, then gold (this cycle repeats itself). When he uses the ability again, he picks the current card over his head; the card picked adds a special effect to his next attack. This attack cannot miss or crit.

Blue Card - Twisted Fate's next attack will deal magic damage and will restore mana equal to 65% of the damage done.

  •   Magic damage: 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+ 100% AD) (+40% AP)

Red Card - Twisted Fate's next attack will deal magic damage and will damage all enemies within 100 range of the target for the same amount. All enemies hit will also be slowed for 2.5 seconds.

  • Magic damage: 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90 (+ 100% AD) (+ 40% AP)
  • Slow: 30% / 35% / 40% / 45% / 50%

Gold Card - Twisted Fate's next attack will deal magic damage and stun the target.

  • Magic damage: 15 / 22.5 / 30 / 37.5 / 45 (+ 100% AD) (+ 40% AP)
  • Stun duration: 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2

This is Twisted Fate’s bread and butter. No other spell in the game shares its unique rotation and choosing the right card can mean the difference between a good TF and a great TF.


Stacked Deck

Passive: Twisted Fate gains bonus attack speed and cooldown reduction. In addition, every fourth autoattack will deal bonus magic damage.

  • Magic damage: 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 / 155 (+ 40% AP)
  • Attack speed, cooldown reduction: 3% / 6% / 9% / 12% / 15%

Stacked Deck doesn’t have an active and works like Teemo’s E. If you want to play AD Twisted Fate, then you max this ability first. Otherwise, you max it last.


Destiny / Gate

  • Cooldown: 150 / 135 / 120
  • Cost: 150 / 125 / 100 mana

Active Part 1: Twisted Fate reveals all enemy champions, including stealthed champions, for a few seconds. While Destiny is active, Twisted Fate can use Gate once.

  • Duration: 6 / 8 / 10
  • Range: 5500

Active Part 2: After channeling for 2 seconds, Twisted Fate teleports to a target location.

The combination of Destiny and Gate is what made Twisted Fate an instaban for months. This signature move allows for him to split push, gank, and distract enemies. Like his W ability, the way you use his ultimate can define your skill as Twisted Fate.


Why should we play Twisted Fate?

TF is the Shen of split pushing. He is the Anivia of wave clearing. He can poke endlessly and gank ferociously, striking terror in the heart of the enemy. Twisted Fate fits the current metagame almost too perfectly.


Pros and Cons


  • Long range
  • Great poke / siege
  • Can clear minion waves
  • Stun every few seconds
  • Replenishing mana
  • Reveals enemies (including stealth)
  • Great roam/gank potential
  • Incredible splitpush/backdoor



  • Poor 1v1 dueling capabilities
  • Extremely squishy
  • Slow movement speed
  • Highly susceptible to ganks
  • High skill cap
  • Less damage than most AP carries


How to play as Twisted Fate

Early Game: Twisted Fate’s early game is fairly weak compared to other AP laners, but his Pick-A-Card gives him room to be a bully. His gold card paired with a jungler with some crowd control will usually result in a kill or a flash. You can harass early by spamming Wild Cards and autoattacking in combination with Pick-A-Card and Stacked Deck, but be wary of your harassment. TF is a burst harasser - you want to execute your combo and immediately run back out. Remember, your main goal is to reach level 6 safely with decent farm.

Mid Game: Once you have your ultimate, push out your lane and look to gank. Always move around like you’re going to gank. Constantly shoving the lane and going “MIA” will keep the enemy team under stress. By simply disappearing from the map, both lanes are immediately forced to back off. If they don’t, well, it’s an easy gank! Continue pressuring both lanes whenever you have your ultimate. If your ultimate is down, either farm safely until it comes back up or ask for a gank mid.  If you take down the enemy mid turret, it’ll give you massive map control and force the enemy to turtle even further.

Late Game: This is when the enemy rolls into a fetus position, drenched in tears, asking themselves “Why didn’t we ban Twisted Fate?“ Split push, split push, split push. This is exactly what Twisted Fate was made for. Make your team group around mid lane and push a different lane. If they don’t send anyone to address you, you will get free turrets. If they do send someone, port in and force a 5 v 4.

Here is an excellent example example of good TF play.


How to play against Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate's main weakness is his lane phase. A character like Casseiopeia or Swain can easily shut him down. If you keep Twisted Fate in his lane, then you've almost won by default. His ultimate does no damage because the purpose of his ult is to be mobile. Conversely, most AP carries' ults actually do damage. If he pushes the lane, then counter push even harder. Make sure he stays in his lane.

If Twisted Fate is winning the lane, ask for a gank because he is extremely susceptible to ganks. If he does manage to roam, then take his turret. If Twisted Fate is split pushing, send someone that can 1v1 him that can also disrupt his Gate.

Twisted Fate also struggles against bruisers and assassins. If Irelia or Akali sticks on him, he'll be dead in 3 seconds. He is very squishy and can fall very fast in a teamfight if poorly positioned. By the same logic, he can be tower dived with relative ease. He can't burst as hard as other mages so retaliation is minimal.




This summoner is absolutely mandatory. There is no switching out Flash for anything. Twisted Fate has no escapes - this serves instead. It can also be used offensively to stun an opponent. 


Ignite is ideal for most AP carries. It's recommended for Twisted Fate for that killing power, but not 100% necessary.


Ghost is an excellent substitute for ignite. Since Twisted Fate is a burst/kite champion, movement speed complements his playstyle. 


Cleanse is a situational summoner for AP carries. If you are laning against an AP carry with a stun + jungler with a stun, you may want to consider Cleanse to survive ganks and teamfights. It is very situational and not recommended for common use.


Teleport supplements his already terrifying global presence. It allows Twisted Fate to gank at a tremendous pace and hop from lane to lane. His split push power and his potential to snowball a game is nearly doubled.



Twisted Fate has a lot of different options for runes. It could take pages to describe all the effective combinations and the reasoning behind them. I will leave you with the basics and let you decide. Runes are usually based on personal preference, in any case.

Quintessence - Flat AP, Movement Speed, Flat Health

Red Marks - Magic Pen

Yellow Seals - Armor, Health per level

Blue Glyphs - Flat MR, AP per level, MR per level

Any combination of these would be perfectly fine. I like survivability on my carries, so I tend to opt for a tankier, faster runepage.



This is the standard mastery page for most AP carries. It can be altered to address a specific match-up or to fit your playstyle, but this is what I recommend for TF. If you've been counter picked and don't feel confident, you can put the 9 points in utility to 9 points in defense for maximum laning phase power.


This can be considered Twisted Fate's main build. The 6th item should be chosen based on the situation. You can grab items like Abyssal Scepter, Death Fire Grasp, Rylais Crystal Scepter, Banshees Veil, or Guardian Angel. Still, these 5 are pretty core on Twisted Fate.


Tips and Tricks

Counting (easy): Casinos generally frown upon counting cards, but don’t let that stop you from counting when playing Twisted Fate! Stacked Deck makes his every 4th attack deal extra damage and there will be a visible circle of rings around him when it’s up. Counting autoattacks can help you deal extra damage when harassing in lane.

Counting (hard): If you've ever played Twisted Fate, you've probably experienced this: fleeing, being hunted down, and smashing the W key, hoping that the next card will be gold. Well, if you’re good at counting, you could pull this off. It’s a valuable trick, one that I haven’t mastered yet. This move is very difficult to achieve, especially under pressure, but it’s what separates the good TFs from the great.

Ganking: When you gank, it'll be wise for you to have your card already locked in or you may lock in your card during the port. This gives the enemy nearly no chance to react. Also, the position in which you port in can be critical. You don't want to port in where you'll get completely destroyed before your team can follow up. Your positioning will come with practice.

Good luck summoners on the fields of justice. Abuse it or lose it!

Wutswrong is a retired semi-pro League of Legends player (NA) that boasts a 1900 elo in season 1 and 2100 elo in season 2. Follow him at http://www.twitch.tv/wutswrong