First Degree Awox: Premeditated Murder

By now everyone has heard what happened in Odamia; a Pandemic Legion supercarrier fleet was ambushed and destroyed by combined Black Legion, Verge of Collapse, and Snuff Box forces. Of the 13 supercarriers in the fleet, 10 were destroyed: 7 Nyxes, 2 Aeons, and the world’s first Revenant kill. There's no doubt that this gank was extraordinary, but behind the scenes was a plot as intricate as any other “EVE is Real” event.

The Saga Begins

Our Story starts with StarConquer212 and Bandwidthh, the two people at the center of the plot. 7 months ago, the two were in the same corp, Tri-gun, a former member of Lost Obsession and Convicted. Tri-gun eventually disbanded, and the pilots went their separate ways, with StarConquer212 joining Verge of Collapse, while Bandwidthh went to Pandemic Legion.

However, Bandwidthh found Pandemic Legion was not quite the land of milk and honey that he thought. While Pandemic Legion can be incredibly accommodating to its members once they’ve proved their mettle, showering them with subsidies and welcoming back former Legionnaires with open arms, Bandwidthh was finding their activities not to his liking. He had joined PL full of enthusiasm, believing he had reached the pinnacle of achievement, and then realized that winning EVE meant not logging in. The high profile of PL meant small gang operations quickly escalated or were avoided by targets, and sitting on a titan or at the login screen proved not to be his cup of tea. Lastly, he was snubbed of subsidies on his Aeon supercarrier by the alliance, however, fellow Legionnaires pitched in more than 15 billion isk in loans. This did little to help Bandwidthh’s disillusionment with PL, and he began to make plans to leave the alliance.

In the meantime, StarConquer was enjoying his Time in Verge of Collapse. StarConquer had joined the game upon hearing the tales of the Great War, how Haargoth and The Mittani changed the galaxy with a few pushes of a butan. StarConquer was looking to do the same, and Bandwidthh’s imminent departure from PL gave him just what he needed to accomplish his goal. StarConquer contacted people who would help facilitate the supercapital gank. Elo Knight’s Black Legion were believed to be one of the only groups with the dreads and balls to drop PL supers, and Snuff Box had a standing grudge from the “Kings of Lowsec” debacle. Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly was to be involved too, but were left out of the plan after StarConquer was kicked off their comms on charges of being an AT spy. But most importantly, StarConquer had an insider who would be able to deliver the supers on a silver platter.

The Plan

The plan was quite simple but quite brilliant. PL frequently drops supers on unsuspecting lowsec targets, as supers have superb mobility, and decently sized groups of them cannot be held down without a dedicated heavy interdictor wing. Intel would come in from around the galaxy, either from groups unable to contest enemy capitals, or from PL’s own spies. A supercarrier fleet would be called and dropped on the enemy caps/supers, quickly overwhelming them, and moonwalked out before the victims could even update their clones. Over their years of hot-dropping, PL has become very good at this; their last supercapital loss was during the battle of Asakai (a BDCI Titan was killed by Black Legion in April, the writer was told “BDCI losses don’t count”). Key to PL's success was their operation safeguards. First, multiple midpoint cynos would be in the fleet, both to provide extraction should things go wrong, and to bring in additional reinforcements. Second, before starting the op, the FC asked about the activities of entities with the power to counter drop, i.e. the CFC, Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly, and especially Black Legion. Lastly, other supercarrier pilots would be notified, allowing PL to escalate the fight at a moment’s notice. Properly obeyed, these measures ensure very safe operations for the Fishing Fleet, allowing it to retreat when attacked or bring overwhelming force to bear. Of course, none of this means anything if the FC is actually trying to ensure the fleet’s destruction rather than handing cap kills to his compatriots.

StarConquer aimed to turn one of these routine fishing trips into a slaughter. To do this, he would set up a large tower in lowsec Space, but not set a POS password, giving the impression that the tower was offline - not an uncommon sight in lowsec. Then bait carriers would be dropped on the tower at zero to give the impression that this was just another 2 carriers looking for a killmail. When the PL fleet arrived, the midpoint cyno would drop fleet, stranding the supercarriers in system, and the waiting dreads and hictors would counterdrop the trapped supercarriers. In addition, should the PL reinforcement fleet arrive sooner than expected, the tower would be immediately passworded, bringing its force field online and pushing away the PL fleet while shielding the friendly fleet under its protective bubble. No warp disruption bubbles in lowsec meant it would be impossible for the tower to be “rapecaged” with warp disruption fields (or “bubble wrapped” for a more politically correct term), and every cap in the tower would be home free to cyno out at will. It took little convincing for Bandwidthh to be brought on board, but once he was, all that was left was to wait for the right opportunity.

Perpetually broke pilot of Goonswarm. Will shill for isk.