Event: Flight of a Thousand Rifters III

This year marks 10 years of EVE Online. It has been one hell of a ride, and what better way to celebrate than by blowing some shit up. I therefore present another Flight of a Thousand Rifters (FOATR) event. On May 5, 2013, at precisely 19:00 GMT, I, Marlona Sky, will be undocking a Nyx supercarrier in a low security system. The goal is to obliterate billions in ships and win billions in prizes. The exact system and station will be announced the day of the event about five hours before the event's start time.


This will be my third installment of Flight of a Thousand Rifters. The first was back in 2011. I had read about a player doing an event with prizes where the goal was to kill his Chimera at a planet. That event was Bring Me The Head Of Kirith Kodachi. I was intrigued about a person who would deliberately sacrifice their own ship, much less a capital ship at that. A goodly amount of players turned up, and there was tons of fun had.

Content is something that was then, and to some extent now, severely lacking. Low security space was the perfect spot to host this event. I dissected Kirith’s event to find ways to improve upon the concept to further enhance the enjoyment of the participants. The first FOATR events had a point system too complex. While determining the winner for the final blow prizes was easy, figuring out the rest was extremely tasking and subject to problems. So for the third installment, I have simplified the rules.

Featuring many unique aspects, ranging from dodging laser fire to being under the veil of a lethal incursion, players in these events looking for a battle were not disappointed. The first FOATR on December 17, 2011, saw hundreds of pilots converge on the Moros to test their mettle. In the end, almost 6.5 billion ISK in ships was destroyed. When the second FOATR took place on March 17, 2012, even more eager pilots braved the unknown to empty their gun magazines to help in the destruction of yet another dreadnought. It was a violent and bloody fight, and when mist cleared from the ship graveyard, over 12 billion ISK was erased from existence.


I want to give players the chance to do some damage and to win some prizes while participating in tons of carnage. There are only a few rules to follow to be eligible for prizes. The top players with the most points gained with any frigate class ship will each win one of many prizes. The players landing the final blow on my Nyx or the final blow on my capsule will each receive a special prize.

There are two tiers of prizes to be won—all of which will be full of Winsauce—based on a variety of factors. The first tier contains prizes that can only be won by using a frigate and is based on a points system. The second tier has prizes requiring specific objectives to be completed in order to win. With more and more prizes being added every day, the odds of walking away with something other than a Nyx killmail increase. Prizes range from epic pirate faction battleships and PLEX to 1,000 Rifters, with the total value going into the billions. Missing out is simply not an option.

My favorite new addition to the prize situation is the second place for the first tier. You see, all throughout history, second place has to be one of the coldest, darkest and most unforgiving labels to attain. You are good, but not good enough. So with that in mind, and to add insult to injury, second place will be nothing more than a bounty on your head. I will start this bounty off at 100,000,000 ISK. On top of that, any ISK donated to Marlona Sky with the reason field containing "FOATR Bounty" will be added to second place bounty fund. The amount of ISK can be any amount, from 0.1 ISK up to billions if you are that cold-hearted. All donators will be recognized in the prize listings here in this EVE Online forum thread. Donations will be accepted starting today. May you be hunted down like a rabid dog forever, second place.

I have been exploding internet spaceships since 2005. While I do love me a good large scale fight, I thoroughly enjoy small scale PvP as well.