DUST: Logistics Dropsuits and You

The DUST Logi: part medic, part engineer, and all-around support. Should you choose this noble path, always remember you no longer live for yourself. You live and die with your brothers in arms. Their victories are your victories; their defeats are your defeats. On the path of the Logi, your fates are bound together.

Grandiose posturing aside, a logi’s role is rather straightforward: make sure your team is fighting at the best of their ability. You keep guns fully loaded, keep armor repped, and rezz the poor sods that take one too many grenades. With that role in mind, let’s take a look at the gear you need.


Personally, I take a defensive approach when I run logi. That means shield extenders and shield rechargers in the highs, and an armor repper and armor upgrades in the lows. You can tweak it based on situation or play style, but the reasoning is that you’re most useful as a logi while supporting other mercs. Saying alive longer means you have more time to be the force multiplier you were made to be.


Weapons are the most variable piece of logi’s equipment. Each weapon tends to be focused towards a particular play style, so experiment a little and find the one you find the most effective for you.

  • The Assault Rifle: This is your jack of all trades sort of weapon. It performs well at medium and short ranges. It’s just not the best out there in either category. Versatility is the appeal here. You can engage at medium range and be free to either close in or disengage if things get dicey.

  • The Laser Rifle: This is your solution to long-range engagements. Firing a lance of sustained energy, this thing melts enemy shields. The major downside is that it’s about as useful as a rubber band launcher at close range. If someone gets the drop on you, you’re better off ditching the rifle and trying to melee them down.

  • The Shotgun: Where the laser rifle is the king of long range, the shotty is a force of nature at short range. If aimed properly, you will one-shot almost everyone but heavies. The catch is that you’re a sitting duck if they catch you at anything beyond the shortest of short ranges. To make things worse, you’re not the most nimble while playing a logi, so closing distances can be tricky.

  • The Mass Driver: This thing is fun. Essentially, it’s a grenade launcher. The unique thing about it is that it does area damage, great for locking down objectives. The downside is that it doesn’t do a whole lot of damage and its arced firing mechanics can take some getting used to. Watch out for friendly fire, too.

  • The Sniper Rifle: No… just no. Don’t be that guy. Remember: logi suits only have one weapons slot, meaning you’d only be useful at the longest ranges, often far from the guys you should be helping. You will be laughed at or kicked. If you want to snipe, get a scout suit.

Infantry Equipment

In terms of infantry equipment, there are four that are of special interest to you. The first and by far the most useful tool of the logi is the Nanite Injector. Apart from your gun, this is your most used piece of equipment. In short, this is your rezzing stick. Insert into a fresh corpse and, like magic, you get a breathing merc again. You need an injector on every logi fitting, no question.

The next item is the Nanite Resupply. Plop one of these bad boys down and it’ll reload your weapons and repair your armor. This is a very useful tool in skirmish matches when you need to defend an objective for an extended period.

Shields will come back on their own but armor needs to be repaired. Enter the Repper. This is your healing gun. Simply point at the thing needing some love, lock, and repair away. Keep in mind it works on both infantry and vehicles.

The last piece of equipment is the Drop Uplink. This is your ace in the hole. When deployed, this creates a limited use spawn point for your team. It’ll let you keep up the pressure on objective nodes by getting your guys back in the fight quicker.

You should have two different fittings with the following equipment:

  • Fitting #1: Nanite Injector, Drop Uplink, Nanite Resupply or Repper
  • Fitting #2: Nanite Injector, Nanite Resupply, and Repper

The idea is to start with fitting #1 and deploy your Drop Uplink where it will be most effective. In skirmish matches, this is usually close to an objective node; with ambush matches, you should look for a protected area, i.e., behind cover in lower traffic areas. Whenever the Uplink is destroyed, respawn in fitting #1 and redeploy the Uplink—ideally, not in the same place.

With your Uplink deployed, refit into fitting #2 at the next opportunity. The goal now is to play support and backup. Keep the ammo flowing with Nanite Resupplies, keep your boys alive with the Repper, and hit them with a Nanite Injector when they go down.

While we’re talking strategy, always remember your role. You’re not there to be the hotshot going in with guns blazing. You have assault guys for that. Logi dropsuits are slow and they are weighed down with a moderate amount of armor. Add in the fact that you’re a pretty high priority target and you can see why you shouldn’t always be putting yourself in the line of fire. I’m not saying you can’t kick ass and take names. What’s important is, when you have to choose between charging into combat or staying back and keeping everyone alive, stick to your role’s strengths. Stay with the group and keep them fighting. That’s your job; you’re the Logi.

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