DUST: Gamblers are not Mercs

Clearly EVE's dev is agile development on a 6 months scale, and DUST follows the same path here as it is really complex to integrate it into EVE.Still, DUST is very playable as of now, more features will come later. Deciding which ones should be there first though... DUST CSM?
No. It's the same world. Dust representative(s) for next CSM.
With no interaction other than chat windows, how on Earth are EVE players supposed to influence DUST players to "fight for their side"? I understand the concern about mixing economies, but part of me feels that in a sandbox, sometimes somebody brings a bucket of water. Oh, well. If DUST can influence EVE, but not the other way around, then it's just random effects as far as capsuleers are concerned.At least let us put bounties on DUST mercs so that we can make money doing orbital strikes.
"So we gonna wait until we let players see every match going on so they can pick one they want?", said the dev. "No," said the lead designer, "Just put in a random number generator and totally fuck up faction warfare."
MWO went into open beta with 8 mechs, 1 game mode, and all of 3 maps. Just because all the features aren't there doesn't mean the game isn't playable.
Servers are actually pretty bumpin'.
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I say we can use Walking in Station for that. Have EVE pilots meet up with Dust mercs over in the war room somewhere to discuss strategies face to face, and then negotiate payments and terms.That or provide a system where we could actually do something more with that isk.
Good thing they told us this system is being replaced anyway. It is sad how few understand that this game is in beta and the changes have been progressing at a good pace.

Does the DUST 514 mercenary's corporation have to enroll in FW to accept these contracts?

The DUST merc's corporation does NOT have to be enrolled in FW to accept these contracts. DUST CEOs/Directors can accept a contract from any faction at any time (even if the EVE side of their corp is enrolled in FW on the other side or if the corp has bad standings with that faction! A true mercenary fights for the highest bidder) ”

From DUST514 FAQ

The current Contract system active in DUST 514 is more of a gambling mechanic than a useful tool meant for interaction. As a DUST CEO I bring up my “Corporate Contracts” menu, through which I can see contracts given by the race of my choice, or all available contracts at once. Once I've made my choice, the menu only presents one contract per race selected with the name of the system, district and planet presented. This location is provided purely by the roll of the die, and changes each time you refresh. The only control I have is to filter by battle time and reward.

To give an example, I’ve made my selection to attack Ikoskio V District 4 for Gallente with a 1.99 million ISK reward. Before this can take place I must agree to put up collateral of 1 million ISK out of my pocket for it. Once my collateral is taken a defense contract is presented to the public. Any who accept it must also put up 1 million ISK in collateral to win the same 1.99 million.

This is gambling, pure and simple. I put up my million isk, you put up yours, and the winner takes the pot with a portion going to the house. This gambling would be harmless to everyone outside of the combatants if not for the fact that it comes with a side effect to the districts these Dust poker matches take place on. Currently Dust Mercs are not aware of their second hand smoke and the effect it has on those around them. To Dust it’s just a corp battle, but to capsuleers it can be the thing that pushes your faction's control of the system over the line and locking you out of your home.

So do capsuleers have hope in combating this seemingly uncontrollable circumstance? The answer, for those interested, is yes.

The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy

Besides just chatting about the weather or sharing battle stories, we are also introducing the first component of higher level gameplay as part of Faction Warfare. DUST mercenaries can accept contracts offered by the NPC Faction Warfare miltias and fight to attack or defend them in the form of corporation battles. These come with the risk of losing a collateral payment of ISK, but a victory will secure a district on one of the many temperate planets in Faction Warfare space. The more districts a militia has control over the fewer victory points will be required for EVE Faction Warfare pilots to take ownership of the system.

That is, provided you can convince the mercenaries to fight for your side.

From the DEV Blog Citizens of New Eden

If you want to convince mercenaries to fight on your side, find us and start up a chat! No private contract system currently exists, but you can point out systems and planets where our aid could be useful, and we can refresh the contracts until we find it. To help you out, here's the full list of systems where Dust mercs can be found:

Ana, Marthia, Kothe, Soshin, Saikanen, Autama, Jolia, Adacyne, Halle, Egbonbet, Javrendei, Kasrasi, Mesokel, Etav, Gosalav, Charra, Sahdil, Paye, Iro, Mimen, Tidacha, Dihra, Mastakomon, Vouskiaho, Vahunomi, Purjola, Usi, Inoue, Oshaima, Vuorrassi, Atai, Croleur, Ney, Dodenvale, Estene, Uphene, Odixie, Torvi, Ommare, Klaevik, Eldjaerin, Geffur, Dantbeinn, Amo, Freatlidur, Sist, Rokofur, Offugen

There are also a number of player-made chat channels that you can access to interact with Dust Mercs, such as “Dust OB”. With the NDA lifted off DUST514.com you are free to browse the forums for contact info of Dust corps in hopes to bring them to your cause, or you could even visit Dust514.org and place an ad on the forums found there. You may contact me for help at zionshad@yahoo.com or in game

Many of us have brought this issue to the attention of CCP, and private contracts seem like an obvious feature to add, but so far we've had no comment from them.

I am CEO of ZionTCD, DUST Beta Tester, Co-Host and contributor for "Podside" Podcast.