Death from Below: G2A Missile Launchers

Problem: If a pilot even thinks about evading, and I do mean even contemplates it for a second, the missile loses lock. If they turn, it loses lock. If they sneeze hard, it loses lock. Oh, and if you actually hit someone you take maybe 20% of the light combat crafts armor, and because it takes so long to load and reacquire they are over the horizon and fixing the damage. And don't even try against a liberator, as they take more damage from a bird strike then you could ever hope to do. The only hope you have is a couple of burster max's, and your owns sides air (although most of them throw on a2g missile packs to farm certs).
Don't forget flares which not only break lock but leave him immune long enough to swoop in spam his rockets and then leave before you can even get a shot off. The burster MAX is no matter where you read known to be the only decent weapon to buy if you want to play the AA role. I like everything I read on this site but this really is completely wrong and recommending people spend money on sonething which is crap.
This, this so much. Flares are the biggest "Fuck your 1000 cert missiles" in the game. And I think they cost around 100 certs to buy?
The author is rather rosily optimistic, yes. I'd be mostly fine with the damage (20% is an understatement, really) they deal if they a) behaved like all aspect missiles (ie they'd hit from any angle, instead of insisting on overshooting an incoming fighter and turning to chase) b) wouldn't go completely dumb about half the time and c) wouldn't hit, but do no damage the other half of the time.A is a tweak, B and C are bugs that I've noticed a lot more since this last patch. I hope they do something about it.
I went out a few times since writing the piece and I continue to have good "luck" with this weapon. I'm chalking it up to luck since it appears many, many people are complaining about missiles, so I can only imagine there's something truly wrong with them.
As the author says, these launchers are best used in a group of 2-3, and on appropriate targets when they are least likely to evade the missile effectively.I've had very good results infiltrating between a major battle area and the enemy warp gate and interdicting all the aircraft flying between. Its extra effective because the aircraft are usually not focusing on the ground (because they aren't in the 'battle') and 3-4 missile launches will usually make them not hang about to find out where it came from. Cheap tactic? Yes it is, but arguably, so is using air.Finally, if you are playing in support of the bigger picture, missiles act as a good deterrent. Yes, you will not be making kill XP hand over fist, but if your goal is to keep the air off your tanks, then you are helping the team achieve its mission. Some air will have flares, but you are still slowing their rate of attack down. When I'm driving a tank, I always smile when I see a missile curve off after an enemy fighter. That fighter is more interested in evading than hitting me.
Also don't forget that they can't hit out as far as they lock. I've had the missile fizzle out beyond 500m


Pay 4 Fun

If you were paying attention, December 21st was a 3x buying-power day for station cash. If you are now flush with SC (and bad intentions) there’s no better bang for your buck than the empire-specific anti-air missile launchers. 700 SC/ 1000 cert points will net you a versatile weapon that turns your ground-pounding heavy class soldier into an area of denial weapon. Oh, and did I mention you will be showered with XP and all sorts of hateful comments for your exploits? Oh yes. Yes you will.


Because you hate aircraft. Because everybody hates aircraft. Because pilots should be afraid of flying over you instead of picking you off the way hawks hunt cuddly rabbits. Because... well you get the picture. If you’ve found yourself muttering curses at the mere sight of shadows from on high, this is the kind of weapon that will bring a decidedly evil smirk to your face. And if you use it right, the burning wreckage of the former hunters will surround your position in short order.


Simply stated, you can do one of two things with this guided missile launcher in your hands. The first is scare a close air support pilot away. Quite quickly I might add. If you are seeing a pattern of aircraft strafing a friendly Sunderer or any other position, situate yourself so as to have at least a 180 degree field of vision, with their target roughly somewhere towards the middle of your line of sight. Then wait. As aircraft come in for attacks, especially after repeated runs, they will slow down to take better aim. If their target is heavily damaged or vulnerable, you should immediately attempt to lock-on to them. Most pilots will turn tail and run.

The second tactic has got more teeth, and follows the tradition of many other tactics in PS2: the more the merrier. Get three or more of your buddies to invest 700 SC and purchase the launcher, and also someone to tag along as an engineer class just to keep your ammo count high at all times. If you don’t think there’s someone out there to fit that profile - don’t worry, they’ll be busy spotting for you, and will have XP filing into their progress bars at all times. Three G2A missile launchers can bring fighters down in one shot. Liberators will be forced to limp away scared, and will likely die with a second volley. Galaxies... those are going to be tough, but you might get lucky, or they may reconsider their drop.

No. Really. HOW?!

You want to talk tactics. Okay, fine. Your first mistake using this weapon is to lock-on too early. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Take your time, wait for the enemy to be flying overhead. Due to the mechanics of the missiles, the best time to launch on a fast moving fighter is just after they've passed overhead. Missiles launched head-on almost always overshoot and come back around, giving the pilot extra time to evade. Ideally, you engage a target being shot at by another AA source as well, perhaps a Burster MAX. A damaged plane will go down more easily, and may be too busy panicking to notice the missile lock warning.

In continents like Indar and Amerish, where there’s lots of broken terrain and generous geography for aircraft to duck into to avoid incoming missiles, it’s important that you find yourself a perch along the most common axis of approach or retreat for enemy aircraft - generally a mid-point between “the fight” and the nearest air pad or even their warp gate. Here you will be a real threat. Incoming aircraft can be shot as they start their runs on targets, and a combination of small arms fire and your missiles should make short work of them. Likewise, damaged aircraft trying to make a getaway will be flying right at you while seeking respite or needing to rearm.


Truth be told, PS2 is far from perfect. That being said, what we have here is an excellent product - thus far - being offered at no cost to you. If you have any interest in keeping the game funded, and its development team fed so they can do their jobs, put some money where your mouse is.


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