Chainsmoking: Never Underestimate Stupid

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"We won't run out of idiots" . Never a truer word spoken. Short of never recruiting what safeguards are there against a ten hour alt with neutral bonuses? Voice comms, api key, chatting to previous CEO if there is one. Killboard checks and forums posts is easy enough to do. Perhaps spending time with them out of corp but that is only a delaying tactic.
Sheesh-I remember some of the terrible mistakes I made when I 1st started soon learn tho-or you should do at any rate! lol api checks, forums, employment history etc etc-its a pain yes-but having someone rampaging tho your corps killing everyone is even more annoying....
Always bet on stupid.
thats elite pvp right there....
So I guess the call for editors was serious eh?
alpha the destoryer?
I do this all the time with a friend, it's hilariously easy. It takes a good minute for his corp history to load in game (with the first 3-5 pages all being corps he was in for HOURS only, his Killboards have API verified corp hits, too) and you can talk them around it because most of them are really, really sad people and will do anything for someone to talk to. One even went as far to say "I knew something was up, but I don't have any friends"Last week we tried to pull of one of these, and got rumbled by another AWOXer in the corp who saw what we were up to :cripes: - and the CEO wasn't sure who was telling the truth.75% or more of any highsec corps who tell you they "do a bit of everything!" are led by complete idiots, and if you join them you'll eventually end up collecting insurance on your bling-tengu when your CEO lets people in to kill them.Oh, and I even had a character called "ten hour hero" (with various numbers to make that be unique) that was invited into about 1/3 of corps I applied for.
How is this fun? So sad.
In my defence I told various people several times i spelt your names wrong and I'm a terrible journalist but it looks like it wasn't changed.The heroes of this article are indeed Tsmoov and Jinxed Prather.
you know what I give up, it's the name of the guy who commented. I'm currently having to use my HTC tablet as my pc is broke and I hate touchscreens
no I'm just terrible at this

Since the changes in Retribution helping curb use of neutral remote reppers and the new suspect flags allowing everyone to attack aggressors, it seems that High Sec corporations are feeling at least a little bit safer after the latest expansion. 

They shouldn't get too complacent, though. Enter Jinixt and Tsmoor, two enterprising individuals who have started to "Chainsmoke" corps in high sec. Chainsmoking in the real world is smoking one cigarette after another, the same principle applies in EVE, you move from one High Sec corp to the next, awoxing them as much as you can do and then moving on to the next. It does mean, however you end up with a corp history looking like this or this

I caught up with Jinixt and Tsmoor to find out a little bit more about it.


I asked Jinixt and Tsmoor what the premise of chainsmoking was, they told me that it was no different to any other type of high sec awoxing, apart from it was done in quick succession. Both of them have preferred alts for doing this which means that each of those alts have built up quite a corp history each, the alts are called Sarah Harpoon and popblues420420 respectively (yes, I know). 

I was pretty puzzled at this stage, you search either of these characters briefly and you can see that they have a corp history as long as my arm, and I have pretty long arms, so what are they doing to get in? Jinxit told me "It's very different from corp to corp actually, some just Google our names and auto-reject", Tsmoor added "Others don't even ask questions though". The alts they prefer to use are, of course, hilariou. Despite so obviously being(even more so after this article) they are still able to get them into corps fairly regularly. They claimed with new alts they can get into corps really quickly, whereas with their "regulars" it takes some more time. 

Their secret to success? Tsmoor told me his was to "message 10 corps at once, all saying 'heya, newbi miner looking for some bros to fly with XD". The XD face is apparently important, "When in pubdom, do as the pubbies do" Jinixt explained.

Once in the corp Jinixt and Tsmoor (or rather Sarah Harpoon and popblues420420) simply bide their time until they can find a good target, then they go on the attack, sometimes destroying billions in one go. Due to corp mechanics as long as they don't dock up they can continue their rampage until downtime. The preferred method is to find corp mates in freighters using the in game map, or to subtly encourage a mining operation and kill everyone in one go. I was told patience was the key. Tsmoor suggested not to force a mining op and not to "nag them about it". 


It was a source of mine that had originally suggested I look into the chainsmoking, so I was expecting all this so far. What I hadn't expected was "Reverse" chainsmoking. Jinixt and Tsmoor took their concept of the awoxing equivalent of speed dating and turned it on it's head. Instead of burrowing their way into target corporations, they started telling people they were about to start a mission and inviting them to a corp they had created themselves. Once the victim was in the corporation, things proceeded much like a normal awoxing attack. This tactic generated new kills at a rather alarming rate.


Personally, I was stunned that people would fall for this. I think I can let the first one or two off, but after that things need to look pretty suspicious!

I wanted to know why it is that people kept falling for both chainsmoking and it's reverse.


I asked both of our chainsmokers why they thought they were able to get away with such seemingly obvious ploys. When asked if they felt it was a High Sec thing Jinixt replied "I think it's a High Sec thing, like API checks still aren't popular in High, and even if you give them a broken key they don't check". I also questioned whether or not they felt they may simply be preying on new players. I was assured they avoid killing anyone under a month old where possible. Tsmoor added "Most of the corps I get into are being run by characters from 2004-2008". Both of them also felt that as a High Sec corp you're always desperate for recruits, so they are less likely to turn down applicants.

Don't worry though, as Retribution has revitalised law and order in High Sec, so all you High Sec corps can feel safe once again right? Well, no, not really. Shooting a corp member still doesn't make you a suspect flag (which would mean the entire galaxy could shoot the awoxer) leaving you and your corp mates to fight them alone. Better yet, while the Retribution changes curbed the use of remote rep alts in normal situations (a neutral remote repper inherits his target's suspect flag and thus can be shot), their presence within the corp means no suspect flags. As a result, they're able to continue to use remote rep alts to overcome the occasional more tenacious foe.

If you're thinking that you might be in danger of someone chainsmoking you, and the system is in their favour, what's the best defence? Tsmoor gave the advice that simply looking at killboards and employment history will stop 99% of cases, Jinixt even added "You can Google the names [of our alts] and find the pastebin logs" of the tears they've collected. 

Speaking of tears, they even got their own thread started about their awoxing. My favourite reply was this one: 

"They sound like they'd be pretty cool to hang out with.

EDIT: Just looked through his kills. Great job guys. Anyone who recruits someone with a name like popblues420420 deserveswhat they get and those kill histories just shows you how easy it is to do stuff like this."


When someone has a corp history 6 miles long, has an obvious awoxer name like popblues420420 or xXpubbieawoxerXx, or has a killboard history clearly with them shooting their corp mates, perhaps you should think twice about inviting them. If you're asking me how will you know those things, I suggest you actually start looking at them before inviting the next newbie miner into your corp.

For all you wannabe chainsmokers out there I have some good news. Jinixt and Tsmoor have assured me that you can do this with a 10 hour hero alt and if you ever want any hints, tips or help jsut contact popblues420420 via EVEMail. If you get anything good enough maybe he'll even remote repair you!

Oh, and don't worry about lack of targets. When asked about fears that their potential victims would catch on, Tsmoor assured me "We wont run out of idiots."

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