Is CCP Shelving the POS Revamp?

Unifex stated that what CCP did was spend effort and prototype what would make a good POS system. It would, however, only affect the group of people who manage POSes. Focusing that amount of time and effort on some small singular aspect of the game and delivering only that “is what will kill the business”.

If the interpretation of that line, found on page 37 of the CSM Summit Minutes, is the same as the interpretation shared by many players - that CCP is shelving the POS revamp - then, well...there's no dressing it up. It's probably the single stupidest thing I've heard come out of the mouth of a CCP employee since "Greed is Good".

We all know how well that one went over.

Back during Alliance Tournament X, Greyscale appeared between rounds to talk about his vision for POS. He wanted them to be modular. He wanted them to be fun and easy to use. He wanted them to be able to spool up and jump across the universe. Ideas like that are why quite a few players think Greyscale is a bit of a nutter, but the overall sentiment was very well received: He wanted a POS to be something everyone wanted to own. It sounded like a great idea, and needless to say, players were amped up about it.

All kinds of ideas spawned with regards to how this could be useful. I wrote a piece about how I thought CCP would nerf highsec slightly to encourage their use in that area of space, much like they nerfed NPC corps to encourage players to form their own. I got a comment back from a highsec dweller, and industrialist, who loved the idea. To him it wasn't a nerf - it was a buff! "Rather, one thing you are doing here is handing Hi-Sec industrialists a longer term career path. In practice I wouldn’t call that a nerf, I’d call that a buff." Incidentally, CCP seems to be warming to the idea - see page 45 of the minutes, where CCP Soundwave uses linear scale for refining as an example. 100% refines would become impossible, but NPC stations would be at the low end, with a fully upgraded outpost at the high end. No one talks about how great it is to be an industrialist in highsec when telling friends about the game - an actual progression path might be a good start there! Or perhaps they'll talk about the great war they had, hiring mercenaries to defend their industrial machine against the mercenaries contracted to destroy it - after all, structure bounties and mercenary contracts are something CCP has talked about too. A tool like that, capable of adding flavor and depth to highsec life, would be a great addition to the game.

Weaselior wrote a lengthy three part manifesto, focused on how many of the problems a POS revamp could solve for nullsec. Industry shifts to POS, helping to address the woes of local production. Conversely, those same POS, industrial by nature, are poorly protected, with "crunchy bits" that make them vulnerable to small to mid-sized gang action. With the implied modularity and ease of use, individual players get in on the game, as well as contributing to bloc-level industry and defense.

It goes without saying how beneficial any buffs to POS whatsoever would be to wormhole dwellers. I'd bet at least a few million isk that Two Step, the CSM's wormhole-focused representative, went back to his hotel and cried after that discussion.

The long and the short of it is that we've got some seriously conflicting statements. From Greyscale, we hear he likes the idea of everyone wanting to own a POS. Yet from Unifex, we're supposed to believe that it's "not worth it" because it would "only affect those that manage POS", which is of course bad for business because it's such a small group.

I have two responses to that.

The first is that that "small group" are the instigators and enablers that CCP Seagull wants to start building content for. Those are exactly the sorts of players who put up and maintain POS. Because they do what they do for other players, anything that helps them has a disproportionately large effect. Therefore, while they might be a small group themselves, labeling such actions as "not worth it" because they're a small group and because it would "only help them" is the height of folly.

The second response is really a newsflash to CCP Unifex: Deliver a system that gets even halfway to Greyscale's vision, and "those that manage the POS" would be approximately half of everyone, which is undeniably not a small group.

So, to CCP Unifex directly, two good reasons to put some focus on POS for you. On behalf of the playerbase, I hope that you reconsider. Or that I'm wrong about shelving them, and you just underestimate how much players care about the notional revamp. Or that it's actually all just bad messaging. (Perhaps you should have put more emphasis on the second "only" in your statement.) Regardless, the playerbase would appreciate some clarification. Not clarification of timeline - we get that if it happens, Summer and even Winter are unlikely. But clarification that it will happen would be welcome. Your offhand statement has created a lot of worry; why don't you take some time and address it?

If you agree, Two Step posted a thread ( on the subject. Go make your voice heard!


UPDATE: We have received a reply from CCP Gargant here.

I'll leave the whole thing unquoted, but the gist of it is that they are not abandoning the POS revamp. This is good, and frankly this is not what I expected anyway! But please continue to show your support in the thread! Whether the comments of CCP Unifex are merely bad messaging or a genuine misunderstanding of how important the revamp is to the playerbase, CCP needs to be shown how much we care!


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