Aperture Harmonics (AHARM)

Aperture Harmonics – AHARM

  • Type: Corporation in shell alliance (K162)
  • Size: 257 pilots
  • Gameplay: PvP
  • Home System: J105934 (C6 Magnetar), "Nova"
  • Killboard: http://dontshootx.com/killboard/
  • Public Channel: "apertureCOM"

All Paths Lead to K162

Formed in March of 2009, Aperture Harmonics (AHARM) started off small with a single tower in a C3 wormhole system. Setting out "to harvest and exploit all of the materials only accessible through the wormholes," their early years were marked by frequent leadership changes and enough success to warrant a couple relocations to higher-class systems within the first nine months.

This initial success can be credited to early advances in their understanding of how w-space actually works. The Apocrypha expansion and wormholes were introduced not more than sixteen days before they opened up recruitment, and they were one of the first groups to put serious effort into unraveling the mysteries of the unknown. Particularly in the area of scanning by signature size and knowledge about what static signature each system can be expected to have, their near-unique revelations allowed them to cut down on the time needed to probe a system by as much as 70-80%. Vastly superior scanning speed is an important and dangerous advantage for a wormhole organization, and something that not a lot of outsiders - or even most wormhole residents for that matter - understand to this day.

Towards the end of their first year they landed in a C6-C6, which is where they still make their home. Like many w-space systems, "Nova" has a Magnetar effect that enhances capsuleer weapon damage, among other important changes to normal game mechanics. This massive boost to DPS aids in the killing of Sleepers and is cited by AHARM as the main reason for choosing a system with this kind of effect.

With this rapidly growing knowledge of w-space mechanics and fatter and fatter wallets from superior PvE strategies, it wasn't long until they contracted a serious case of the bloodlust and established their standard fleet doctrine of T3 cruisers with logistics support. Killing 20-70B per month over the last six months speaks for itself and AHARM is rightly regarded by most wormhole residents as a good reason to issue a CTA.

He Said, She Said

As one of the most notorious PvP groups in wormhole space today, the pilots of AHARM are accustomed to people not thinking very highly of them. Surprisingly enough, it's tough to make friends in the course of kicking over peoples' sandcastles, and there are a whole lot of crying children in AHARM's history. The most well-known source of negative publicity, however, has little to do with wormhole evictions or even major battles that they have won over their opponents.

Most prominently featured in the epic Rooks and Kings video Clarion Call 3, the story of the Infinite Gun exploit and its use by AHARM ended with a massive fine of 60B ISK and the removal of electronic warfare penalties from all Magnetar-effect solar systems. Two step, former CEO of AHARM and current CSM member, has heard that other groups were using the exploit to run Sleeper sites of their own, and maintains that AHARM did not set out to purposefully deceive GMs when petitioning about the exploit. He concedes that they should have pressed harder for a resolution from CCP but denies that there was a conspiracy to gain an advantage that was not approved by the developers.

Proof of this would have to be in the form of correspondence with CCP employees and, if the claims are true, their reputation could probably have been better-upheld if the media efforts of their corporation were not hamstringed by the requirements of the EVE Online TOS: "18. You may not publish private communications from CCP, their agents or representatives or EVE Online volunteers without authorization."

Without any proof to point to, it is doubtful that they will ever succeed in convincing the bulk of the EVE community that they have been unfairly maligned. As an insightful commenter on an EN24 story quipped, "There's only two sides [to the story], actually; the guy who makes a cool-ass video and the guy who doesn't."

I personally reserve judgement on the subject, but I sat down for a chat with Nalren and Two step to give our readers a better idea of what AHARM is about and to perhaps get a little closer to the truth:



00:00 - Introductions

00:38 - Founding and Formative Years

01:43 - Early Successes and Discovering the Unknown

06:06 - Moving Into Nova and Wormhole Naming

08:09 - Present-day Challenges

09:19 - Corporate Culture

13:24 - Noteriety and Getting Fights

16:24 - Rooks and Kings Rivalry and Clarion Call 3

19:15 - Infinite Gun Exploit

22:33 - Reputation

24:26 - Recruitment and Requirements

27:38 - Wormhole Corp Thefts and Prevention

31:06 - Corporate Direction

32:53 - Keeping Operations Fresh

34:45 - ISK Farming in W-space

36:30 - Wrap-up

Straight outta J115405, I'm a wormhole resident and director in Hard Knocks Inc. When not writing about wormhole PvP and events in the greater w-space community, I enjoy jokes about Kazakhstan and the occasional glass of delicious tears.