Apathy Swings the Pendulum

Although I was unsubscribed before the major players actually left CalMil, most of the current members of CalMil including many of the people who stuck through the absolute suckfest that was the Gallente push for total control; say that the main reason perpetuated by many of the people who DID leave and others who SAW people leave was the ninja patch by CCP.The major players that are mentioned off hand by the author left, supposedly, in disgust because even though CCP specifically changed the system to prevent the 'spiking' that was occurring at the time. They patched without any consideration for the current level of tiers which had swung to the Gallente side at that time, while simultaneously making it harder to actual capture systems.This also had a major effect on the alt farming crowd as far as I have seen and was told, the alts who had all piled onto the Gallente side for the coming Tier5 push saw no reason to leave and just stayed on the Gallente side.Also changes thought concrete that were proposed by CCP, the two particular ones being Timer tick backs and FW Specific Cyno jammers never materialized. The former to combat the army of plex farmers and the latter to somewhat counter the Gallente's significant advantage when it comes to Capital numbers and experience.All these factors did help create the perfect storm. Certainly the Gallente capitalized on it, and did so well. Their is no denying their organizational skill when it came to bringing all the varying factors together. Also, CCP is NOT colluding with the Gallente Militia. What I was specifically inferring was that a lot of the things that the Gallente were able to capitalize on where the result of CCP's actions which were ignorant of the current state of affairs in the Warzone and created a demoralizing disadvantage for CalMil.
unfortunately No specifics rewards fo those who upgrade hubs , so leechers wins .. something to fix here ? can only win LP if you upgrade systems and you can not win more than x LP in the same system for 72 hours = you have to roam on at least 3 systems justs ideas
simy dont lie u guys tried after the landgrab of ninja patch the systems were vuln and in place for u guys to flip the only guys who left at this point were kraken. and cassoff. kraken was only ever interested in lps and not caldari militia. the ninja patch affected every miitia not just cal mil. it took from the patch till january to take all sytems at any point in that time caldaris coulda swung it back dont blame ccp for caldaris short failings as evoke proved if a force works together it can be done something caldaris cant do as they hate each other not just the gallentes u can tie it all in a bow and make gallenete and ccp look like there in cahoots but everybody knows caladris problems and why u got shitcanned
When the Ushra'Khan was part of the FW, we loved out time but new it was only a matter of time before min FW lines would fall. UNITY moved to Isbrabata a week before the new gate went in. We attacked and took Aset and Flosewin, which at the time were Amarr controlled. We did it just Swift Angels Alliance and the corp, T.R.I.A.D., a former UNITY corp. When we took Flosewin with the victory was slow as we got our bearings together under Lowhyres and Cruack. They were able to get us all on the same page and we fought hard with Fweddit, better known as, I wipe my slaves back and forth. It was just a out right meatgrinder. Between Lowhyres and Cruacks ablility to rally people to them, and the support of our 2 allies we puch on Aset spiking it to 1500 kills in 48 hrs. It was a great battle, one that im glad we could be part of. When our flag was planted, Low took us on to support the rest of the "TLF Leadership".The minny alliances that called themselfs "the heart of the Min FW" were bitching daily that Ushra'Khan had broken FW for everyone. Lowhyres, being who he is, just told them off and said we will do it ourselves then. He rallied groups to him and led t4 and t5 pushes. The other "leaders" of TLF called us out and he just looked at them with disgust. I remember this speeches and bringing Ushra'Khan back to its RP roots. Cruack the whole time was the diplomat for it. He tried we play the roll of "its ok guys, we are here for a Min Victory" knowing all to well with the TLF as it stood couldnt do shit without working together.It was funny when we told TLF we were leaving FW they were all happy, a few mailed Low and tried to tell him off but he just looked down on their egos and laughed out the door. We held the line, LNA and Iron both stated maybe times that if the system they lived in ever fell, they would just leave FW. How can a group that claims "we been doing this for years in FW, we dont need to bring in new blood. we are better then the amarr" ever think that someday without the strength of many, u could be a valued opponent like the Amarr FW.When we left we got letters from members of Agony, Fweddit, 24th Legion, and many smaller corps we fought with daily all stating FW wouldnt be the same without us. There is a part of us that will miss FW. The great fights and the seemingly endless isk fountain that is FW. When we left, the leadership totaled up just the numbers we know and Ushra'Khan, under the new system of FW LP, walked out with over 800 billion isk. Lowhyres, Cruack and Feanos showed the alliance how in FW, under the new system u can make 800m an hr. Just takes T4. When we had t5 for all of 7 hrs, the alliance went into LP farming and pulled, with our 45 guys online at the time, just under 400b. The system is there, and its broken as hell. Between the BPCs and data cores sold to WH/00 groups per their contacts and the isk fountain, We rebuilt our supers and capital numbers for our return to 00.Now we are back into 00, and the advice we gave to the Min FW "leadership" not taken to heart. We know someday we will have to return to FW to beat the Amarr back and teach the next gen how to use FW for isk.
wot a crock of shit minnies were pushing t5s way before ushra came in and all they came for was to get rich alot like electus matari..... ushra came in when minnies were winning claiming to be a minmatar roleplay corp i think its bollox u was wollowing in highsec dieing out for time after cva pushed ur shit in daily in null... if u was real rp u woulda been faction warfare all along so go rot in 0.0 were uir also just as irrelevant
The Empress!
Wow, an Eve blogger who admits mistakes in a forthright and honest manner?You have a new fan.
I did not 'lie' if what I said was incorrect then it was simply an example of of the fact that I was not active when the events transpired. But the general facts still remain the same. CCP ninja patched FW. Gallente held most of the systems at the time during the seesaw. Kraken, and Casoff left militia, both of which were relatively major players and the rest were demoralized by the changes.Yes Caldari could have made a comeback. From what I saw we lacked numbers and organizational capacity compared to the Gallente Juggernaut which started to bulldoze its way through systems. What I'm saying is is that the Ninja Patch DID help the Gallente, CCP did NOT do this deliberately. As I said in the previous post which you ignored completely.The Author did wright a good article. He made all good points. He just left out the effects of the Ninja patch completely.
This was a feature, not a blog.
A system that doesn't make victory rewarding and allow an enemy to be firmly and definitively crushed is a bad, terribly-designed system. What a great failure from the puppet-masters at CCP.
We weren't in Ushra for very long (maybe a month) but it looked more like fweddit was coming hard at Isbra and Ushra just out of the blue uprooted and said come with us to hang out on RA's couch or stay here.Being a renter is something our corp will never do again so we are staying with FW and having fun small gang fights. We aren't at T4 anymore but it's still fun trashing the Amarr when the fweddit blob isn't roaming around

When We Last Left Our Heroes

In my last post the Gallente had recently overpowered their warzone after causing several major players within the Caldari State to abandon their faction. The hints of a Caldari pushback were in the air as Happy Endings and Ev0ke entered into the war with a chip on their shoulder, each having a reason to prove themselves. Meanwhile, the Amarr faction was at last coalescing into a fighting force and the powerhouses of the Minmatar had become complacent with their victory. 

Where Are We Now


The image above shows the Warzone control for the last several weeks. The day Gallente hit full control marked a change in mentality throughout the warzone. On both sides, the underdogs have been pushing back at a steady rate and have been comparatively unopposed in their efforts. Gone were the armies that banded together to take Rakapas and Old Man Star. Gone were the plexing armies of the Minmatar to disrupt Amarrian advances. Since that day, Caldari and Amarr control of their warzones has steadily climbed. Last week we saw: Amarr overtake the warzone control from the Minmatar; Gallente hit Tier 2; and Minmatar hit Tier 1. A month ago, these events would have been laughable to predict, yet here we are.

So What Happened

In previous posts, I described the “doomsday scenario”; a state in which both allies of one side of the war would take control and support each other to ensure that the enemy could never gain a foothold. It would appear as if the perfect storm had been created for this to play out; and yet it didn’t. Why not?

EVE players will do anything to make the most ISK. Dominating the warzone would seem to be the best way to make it (top control offers the most LP, thus the best isk/hour after all). However, in practice a few things get in the way of this.

EVE players, like all humans, are lazy: Although many will go to great lengths, and push the limits to make a buck, the great masses want to make the most ISK for the least effort. As you approach high tier control, it becomes progressively more difficult to maintain it. It is worth noting that Gallente never got tier 5 control. In fact, they never even pushed for it. For the Gallente, tier 5 was a red herring, a distraction from their efforts. The problem with the system as it stands is that as long as you have any enemy presence at all, it consumes far more LP to maintain tier 5 then you receive from tier 5.

This problem is compounded by the vermin I described in my (now slightly prophetic) previous piece. The plex farmers and plex leechers  benefit greatly from a higher tier, however that benefit is diminished if they actually pay into the system to maintain it. Instead they rely on a few workhorse groups within the militia to fight over, take, and pump LP into systems so that they can stay fat and happy. The people who benefit the most are those who provide the least for others. This causes a natural fracture point as those who fight for control are driven towards anger and apathy. In psychology they call this The Diffusion of Responsibility: in a system where anyone can contribute towards success, but no one is accounted for it, very few will step up and bear the weight of the many.

Victory is not rewarding: Much like the previous point, the rewards of success actually diminish as you get closer to “total” victory. More control means less systems to offensively plex. A more demoralized enemy fights less, causing boredom among the PVPers. The week surrounding total control was one of the worst weeks for Gallente PVP. There was simply nothing good to shoot at. Organizing, leading, and officiating fleets of general militia folks can be difficult and exhausting. While a common cause existed, forces banded together. However, with that objective accomplished, inter-unit cohesion shattered. Many of the top FCs for Gallente went back to leading closed fleets, choosing to fly with only friends rather than suffer the continual frustrations of having fleet-mates that were in no way accountable to them (and can you blame them?)

The rally of the loser’s banner: Turns out EVE is not always about being on top. It isn’t always good to be the king, but it is good to be plotting the assassination of the king. As demonstrated by last weekend’s mega brawl, give people an opportunity to strike at a big dog and make a name for themselves in this game, and people will jump to the chance. A reinvigorated Amarr has pushed against an apathetic Minmatar, and as soon as they demonstrated the slightest hope of success, many flocked to the banner to drive back their long term oppressors.

Overestimating allies' concern for each other: One of the principle tenets of the doomsday scenario is that both allies would work together to squash resistance. The original intent of constructing this idea was to show that while cross plexing existed, this scenario was inevitable. However, in practice we have found that the more two allies are winning, the less likely they are to support one another. The answer as to why is obvious, when you are exerting your maximum effort to maintain high control, you would expect help, rather than expect to give it. While both sides are winning, the problems mentioned below are occurring simultaneously to both sides, which lends to divide the two, rather than combine them. Cross plexing becomes exceptionally attractive while one side is winning and their ally is losing. In this event, the winning side would want to farm the more available plexes of their allies, while reaping the reward of their victory. When both are winning, there is no reason to go picking the bones at your friends house, when your bones are just as good (and help keep your own warzone up). Thus this proves that cross plexing is more of a driver to support losers, rather than winners, and continue the churning of the warzone.

CCP has designed a system that rewards and emboldens those who wish to drive to success, but then makes that success hollow and unsustainable. As those who are king become fat and lazy, the oppressed will gain support and plot their revenge. The doomsday scenario will never play out in a long term fashion simply based on the exhaustion it would provide. In the end, the warzone is healthiest when it is in flux; the last week has shown that it should remain in that state in varying degrees for quite some time. Obviously improvements to Faction Warfare could still be dreamt up, however overall it seems like the most recent changes to Faction Warfare have been quite successful. 

For those of you who are in the Amarr militia, the trophy for “First Faction to get Tier 5 after Retribution” is still up for grabs. Go get it guys!

I have been playing the game *terribly* for right around two years. After a brief time in null, and longer stay in high, I have now entered into Gallente Faction Warfare and somehow landed a job as director of Aideron Robotics. I am still terrible.