ALOD: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

"a handful of pirates were manning the gate due to the lack of more interesting activities".nope thats just what bads do all day
Don't worry dude one day u will make it to null and be able to play with the big boys good work on killing this noob tho hopefully u can find more just like it
"Big boys" are those primitive organisms who cluster up in 300 man fleets to blindly follow orders? Come to WH space ladies. That's where your personal skill comes into play.
Confirming thats the only thing TRN does in genesis. Flown with them before. Fuck callum is a terrible fc.
'I removed one of the t2 I had fitted.... replaced it with Chelms... removed the CR, left it in Jita hangar'"So why is there a t2 CR on the lossmail?" Holmes ejaculated.
Maybe he removed a T2 and replaced it with a T2.
Sure is ~elitepvp~ up in here.
Royal Navy, bunch of pussies that they are, begged E-Uni to blue them when the E-Uni Lowsec camp was there. E-Uni management complied, as per policy, much to our great disappointment. Big bad pirates, yarr. They wouldn't last a week in Molden Heath where the real pirates live, those guys whooped us out of there and sent the low-sec camp packing to Aridia in the first place.
By "big boys" you just mean the 50 or so that actually make all the decisions, right? Because the majority of you are just barely self-aware mouthbreathers who are only tolerated because you can right-click on Titans and then press F1 when you get shat out the other end. Being one of 500 people on a carrier killmail doesn't make you good at PvP and if you didn't show up nothing would have turned out differently.
I pretty much agree, although I'd put the number of relevant decision makers in the CFC/HBC closer to 15 instead of 50.
Why would I want to go to Crap Space because you're too scared to come out? That's like asking why I own a house when i could live on the street and scavenge because you're scared of mowing a lawn.
awful loss of the day
whoopin eve uni isnt hard lol
When you're ready for a real challenge, come to hi-sec and try some L4 missions. :)
The thing is, in null you have every opportunity to do more than just press f1. Most alliances are happy to cultivate new fcs, that's why i joined test. I have near total freedom and love it.
I didn't claim it was.
I meant across all of nullsec, although if you assume there's about that many in charge of each coalition then the numbers bear out.
That's cool, but you're not the one here flexing about how badass you are. This shitlord is probably some non-contributing zero who has been spoonfed every step of the way and somehow developed delusions of relevance.
God damn that was a strong burn.
The good old days!
"Molden Heath where the real pirates live, those guys whooped us out of there and sent the low-sec camp packing to Aridia in the first place."You are welcome to come back any time.

Welcome to the first double-feature Awful Loss of the Day!

Our first kill brings us to beautiful Gonditsa, the lowsec side of a low-high border, and preferred camping grounds of THE ROYAL NAVY. Your typical lazy Sunday afternoon, a handful of pirates were manning the gate due to the lack of more interesting activities, when one member was bringing an alt through the gate from highsec and caught sight of a Vindicator landing on the gate next to him. Fearing a cyno, the TRN pilots pulled range and aligned out, but the fast lock Skiff pilot, Wanon, pointed and took a closer look at the Serpentis Battleship after it jumped. When he spotted a missile launcher and what appeared to be a small railgun, he joyfully announced the fact on comms and the pirates closed to optimals on their prey. After noticing the shields were tougher than an armor tanked battleship usually would have, someone began cackling over Teamspeak. Before other pilots were able to undock and warp in to whore on the mail, the Vindicator was dead, and podded. The fleet clamored for the killmail and were not disappointed. (POD)


The midslots look vaguely reminiscent of an Incursion Vindicator, but that impression is shattered when you get to the highs and lows. The pilot had fit 6 large railguns, and then decided to mix things up and include a frigate railgun, and a missile launcher. Variety is the spice of life, no? The fitting has just over 100k EHP with max skills, due largely to the Vindicator's impressive base stats, and puts out 283 DPS with the tech one ammo it was carrying. Wanon, who first tackled this poor battleship, said that the only struggle put up by this poor creature was to launch a flight of faction Valkyrie medium drones.

I reached out to the pilot hoping to learn the other side of story, and was met with this:

denis gvardeec > говори

After frantically checking all channels available to me for a translator, I returned empty handed and asked for English. Luckily Denis' grasp of English was better than my Russian. Over the course of the conversation, I was able to piece together that Denis had worked with a friend to raise enough ISK, assumingly through mining, to purchase a blueprint copy and construct his Vindicator, and was using it to run level 3 and 4 missions. My guess is he must have not noticed that one fateful mission would take him into low security space, and by extension, back to his clone bay in a fresh clone sans Vindicator. In closing, Denis swore vengeance upon his killers. As of press time, said killers eagerly await this revenge attempt.

Our second kill takes us from the gates of lowsec to the middle of one of the busiest trade routes in the game. The Inaro solar system lies almost directly between Jita and Amarr, and it was here that an unfortunate Buzzard was ganked by a smartbombing Typhoon. While comical, a Buzzard dying in hisec does not an ALOD make. Unless of course, it happens to be sporting officer gear.


Full list of mods and cargo (and km):


Obviously, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't get to the bottom of this one. Luckily the victim replied to my evemail swiftly, and told me what happened.


[ 2013.02.16 22:32:53 ] Insitexx > so you want to know what happened?

[ 2013.02.16 22:32:58 ] Twyndyllng > Yes please!

[ 2013.02.16 22:34:01 ] Insitexx > it was actually retarded, I was moving CR to jita from amarr, I only had buzzard in amarr so , instead of putting the CR in cargo I removed one of t2 I had fitted and replaced it with chelm's

[ 2013.02.16 22:34:07 ] Insitexx > so I moved to jita

[ 2013.02.16 22:34:14 ] Insitexx > watching waht I was doing

[ 2013.02.16 22:34:26 ] Insitexx > docked, removed the CR

[ 2013.02.16 22:34:33 ] Insitexx > left it in Jita hangar

[ 2013.02.16 22:34:42 ] Insitexx > and sent buzzard back to ammar on autopilot

[ 2013.02.16 22:34:59 ] Insitexx > 20min later I return to comp and see loss mail and am totally puzzled

[ 2013.02.16 22:35:08 ] Insitexx > why the hell would anyone kill buzzard

[ 2013.02.16 22:35:19 ] Insitexx > then I check lossmail and realized

[ 2013.02.16 22:35:42 ] Insitexx > back in jita I removed othe t2 instead of Chelm's and stupid mistake cost me a way too much

[ 2013.02.16 22:36:05 ] Twyndyllng > Oh man, that sucks! What shitty luck.

[ 2013.02.16 22:36:15 ] Insitexx > I wouldn't do it

[ 2013.02.16 22:36:32 ] Insitexx > but wife was annoying and I was inhurry to get the garbbage out

[ 2013.02.16 22:36:52 ] Insitexx > so in hurry I mistook t2 for officer  :)

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Wife aggro kills. Insitexx took the loss well, however, and was more than happy to answer my questions and put up with some jokes.


[ 2013.02.16 22:43:04 ] Twyndyllng > So you thought you were okay, because you thought the Officer CR was safe in Jita, right?

[ 2013.02.16 22:43:18 ] Insitexx > exactly

[ 2013.02.16 22:43:45 ] Insitexx > I had t2 and officer fitted on ship when docked in Jita, and removed what I thought was officer

[ 2013.02.16 22:43:58 ] Insitexx > without looking closely

[ 2013.02.16 22:44:09 ] Insitexx > that is the whole and exact truth

[ 2013.02.16 22:44:35 ] Twyndyllng > Well, at least you were cap stable, right?

[ 2013.02.16 22:44:40 ] Twyndyllng > Sorry, too soon.

[ 2013.02.16 22:44:41 ] Insitexx > rofl

As of writing this, the Typhoon pilot could not be reached for comment.

After hearing the story, I couldn't help but wonder. Curiosity burning within me, I loaded the fit into my EFT, piece after piece falling into place. A picture of a ship gradually came into view, a bright Covert Ops frigate, given a new lease on life with the addition of a high grade capacitor module to run its array of sophisticated scanning equipment. But deep in its heart, it knew, it knew it was all a lie. 

It wasn't even cap stable.

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