ALOD: Shortsighted Oracle

180 dps? Ouch! Someone needs a crash course in EFT :-P
Better to flying into low-sec and lose an expensive ship, then never to flying low-sec at all
It's not about being expensive, it's about being shit-fit, seriously.
That is one true statement right there ...
is it me or to the dudes that killed him sound like equally big noobs
The dude was pretty chill about it. He seems like someone who can learn from his mistakes. He have money and experimenting attitude. I think he will enjoy this game.
sounds like a new pilot that just needs some direction is all. his attitude indicates to me that he has the right mindset for eve though for sure. someones going to snag this guy up and groom him into a hell of a pilot one day
I would have preferred tears
They're tachyons? Granted it should be higher with a few damage mods, but it's an alpha ship and tachs cycle is slow slow,slow..maybe crash course weapon systems for you?
What about the 33bil paladin yesterday?
That last line had me ROFL

We've all heard the stories or seen the killmails of some new player in a poorly faction-fit Nightmare who got ganked running a level 2 mission, but few get to experience the awe of finding your kill loaded with green- blue- and purple- tagged items first hand. Fortunately enough for me, one such special snowflake decided to grace the lowsec gatecamp of my alliance members.

It was a relatively calm morning, with scouts and intel channels barren of real enemies, so those that didn't have supplies to move or markets to seed decided to set up on the gate and see what luck would bring them. Fortune smiled upon them in the form of Jacob A Shepard's Oracle.

The Fight

As far as gatecamp kills go, this one was fairly standard. I asked Jinkxx what had gone down, and he told me the story.

[ 2013.01.22 03:43:43 ] Jinkxx > he fled like a girlie man

[ 2013.01.22 03:44:35 ] Jinkxx > unskilled pilot in a way over fit ship imho

[ 2013.01.22 03:44:51 ] Twyndyllng > What do you mean fled like a girlie man?

[ 2013.01.22 03:45:34 ] Jinkxx > he was burning back to gate

[ 2013.01.22 03:45:53 ] Jinkxx > i had to bump him cause he got close

[ 2013.01.22 03:46:04 ] Twyndyllng > nice, was the shield tank an issue at all?

[ 2013.01.22 03:46:19 ] Jinkxx > he melted.

After the ship was popped, and congratulations were had, everyone commenced with the Checking of the Killmail, and Scooping of the Loot.



Needless to say, the killers were more than a little surprised. Faction Tachyon Beam lasers are rarely seen outside of high-end fittings for Nightmares or Paladins, who trade the flexibility of T2 ammo for reduced capacitor draw, and can use their double weapon bonuses to essentially make 8 guns out of 4. Small shield boosters tend to grace the hulls of similarly crafted PVE Tengus, or particularly lavish frigate fittings. But the real find was in the low slots. No fewer than FOUR officer power diagnostic units were affixed to this Oracle. My first thought was that the massive Tachyon lasers needed more powergrid than was normally available to the Oracle, so I fired up EFT to investigate.

[]Upon examining the stats, the Oracle can manage a full rack of Tachyons and an appropriately sized MWD with grid to spare, even without a single level of Advanced Weapon Upgrades trained. Seeing as it wasn't a buffer shield ship (the other use for a PDS, it increases your max shields slightly), they must have been used for capacitor issues. However, using the above loadout, I swapped the officer modules for the Tech 2 variant and only lost 7% capacitor stability. At approximately 750 million ISK a piece, one would assume that this pilot had ISK to burn, to say the least.

Method to the Madness?

Intrigued, I struck up a conversation with the Oracle pilot himself. Turns out he was running the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc and had stumbled into the gatecamp moving from one mission to the next. He seemed unfazed at the loss, and laughed at his naïveté. He confirmed my suspicions of having paid for the ship and fittings with PLEX, estimating that between 4 and 5 of the 30 day subscription tokens had been sold to finance it. 


[ 2013.01.22 01:24:25 ] Twyndyllng > That Oracle must have been what, 4-5 PLEX?

[ 2013.01.22 01:24:57 ] Jacob A Shepard > Yeah probably about that.  I won't be sending anything like that into lowsec again.  Even in hisec it's just begging for a ganking.

[ 2013.01.22 01:25:50 ] Jacob A Shepard > Some people can only learn the hard way though - me included.  BTW I have lots of respect for your org.  Way to keep EVE real :D

[ 2013.01.22 01:26:14 ] Twyndyllng > Hah, thanks, we try our best not to be TOO obvious about all being goon spies

With that resolved, we went our separate ways, hopefully to meet again someday in better circumstances. This being EVE, though, I would be lying if I said my neighborhood locator agent was ready to use right now.


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