ALOD: Morons with Expensive Toys, #1234078123

Most of us have seen this killmail by now.

Lowsec Supercapital kills are quite rare; even in the massive battle at Asakai, only a handful of Supercaps were destroyed. The vast majority of kills were regular capitals. Part of the difficulty lies in the fact that the only ship capable of tackling supers in Lowsec is the comparatively fragile Heavy Interdictor (HIC), which cannot be repaired by logistics while the tackle mod is active. Part of the difficulty lies in the sheer amount of health that Supercapitals have. Aeons and Wyverns boast over 40 million EHP on an A-type fit, and the Nyx has a lower but still respectable 30 million EHP. While tackled and waiting for his EHP to fail, the super pilot will - without a doubt - broadcast to allies to bring all hands on deck save his super. Add on the fact that super pilots are more jumpy than a meth crazed kangaroo on a pogo stick (inside a rhea), and it’s easy to see why most lowsec groups have great difficulty putting the dreads, neuts, and HICs together to catch a super in the occasional short window of opportunity. But Shadow Cartel is not most lowsec groups, and the Nyx is question was not flown by a competent pilot.

To fully understand the chain of events that conspired to bring forth this kill, Shadow Cartel’s Asakura Manji has the full story (edited for grammar and readability)

“We first learned of this guy when we killed his aggressing Thanatos on station in Auner.  While we were looting and capping up dreads waiting on siege, a Nyx suddenly warps to station at 0 and launches bombers. We couldn't get a HIC ready in time, but our caps simply docked up at the end of cycle.  The Nyx warps off and cloaks, and logs off a while later.

Now we know there’s a ballsy/stupid Nyx pilot in local, I move a probing cyno bomber over and add him to watchlist. Skip forward a few days, and we notice him log in while we happen to have dreads and HICs already formed up for something unrelated. I quickly launch probes and get one scan off before he cloaks - not enough for a 100% hit, but enough to get a general location for his safe.

We settle in to wait for him to log off, since he has to decloak to do so, when the Thanatos we killed a few days back undocks from station and warps off to the Nyx's safe. After that it was just a case of waiting for the Thanatos to land, cycling probes when the Nyx decloaked and warping in the cyno. He cloaks before my bomber lands, but now I know I'm sitting 20km off him. I start approaching to decloak when he does us the favor of decloaking himself (presumably to safe-log), cyno goes up, HICs bridge and get point, and the dreads finish him off.”

So let’s list off the events that lead up to the death of this Nyx.

  1.  The pilot jumps both his Nyx and his Thanatos into a Lowsec System that does not have a safe POS, and stays there for several days in a safe.
  2. The pilot aggresses on station with a carrier in jump range of Shadow Cartel’s staging system.
  3. The pilot brings in his Nyx to save his Thanatos, alerting Shadow Cartel to its existence.
  4. After failing to save his Thanatos, the Pilot stays in the same POSless system, not choosing to jump out at any given time.
  5. They pilots buys another Thanatos, and jumps it into the same system as the Nyx
  6.  After logging on and cloaking his Nyx in a safe, the pilot warps his Thanatos to the same safe (presumable to re-fit his Nyx for travel, but that must be the worst travel fit in EVE), neglecting to check D-scan and see there are combat scanner probes on scan.
  7. After the bomber arrives, the Nyx chooses to safe-log off knowing there is a hostile, probably cyno fitted on grid, this indicates the pilot having no exit cyno and not having any other safes in system.

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