ALOD: The Miner's Missile Napoc

Guy losses badly and is already planning revenge instead of searching for the unsub button and crying on the forums. You have to respect that.
How did you comment 9 days ago? Are you a timetraveller? Did I miss something?
I would like to commend you on not only chatting nicely with this guy, but giving him useful tips so it doesn't happen again in the future. It's a lot easier to be negative towards someone who messes up than giving them advice and helping out.
Good ending , guy really have balls to take the defeat , plan a revenge and actually listen to advice :) Respect bro.
At least you lead him on a better pvp path instead of trolling him to shit... Nice work
That's what PLEX does to the game.
You backflipped for a 2.3 bil kill you must be retarded
Look at the chatlog timestamps. This post was probably sitting as a draft waiting to be published and site writers could comment on it already.
That's still quite a bit, especially when you don't expect it.
Usually people who take the loss that well don't get trolled. The ones who get trolled are the ones who shell out tears(since trolling them gets even more tears out of them).Dude handled it the way any EVE player should, much respect.
Got to give kudos to this guy for not just folding after such a bad loss and to the pirates for the kill.
Man, I wish I was so space rich I could afford to be so bad at eve. Not that I'm in any way good mind, just hopefully not that bad. Love the line about how he switched to BS because he kept dying in frigs.Good post and good interview, especially with the victim. Does your byline justice.
Such blatant a blatant troll. Nobody misspells that many words. I mean it's like we're not even pretending anymore.
I'd say it's pretty beneficial. It get's the officer mods moving around at least.
Ran into this guy nearly a week after he lost this navypoc in this article. guy seems to like losing navypocs
Some friends of mine are starting EVE. I went to their house last night and all of them were around a few fold-out tables mining and running missions in empire. They were all excited they found their ships and the venture that was able to get them kernite from the belts (which was the most expensive mineral they could get).I showed them a mining upgrade they can put in their low slots and they all shit themselves with excitement that they could get more yield. See, these guys wanted to build frigates so they could start running missions. In their first day, they managed to get into ventures, started mining and were building frigates of all races.I was pretty impressed. Then I come in and I start looking over their fits and all of them were dual tanked, nobody had rigs and not a single prop mod. I asked if they finished the tutorials and none of them could claim to have.I tried telling them how to do it 'right' and they all reminded me that they can do what ever the fuck they want, and they were right. They said 'the trailer said I can make my own path, so I will and I'll sit here making 1m every 10 minutes and have fun and there isn't shit you can do about it".I was reminded why I play this game and proceeded to take my turn on the bong and smile :)Ignorance is bliss and if dudes are having fun, who gives a fuck how imperfect their fit is on their expensive ships?
He will get his reveng.
I guess they are your friends so you won't give me their names so I can show them how to gank miners.
Heh. They're a bunch of burnouts who are happy to just be in space. They were drawn to EVE by the opening video on Dust where they saw the connection between the two universes.I don't see them sticking it out in EVE as they would rather play LOL and WoW, but it's still shobon as fuck to watch them all happy to be in rifters now :)Suicide ganking is next my friend. As it stands, these guys just wanna run missions and kill those pesky sansha rats.

Anak Paq of Angeli Mortis alliance was on a roam with a handful of friends in his trusty Cynabal, when he happened to come  across a Vagabond in Gyerzen solar system. After it eluded them, they were getting ready to leave the system when Drackoroth Athardra undocked his Apocalypse Navy Issue from station. Anak quickly maneuvered around and delivered a powerful bump, pushing the battleship several kilometers past the undock radius. He proceeded to tackle and assault the Napoc, calling his friends in for backup. 

Drackoroth fired his collection of guns and launchers at the Cynabal, but due to his tight orbit of 500 meters, was unable to land a solid blow. Anak was surprised at the speed with which the Napoc's armor dissolved, so when the faction battleship (and pod) exploded in under 20 seconds, he was quite curious about the fitting.

And rightly so 


 Then, Anak went to scoop the loot and cargo.



[ 2013.02.07 06:48:49 ] Twyndyllng > so what was your reaction when you opened the wreck?

[ 2013.02.07 06:49:29 ] Anak Paq > i did back flips 

Backflips indeed. The wreckage contained several faction modules, but the real prize was an Officer Dual Heavy Pulse Laser, with a killboard estimated price of around 860 million ISK. Inspection of the killmail showed an...interesting fit, to say the least. A hodgepodge of guns and missiles, none of which were battleship sized, graced the high slots. The mid slots revealed that this was intended to be a PvP fit, and the lows contained a startling collection of Dark Blood power grid modules, as well as a 100mm plate that most frigate pilots would dismiss as worthless. 

I reached out to Drackoroth for comment, and got his side of the story. 

[ 2013.02.07 06:09:56 ] Drackoroth Athardra > i leave station to jump into wormhole got attacked by frigate so was shooting back wen 4 BS jumped in and killed me



[ 2013.02.07 06:12:31 ] Twyndyllng > Mind if I ask how you afforded that? I've played for 2+ years and that would hurt my wallet pretty hard

[ 2013.02.07 06:12:44 ] Drackoroth Athardra > mineing in a wh

[ 2013.02.07 06:13:37 ] Twyndyllng > Ah, that's good ISK

[ 2013.02.07 06:13:43 ] Twyndyllng > Your corp help you out with that?

[ 2013.02.07 06:13:53 ] Drackoroth Athardra > ya bout 2 bill a month

[ 2013.02.07 06:14:43 ] Drackoroth Athardra > they boost me with roqual

[ 2013.02.07 06:14:57 ] Twyndyllng > Wow, nice. Did your corpmates help you put that Navy Apoc together?

[ 2013.02.07 06:15:03 ] Drackoroth Athardra > no

[ 2013.02.07 06:15:11 ] Drackoroth Athardra > its mineing corp

[ 2013.02.07 06:15:36 ] Drackoroth Athardra > i just decided to start going pvp

[ 2013.02.07 06:15:50 ] Twyndyllng > Ah, most people start PvP in frigates or cruisers

[ 2013.02.07 06:15:52 ] Drackoroth Athardra > cuz mineing a bit boreing

[ 2013.02.07 06:16:14 ] Drackoroth Athardra > yea but i keep dieing so i went BS

[ 2013.02.07 06:16:34 ] Drackoroth Athardra > but that cost me more lol

[ 2013.02.07 06:17:02 ] Twyndyllng > Hah yeah, that's a lot of frigates you could have had instead

[ 2013.02.07 06:17:23 ] Drackoroth Athardra > i make frigates and destroyers

[ 2013.02.07 06:18:20 ] Drackoroth Athardra > so i can suply them easy enough

I took this opportunity  to share some fittings for frigates, specifically the Incursus and Punisher, that might make better training wheels for an aspiring PvP pilot. Still curious, I continued my inquiries.


[ 2013.02.07 06:21:46 ] Twyndyllng > What was with the officer guns, by the way?

[ 2013.02.07 06:22:16 ] Drackoroth Athardra > idk they just looked like they would do beter

[ 2013.02.07 06:25:09 ] Twyndyllng > I'm curious about the lowslots

[ 2013.02.07 06:25:17 ] Twyndyllng > Why all the powergrid modules?

[ 2013.02.07 06:25:55 ] Drackoroth Athardra > my cap was was maxed out and depleated at 2 minets

[ 2013.02.07 06:26:17 ] Twyndyllng > Ah fair enough




[ 2013.02.07 06:27:16 ] Twyndyllng > But yeah, capacitor is not powergrid

[ 2013.02.07 06:27:54 ] Drackoroth Athardra > yea i know but my PG was maxed aswell

[ 2013.02.07 06:28:22 ] Drackoroth Athardra > was bad build all in all

[ 2013.02.07 06:28:24 ] Twyndyllng > Ah, fair enough

[ 2013.02.07 06:28:43 ] Twyndyllng > Yeah, you should look up fittings online before buying the parts

[ 2013.02.07 06:28:51 ] Twyndyllng > I would google "Eve fitting tool" 


With my curiosity sated, I asked if he had any words for his assailants.


[ 2013.02.07 06:30:30 ] Twyndyllng > Anyways, that's about all I wanted to know. Got any words for your attackers?

[ 2013.02.07 06:30:36 ] Twyndyllng > Or comments in general?

[ 2013.02.07 06:31:28 ] Drackoroth Athardra > lol only that i will get my reveng on them one day i have a long memory and revenge a dish best served cold

[ 2013.02.07 06:31:39 ] Drackoroth Athardra > =)


Overall, Drakoroth took the loss fairly well, and promised he would try and stick to smaller ships for his next few PvP excursions. And if he could afford to lose a ship like that despite his character being created Christmas Day, 2012, and still keep a positive attitude, I think he will have a bright future in New Eden, and I wish him the best of luck.

Pirate, frigate enthusiast, wanderer, and general scallywag. In-game name is Twyndyllng, strike up a conversation anytime, but be warned, I tend to shoot first and then ask a ton of questions later.