ALOD: The EVE Darwin Awards

I want you think of the most idiotic, most pointless, most mind bogglingly stupid action in EVE. No, it’s not officer pimping your mission boat, because that actually does increase your ISK per hour, however marginally. No it’s not jumping your super into a fight when DBRB tells you to, because you might get some killmails in return. It’s not even forgetting to pay your sov bills and losing all your space, because that allows you to purge useless carebears from your alliance and gives an opportunity to restructure.

It’s carrying PLEX in space.

Looking at the issue from every angle, there is absolutely zero reason to have PLEX anywhere outside of a safe and cozy station hanger. PLEX can be added to the account through the assets tab, meaning that you can activate a PLEX in Jita from anywhere in the galaxy. Furthermore, PLEX can be redeemed at any station, so getting PLEX to Jita is as simple as autopiloting an NPC noobship alt into 4-4, then redeeming safely in station. Even RMT money laundering schemes have turned away from PLEX as the preferred dead-drop, favoring Sleeper loot for its lower profile. While ISK damage from a “PLEX in space” incident may be less than the aforementioned disasters, it is the complete lack of any benefits that makes carrying PLEX the dumbest thing to do in EVE

Especially if you carry that PLEX in a frigate or shuttle.

Jita camper ReddBiff bagged this kill while semi-AFK, sitting off the undock with his tornado. When looking at the killmail, one might notice that ReddBiff’s tornado is not on the “related kills” list. That’s because ReddBiff did not have to go criminal to blap this Slasher.

[20:26:01] ReddBiff > All I know is that I locked a flashy suspect, zapped and then pulled up the km.

[20:26:12] ReddBiff > My stomach dropped a bit.

Indeed, FleshyVirus went suspect while carrying 38 PLEX.

But before you run off and send FleshyVirus EVE Mails stating how much of a retard he is, and how he should quit EVE, let me draw your attention to another killmail.

Hmm, the drop on that kill exactly matches what was in FleshyVirus’s cargohold.

There’s more to this story than meets the eye.

<--pagebreak-->Turns out, FleshyVirus is an alt account. The main account agreed to speak to me under the condition that he remain anonymous.

Indeed, the reason FleshyVirus went suspect is because he had just ganked Grigory Popov; he was not fast enough to avoid the insta-locking tornado and died as a result.  However, this is not the only gank of a PLEX carrying frigate that our friend has pulled.

In the span of one month, our ganker was able to nab 4 PLEX carrying frigates and shuttles (including a Kestrel and 2 noobships) with a combined 106 PLEX, worth roughly 55 billion isk or $1900, enough to buy two well-fitted supercarriers. However, none of the PLEX survived, as the PLEX from the Heron gank were lost when FleshyVirus’s own Slasher was ganked.

Allowing PLEX to be turned into an item, carried in a ship, and be destroyed is CCP’s greatest business decision. Whenever some moron undocks in a frigate with PLEX in his cargohold, Hilmar Petursson leans back on his throne of Kronas, and takes another sip from his glass of Brennivin.


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