Alliance Tournament XI: Meet the Teams part 3

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Wow, the Hydra guy is a fucking idiot and I can't believe they can be successful with someone like that at the helm.
I don't think you ~get~ Garmon
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How do you explain that you believe 0utbreak are Hydra's B-team and B-teams are banned, yet both are in the tournament, so is it not equally likely that they never were a or b teams and that the reasons behind at10 "bans" are unpublished? Because both outbreak and hydra were apparently "banned" for breaching tournament rules, but at the time of the banning, neither team was even enrolled in the tournament, the blind draw had occured and neither Hydra nor 0utbreak were drawn, and therefore how could either team be deemed to be in breach of rules that currently do not apply? Hmmm?Whatever happened there, CCP aren't letting on.
judging from what i have in interviews, 0utbreak and HYDRA put some difference between them after ATX, and CCP focused it's definition of a "B team". the general gist being that no physical person can be on 2 teams at once, and team/alliance leadership should be separate. If you look, sniggwaffe is in ATXI, and so is Pandemic legion, including sniggerdly.
This ban was ~unofficial~ punishment for screwing up AT9 finals. But formally it was about colluding, yes.
I think Sniggwaffe winning would be epic. Or at least beating PL in the final match to show how bad we are.
I know it is confusing, but they were banned for breaking a rule that does not apply to them because they were not in the tournament, it is confusing indeed, but I am sure you can understand it with a little effort. In the same way I cannot be penalised by FIFA for breaking the rules of the Football World Cup, because I am not in that tournament, it is extremely difficult to understand how either Outbreak or Hydra could be penalised for breaking the rules of a tournament they were not in.CCP Sreegs insisted that Outbreak and Hydra were the same people in his meltdown thread in which many of his posts were removed, possibly a damage control exercise on CCP's part, but if he was not outright lying and Hydra and Outbreak are the same people, are we to assume now in this tournament that all the characters of one alliance or the other, have been sold on to new people and are no longer the original owners, who in CCP Sreegs sworn public statement are the "same people". Well, to answer that we can look at their employment histories, but we don't need to, because of another little rule CCP threw in there to hurt everybody but the Posterboy Alliances, that you need to be in your alliance immediately. There was no grace period in which people can switch in to a new alliance.So we are left confused as to who was/is lying and at the behest of whom. Although CCP Sreegs is now gone from CCP and everything seems to be back to the way it was before he showed up.
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H-hes only trolling!Really!
you can stop reading after Garmon's interview, it's all crap after that anyway.
In retrospect i should have saved the best for last
Just like with the Mintchip thing right?Right?
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Our AT ships have been named: "Outlasted CCP Sreegs"
Where is part I and II ??? :P
literally the first and second lines of the article are links to the first 2 articles

Part 1: Exodus. , Obsidian Front, Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly, Sadistica,Rainbow Dash Friends, Goonswarm Federation, and Red VS Blue – Blue.

Part 2 : Pandemic Legion, The 4th District, Test Alliance Please Ignore, Clockwork Pinapple, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, Verge Of Collapse, Moist. , and Of Sound Mind.

Continuing the AT coverage, we bring you part 3 of the Team Profiles project.

Part 3 : Hydra Reloaded, Noir Mercenary Group, Rote Kapelle, Kill it with Fire, Confederation of xXPIZZAXx, SCUM, RAZOR Alliance, Late Night Alliance.

Part 3 was delayed for much longer than expected, as interviews with captains dried up after the initial flurry. Now that the AT is underway proper, there might be renewed intrest in getting their team publicity out. Without further ado, here is the third Issue of the ATXI Meet the Teams series.


Captain : Garmon

According to Team Captain Garmon:

“Hydra is an alliance that wins every tournament we enter. So far we won 5 tournaments (AT9, FanFest tournament 2012 + 2013, SCL 1 + 3). In AT8 we finish number 2 but it doesn't count because we had PL spy called Gobbin (every1 beware don’t let him onto ur team) and NEO doesn't count because darkside is cursed to never win anything and they were on team (haart so dum why would u put them on ur team lol) also thats why they live in curse region because they have 1 lol”

TMC> What is the greatest strength of the team?

Garmon > Our greatest strength is that we have no competition at all. everyone in the tournament is either completely overwhelmingly retarded or are completely overrated and predictable + we have the best battlecry.

TMC>  What is the greatest weakness of the team?

Garmon > overthinking and giving retards too much credit

TMC>  What teams would you like to face in ATXI?

Garmon > 0utbreak - Got us banned from last tournament fuck those guys

Verge of Collapse - Easy bracket in AT10, luckers had HUN link go offline in final, possible hackers but I don't have proof, won’t sell us Etana those diks in return we poached knifee and edenmain lol owned no00obs

Rote Kapelle - So they can post about how they lost in that terrible failheap syndicate thread and talk more about 10 thoraxes endlessly, poached brent for tests but he doesn't shut up ever christ (possible spy)

Pandemic Legion - All they do is lose now so would be good to have an easy match where enemy doesnt move

TMC> What team would you like to see stumble and fail?

Garmon > No Holes Barred - They keep tryin to mess with our wormholes and we just want to make isk to be ready for battles vs any enemy that are against us pls if any wormhole ally want 2 help defend against this griefers and make a blue pact so we can fight NPC in peace then pls contact xXxDrAgOnWrAiThxXx1996, you can call him timothy.

TMC> Any remaining comments?

Garmon > We r making recruitment for any Korean warlords for playing eve, apm must be above 200 or application reject automatic. Must speak Korean and no English. We are learning Korean to make tournament team for next year so we don’t have any spy.

TMC> Special question for Hydra, do any connections remain with 0utbreak?

Garmon > do you know that they got their stupid pedobear logo into the game and we can't get ours? im p sure they did this 2 make fun of us like look "lol we can get this accepted but ur amazing logo is make reject every single time lololol" so basically rite now we hate them for 2 thing, 1 hate is because they got us ban in AT10 and number 2 hate is because of stupid logo teasing

[Serious Information]

Hydra Reloaded is a selective WH/Null PVP focused alliance built around the corp “Genos Occidere", home to luminaries such as Garmon and former CSM representative Prometheus Exenthal. Hydra Reloaded has a long and successful history with tournaments in EVE, culminating in the infamous ATIX “scandal”, where Hydra Reloaded and their “B-team” 0utbreak collaborated and nabbed First and Second place, with 0utbreak throwing the final match halfway through. Due to this incident, CCP officially banned the participation of “B Teams” in alliance tournaments, leading to Hydra’s disqualification from ATX. Meanwhile, Hydra participated in the NEO to some success, and had a tug-of war-with Pandemic Legion in the SCL over first place. 

Noir Mercenary Group <NMG.>

Captain : Alekseyev Karrde

Noir Mercenary Group is a mercenary alliance led by former CSM member Alekseyev Karrde, and formed around the corp Noir after their brief stint in Black Legion. NMG is perhaps the only “Universal Mercenary” group in EVE, accepting contracts for mercenary work in Null/Low, as well as Wormholes and Highsec. Noir participated in ATX, but failed to advance past qualifiers.

TMC> What is the greatest strength of the team?

Alekseyev> Our communication and coordination is pretty strong, though tourney matches are not really comparable to real EVE PVP, the fleet sizes and level of coordination are something we're used to. 

TMC> What is the greatest weakness of the team?

Alekseyev>We're already one of the smallest alliances in the tournament, and over 1/3 our current membership is not eligible due to the cutoff date. If someone doesn’t show up we might not be able to replace them with someone who can fly what our setup is supposed to be on paper. We're probably going to have do quite a bit of improvisation.

TMC> Who is Noir.’s most anticipated opponent ?

Alekseyev>Our first round match up against Shadow Cartel is prize enough for us. They're a major name in lowsec and we've lost moons to their formidable faction BS fleets. An upset victory over them would feel pretty good. 
If we make it past Shadow Cartel we face the winner of Darkside/HUN Reloaded. Even though they're former champions, we're hoping its HUN. Our first ever AT match was against HUN and as last-hour replacements we pretty much had to come in the ships we were in at the time. They won effortlessly. Would love another shot at them to at least make a good showing this time.

TMC> Any remaining comments?

Alekseyev>I really like the new 64 team single elimination bracket style. I think it's a format that raises opportunities for participation, makes early matches more exciting, as well as makes the tournament more accessible to a wider audience. 
Noir. has a lot of respect and excitement for the alliance tournament. Regardless of how we do this year or any year it's an honor to get to participate in the competition.

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