Alliance Tournament XI: Day Three Preview

If Agony can defeat PL it will probably be the biggest upset of the next round of matches. (Note: Our match is actually on Sunday at 15:15!). We view this as probably our toughest match!
Though it may be entertaining, The alliance tournament is not a good example of real pvp.
Like the Spartans reply to Philip II: "If."
Thanks for the good write-up ;)
If only they had "no less than 12 spies" in our alliance, we might have a chance! Perhaps we can gank a 100b+ ship that hotrods into our bait?Not-so-funny jokes aside, PL is an amazing team with huge pockets, outstanding pilots, excellent theory crafters, and a long history within the AT. They are a significant challenge, worthy of our best, and we hope to give them a good fight!
its as close as "fair" can be, pvp will never be fair so thats not example of real pvp, but if you put monkeys to do it, it just wont happen :)
It does give some insight into how well a group can plan, coordinate and adapt on-the-fly with the tools and limitations they're given. You get to see some really sharp pilots pull off smart tricks.One example that sticks out from last year was watching a Shadow Cartel cyclone getting rammed 30km+ clear from a dogpile of certain death by a quick-thinking Tengu pilot. Many pilots would just continue to "do their job" of spamming missiles and taking no initiative.The first weekend this year has had some highlights, but the low-effort assigned-sentry gimmick that nearly everyone flocked to got old REAL fast. Hard to see individual pilots really shine with that broken comp.
This calls for the perfect cheer!
Oh god. Full sentences please.
The good news is that the banning mechanism should shake things up.
I'm letting this thread live because some good discussion happened further down the line. But do try to be better.
I'm in VoC and I can tell you now this is so close to what pvp at times that we barely practice at all.
What what pvp is like*I'm typing this on my phone sry
The fact is, TEST lost fountain as soon as they fled and started staging out of low sec. They managed to talk a lot of shit and spew a lot of propaganda during the first few weeks but that has severely declined as the active members have hemorrhaged from their alliance. Fountain is just a mop up operation for the CFC now, it wasn't very difficult to get this far for the CFC but test are broke, their "allies" aren't in fountain fighting and paying their bills for them and their leadership has decided to downgrade to battle cruiser doctrines which don't work.. but hey at least they cheap.TEST alliance needed to stay in the protective egg of the CFC for a lot longer, they are like a newly hatched turtle getting stamped on by a 4 year old child.

-with Alekseyev Karrde

The first week of the Alliance Tournament is over and the really bads have been eliminated. Week two should be more interesting now that the full rules set is in play, notably bans. Expect bans for Dominixes or teams set up to hard counter.

We’ve picked out what we think the ten best matches will be on day three of AT XI and give our match outcome predictions.

Outbreak. vs. Circle-Of-Two

Aleks: Outbreak. But I will not be surprised if it’s a competitive match.

Aliza: Going with Outbreak.

Outbreak. lost their first match to Verge of Collapse’s three Dominix setup. Their two Dominix and Armageddon team was simply not as good. In their second match, they stomped Goonswarm Federation 100-2, only losing a Merlin. Outbreak quickly adapted to the Dominix metagame. It will be interesting to see what they will field when bans are in play.

Day one saw Circle-Of-Two field a very aggressive, no-logistics faction battleship setup which cut through SCUM’s more traditional Vindicator/Armageddon team. Confident in their setup, they ran it again the next day, taking a loss from a triple shield Navy Dominix setup by YOUR VOTES DON’T COUNT.

Rainbow Dash Friends vs. Nulli Secunda

Aleks: Nulli. Rainbow Dash has heart, but Nulli is going to win.

Aliza: Rainbow Dash Friends. I think they can pull an upset.

In Rainbow Dash Friends’s first match versus Clockwork Pineapple, they fielded a mostly cruiser setup of Vexors, Mallers and Thoraxes with a Tech I logistics cruiser. They lost 100-46 to Clockwork Pineapple’s double Kronos team. In Rainbow’s second match, they fielded a faction battlecruiser team that handily beat D3vil’s Childr3n 100-18, with a little help from the D3vils’s Scimitar providing shield reps to a Rainbow Navy Brutix.

With full faith in Sacripower, Nulli Secunda out-tanked a quad Tech 3 setup to victory on day one. They switched things up on day two by fielding a triple Navy Scorpion setup supported by Caracals. Unfortunately, their opponents fielded a similar setup but with a superior core tank.

Surely You’re Joking vs. Clockwork Pineapple

Aleks: Clockwork. Having fought Clockwork on TQ, I have to go with them.

Aliza: Surely You’re Joking.  I never joke.  And don't call me Shirley.

Surely You’re Joking brought a double Loki, double Proteus team to the first match versus Nulli Secunda’s triple Sacrilege, Curse and Damnation team. They were out-controlled (webbed, damped and tracking disrupted) by the Nulli team, losing all but one Loki before time ran out. In their second match, they brought along two Navy Ravens and a standard Raven against Moist’s triple Navy Scorpion team. Surely You're Joking won 100-34.

Clockwork Pineapple’s formidable Kronos-based blaster team easily cut through Rainbow Dash Friends’s spread of cruisers on day one. They followed that up with a more control-oriented neutralizer setup, but paid the price as Late Night Alliance’s Vindicators overwhelmed the tanks of their Armageddons before their capacitors gave out.

Urine Alliance vs. Shadow Cartel

Aleks: Shadow. Shadow has a much stronger tournament record.

Aliza: Shadow Cartel as well.

For their first match, Urine Alliance brought out a Vindicator and three Navy Brutixes against The G0dfathers’s double Sleipnir/triple Hurricane Fleet Issue. Urine took the lead early, but wound up losing 100-69. In their second match, Urine brought the ever-popular triple Dominix setup and demolished Kill It With Fire’s triple Navy Scorpion setup 100-15.

The tinker-tank shield battleship setup of Shadow Cartel outlasted the neutralizers and sentry drones of Noir. Mercenary Group. Despite their best efforts, Noir could not find a way to destabilize the formidable repping power of the Shadow Cartel battleships. Shadow Cartel used triple Dominixes in their next match, which was mirrored by their DarkSide opponents. Unfortunately for Shadow Cartel, their Domi-fu was not strong.

The Kadeshi vs. W-Space

Aleks: Kadeshi.

Aliza: Kadeshi

The Kadeshi faced Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly’s triple Dominix setup on their first match and watched as the sentry drones killed all the support before Kadeshi’s Armageddons went down in a 100-28 defeat. They tried a similar setup of Armageddons and cruisers against Synthetic Systems’s Vindicator and Hyperion setup, handily winning 89-21.

W-Space breezed through their first round match due to a team-crippling rules violation by their Mildly Sober opponents. Their next match against The Initiative proved much more competitive, and saw W-Space’s tinker-tank setup tenaciously dissected by INIT’s Armageddons and assault frigates.

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