The Absent CSM

The other day, Mynnna wrote a post about the CSM.  Comments were made about how people only seem to hear or read comments and insight from a few of the CSM 7 members.  From time to time, I have bugged CSM members enough that they talk to me and give me a window into the process.  Drawing on these conversations, among other things, I will endeavour to provide, in a non-call-out fashion, some insight into the lesser-heard CSM 7 members.

Two Step. The first and potentially most disappointing one. Before the boo-hiss comments begin, I’m not disappointed in Two Step. Two Step came into the Eve spotlight about two years ago when he ran for CSM 6. Prior to that, he had been an outspoken wormhole player, but not widely known outside that community. His popularity culminated in him being THE candidate for wormholes for CSM 7 - a position that netted him an incredible 4,150 votes, putting him at a solid second place to The Mittani. A position that most wormhole residents were excited about, as it seemed like a vote of confidence that could not be ignored by other CSM members or CCP. When Mittens withdrew, many expected Two Step to take the mantle of Chairman, which only fueled to further expectations and excitement. Of course, we know what happened next. Seleene was tapped for the chairmanship by his CSM peers. Trebor took Vice-Chair. Two Step became the secretary. If you wonder why you don’t hear much from him, put yourself in his shoes. This isn’t to say that wormhole players are not being represented the way they deserve to be, nor that some foul plot dethroned him. It is disappointing because some further personality conflicts on top of all of that leave us where we are right now: where he says substantially less to the general player base than he used to (though he still pipes up in the forums regularly).

Elise Randolph.  His communication is as expected. He was elected by Pandemic Legion members with additional support by the general "kugu crowd." He continues to be outspoken about his positions and what he sees happening in the CSM to those who elected him. Elise stays off the official forums for the most part, preferring Reading his posts there shows that he, of all people, is not shy about speaking his mind. If you find his voice to be silent, you are simply looking for it in the wrong places.

Kelduum Revaan.  He speaks to his base. The Eve Uni crowd have regular insight into his thoughts, as he voices them to Eve Uni members through their channels, in-game mail, and forums. Once again, if you find his voice to be silent, you are simply looking for it in the wrong places.

Dovinian.  Here too, he speaks to his base. He is not, by far, the most talkative player in TEST Alliance, but in an alliance with over 10,000 characters, you have to put in quite a bit of effort to be heard. He posts from time to time to keep everyone "in the loop" on things. He is more talkative the higher up in the organization you get. But, again, he is vocal. It is just within TEST.

Green Lee and UAxDeath were elected by the Russian speaking portion of the Eve population. As far as anyone I have spoken to can tell, they are conspicuously absent from CSM-CCP communication as well as the Russian-language Eve forums. There is likely more to this story.

UAxDeath, to begin with, is UAxDeath. He’s never been one to post on Eve forums much to begin with, and when he does, it is usually only to laugh at someone. He is supposedly actively communicating in certain, smaller circles. Having weathered some extreme weather of late, his communication has been predictably decreased more than it otherwise would be.

Trebor Daehdoow.  I really can’t imagine the general player population saying he doesn’t communicate. He’s done crowdsourcing on the EVE forums more than once. Sometimes to resounding acclaim, sometimes... not (see the CSM voting debacle). He has a strong personality and has things to say and contribute in CSM-CCP discussions. A surprisingly divisive figure, but not an absent one.

Meissa Anunthiel.  He is one of the quieter members of the CSM, and always has been. He’s the guy who speaks up from time to time with some in-depth mechanics information that those in conversation did not understand. He’s also the guy who took a spoon to the face in CSM 5. He doesn’t say a lot, but when he does, he’s usually right. That has gained him both respect and disdain from other players and CSM members over the several years he’s been part of CSM.

Issler Dainze.  A frequent poster on the forums and a controversial character both in the CSM and among the player base. Few can complain about her not communicating enough. Some would complain about the content of the communication, but that is all a matter of opinion or perspective. Her disagreements are often rather public and heated. Rumors are beginning to swirl though, as she has not been logging in for a while and her forum posts halted suddenly two weeks ago...

Darius III.  Troll extraordinaire. He posts quite a bit, but without real substance.  He makes no bones about trolling, making him a rather controversial character. Darius III certainly communicates, though perhaps not in the style some would prefer.

Alekseyev Karrde.  He used to communicate a lot more than he currently does on the official forums. Despite that, he is one of the most active CSM members on EVE-O. It is rare for a forum thread of import to go by without Alekseyev in the thick of it.

Hans Jagerblitzen.  Probably the most prolific CSM member on the forums. Few can complain about Hans not communicating.  To top that off, he also posts regularly in a blog.

Seleene.  The second most busy poster. Maybe the most, actually - it depends on the day. He also has a blog and posts to reddit regularly with more insight into what is going on. Seleene has shifted time zones somewhat dramatically, which may contribute to the few "where'd he go?" comments.

This should, for the most part, address the question of “why don’t I hear anything from CSM member x?”  

Rumblings from Iceland seem to indicate that the relative silence of recent months may soon be broken. The CSM is increasingly pulling together despite outward differences. When asked, Seleene stated that "based on what the CSM has been exposed to through recent meetings with CCP," he expects the summit to be "one of the most important since the 'Summer of Rage' in determining EVE's future direction." The silence before the storm? We will find out soon enough. December 12-14 are just around the corner. The summit topics have been announced and can be found here. Almost any given topic could be contentious, so your guess is about as good as mine.

Bagehi began playing Eve in 2003 briefly, then returned in 2006. He has been part of IAC, NC, SoCo, and HBC during that time. He has a thing for history, but mostly spends his time IRL in a corner office, staring at financial reports, like a MMD.