18 Months of Pandemic Legion Finances

The following submission comes from Phalanx III, Pandemic Legion's finance director. This is a public version of the more in-depth internal report.

It has been an emotional 18 months for Pandemic Legion; we have seen some of our highest highs, and some of our lowest lows. What’s been our most record breaking year has allowed us to weather what I am pretty sure has been the largest reimbursement in all of EVE. At the very least it was the largest I have had to deal with and, as of this month, completed.

Every carrier, dread, super carrier, and titan has been replaced thanks to our robust builder network.

As I did in 2012, I will open the books for a high-level pass of our finances and of show the subsequent recovery from the event known as B-R. Please take into account that this report covers an 18 month window, and not the previous 12 months that we have seen in the past. Last article I was more in depth about the workings of the machine that keeps us running, this time I will let the numbers do the talking.

Hope you enjoy.

Year Totals

Total Income (January 2013 – June 2014): 10,506,483,938,349
Total Expenses (January 2013 – June 2014): 11,069,372,526,703

Corporation Totals

No major surprises here. BOT with its large overhead and upgrade roadmap has seen the largest expense with SNIGG and its role in being the logistical backbone for PL coming in second.

Here we can compare the above numbers visually:

And over time, which shows our rapid expansion program with BOT in February as a response to B-R:


With the expansion of Slowcat fleet utilization and our Dread subsidization program, Pandemic Legion saw the greatest capital expansion and stockpile in its history.


While 2013 showed about a 20% increase in reimbursements over 2012, the battle of B-R took PL’s reimbursement policy and commitments to new levels. If you look closely on the line chart below you *may* be able to see the effects of B-R. Maybe…

Other Expenses

Tourney spending was reduced while our awards to the member base increased greatly.

Fuel, Fuel, Fuel

Beginning in August 2013, centralized fuel management has allowed us to have a much firmer record of fuel usage by corporation and isotope type. This allows us to see trends and as such look ahead towards isotope procurement and to negotiate with our suppliers.  Here is what we have seen so far.

Into The Unknown

After a strong 2013 and a very tumultuous start to 2014, Pandemic Legion has emerged with an even more robust supply network and have further diversified their logistical structure. Our financial structure has proven once again to have worked as intended, our contingencies have now been battle tested and stockpiles replenished.

Round 2?

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