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Published July 1, 2013

This happened moments ago: An alleged spy used a shareholder vote to steal executor rights in the Nulli Secunda-affiliated 'S2N Citizens' alliance, which held 207 systems.

In addition to a disbanding/sov drop, it is alleged but unconfirmed that the agent took 400b worth of isk and "jacked everything."

The corps kicked out of S2N Citizens are now locked out of alliances for a week on account of wardecs, and SOLAR Fleet, led by MACTEP, is rushing to TCU/claim the lost territory. An Eve-Ru thread can be found here.



New information is coming in. Apparently a former director in S2N Holdings had joined Circle-of-Two, a CFC alliance, and was guided in the methods of structuring an alliance disband by one of the veterans of the original Band of Brothers disbanding, Goonswarm Logistics Director Xttz. Shares were stolen, a CEO vote initiatied, and the disband triggered. The CEO vote means that the executor corporation which once managed S2N Citizens has, itself, been stolen as well. 

(10:53:12 AM) xttz: its done
(10:53:18 AM) xttz: disbanded
(10:53:24 AM) weaselior: ~woot~
(10:53:25 AM) Vee: lawl
(10:53:49 AM) Vee: s2n citizens?
(10:54:09 AM) weaselior:
(10:54:10 AM) xttz: S2N Citizens (Closed) 2012.01.23 to 2013.07.01
(10:54:11 AM) Vee: thats 207 systems, 43 stations, 
(10:54:19 AM) weaselior: look how many of the stations are owned by the holding corp :v:
(10:54:35 AM) weaselior: they should offer to apply that corp to solar
(10:54:50 AM) weaselior: so if solar wins a tcu race they win the system outright
(10:57:35 AM) Vee: that would be rather baller
(11:03:30 AM) xttz: he just finished corp management I and did the ceo vote
(11:03:34 AM) xttz: ain't getting that corp back
(11:04:35 AM) Kazanir: THey had also left shares of said corp in the corp wallet
(11:04:47 AM) Kazanir: Disbanded, jacked everything, CEO-voting himself in to transfer corp to SOLAR 
(11:04:49 AM) xttz: I talked him through stealing shares, ceo vote and booting corps
(11:04:54 AM) xttz: also he jacked 400b

Additional Information:

We'll update this piece as more information is available.


Update #2: 

The situation for S2N renters appears to be worse than initially reported. Because the holding corporation was stolen and is now under the control of a spy, every station held by that corporation is effectively locked down until it is conquered. That's a minimum of 33 stations 'deadzoned'. 

We also have found out that the 400b stolen from the wallet was this month's rental payment; the renter alliances paid this month's rent today. Inside sources suggest that it is likely that other rental corporations who have not yet learned the news will send even more rental payments today to the spy-controlled corporation. 

Allegedly, the spy in question used to be in the S2N 'high command' and was removed from his position in the main S2N alliance, but his roles and access were never removed from the S2N Citizens organization. 


Update #3

The following broadcast was sent from a Nulli Secunda director, Jean Learner, to TEST Jabber: 

Hi test, your threads on your forums are touching, thanks for the support because this is a headache to say the least.  Heres the facts as they stand
 1) S2NC and OPSEC were disbanded by the account of our former head diplo, whether it was actually him or one of the handful of people we knew had the login to the account is yet to be confirmed.  We do know he was not at home when this occured though :tinfoil:
 2) The S2NC wallet was stolen, luckily not all of this months rent had been paid, only about a third of it had.  Somewhere between 250 and 400b?  I don't have the exact number, its a lot though.
 3)Someone derped the shares on S2NC holding and never claimed them so a CEO vote was enacted, in 24 hours we won't own S2NC holding and the plan is apparently to transfer it to solar.  So we're running around with large capital fleets grinding the entire east in 24 hours.  Fun times.  
 4) We're not sure how long its going to take to shore up the east
 Anyways thats the facts as they stand right now.  HOLD THE LINE and we'll be back to killing goons soon, I promise.  We aren't abandoning you, this is just a setback,

The Mittani
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