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Published December 4, 2012

The big news today is, of course, that Retribution is out. Is the trailer any good?

We'll intentionally overlook the fact that the dread pirate looks like a pedophile and is flying a Widow - the Widow is unquestionably one of the best-looking ships in the game with that delicious black and red skin, and it's a shame that it exists as little more than a bridge-bitch in practice.

The standard by which all CCP trailers are now judged is, of course, the Dominion trailer, which was a goddamned tour de force that also came closest to 'actual Eve' gameplay. The Retribution trailer doesn't quite live up to it - the voice work is lacking without Mike Read's baritone - but it has a relentless focus on spaceships and explosions instead of, say, Barbies.

Perhaps most importantly, the entire motivation of the trailer is negative emotion: vengeance, hatred, greed, preying on the weak - everything that distinguishes Eve from all the other games where this kind of activity would get you banned in a heartbeat.

I like it.

The Mittani
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