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Published November 5, 2012


Northern Coalition. (NC.) held an alliance meeting this Sunday November 4th, updating their membership on their plans for the alliance in the coming months. The highlights are as follows:

  • NC. will be removing themselves from Vale of the Silent. Members are encouraged to begin evacuating thier assets.
  • NC. will eventually be involved in the war in the South, assisting the Nulli Secunda campaign against SOCO remnants.
  • Summary of the situation with Evoke, and their departure from the war in the North.
  • Leadership encourages the members' efforts in the Tribute war. However, in stark contrast to every other alliance in the game, NC. did want that space.
  • Threats that under-performing corporations will be ejected from the alliance.
  • Discussion considering the use of a feeder alliance to breed loyalty and increase numbers in fleet.
  • In the immediate future NC. will be doing mostly solo work and will be focusing on their allies in subsequent weeks.
  • When asked wether Geminate will be defended or not, the response is rather ambiguous with no definite answer being given.
  • NC. will be using Navy Apocalypse fleets in part to make up for their lack of numbers.

Original soundcloud link here, courtesy Wrik Hoover.

I have been playing EVE since late 2006, with a preference for nullsec warfare. I am currently a member of Nulli Secunda. In real life, I started a career as a pilot in 2007, and many of my articles discuss both flying, and EVE Online.