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Welcome to the intel dropbox at This is to allow players to 'drop a dime' and inform the staff of the site of useful stories you would like to see covered - news, insider information, drama eruptions, you name it. We are interested in stories not only in Eve, but also games like World of Tanks, Mechwarrior Online, Dust 514 and Planetside 2, should you happen upon something juicy.

If you send us a tip that we are able to incorporate into a story that is published, you will be rewarded with a bounty of up to 100m isk, depending on how useful your data was to us. The more useful info you submit, the better the bounty you will receive, from the nearly useless end of "check out the blob on the map in Aridia, a fight happened" to the high end of a detailed report including screenshots, logs, and insider information. You are welcome to submit anonymous tips or use a pseudonym, but we will not be able to reward you if you do that.